Celtic cross spread is one of the most popular tarot spread and it helps in diagnosing the situation to a great extent.  But at the same time, this spread one need to be very careful as one need to analyze all cards not just individually but with reference to other surrounding cards. Tarot beginners find it quite tough to interpret it.

In Celtic cross spread, total 10 cards are picked up. To analyze Celtic cross spread, one must know the meaning of each card deeply. Then Tarot card reader must read each card that comes in a situation and then try to link the cards with each other and find out what what’s all happening and what may happen in future etc.

Even there are types in Celtic cross spread. In this article, I am sharing one of the Celtic cross spread reading that I did on relationship of my client. If you know astrology also apart from Tarot, you may find this article very interesting.

The Celtic Cross Layout




1)  Overall Situation for Particular Topic/Subject

The card that comes in this position will clarify that what all is happening in that particular situation. When we are analyzing the overall situation then we can understand the state more deeply. (This kind of spread is very useful like for relationship matter)

2) What crosses you/obstacles

This card will depict the root cause/main hurdle that you come across for that particular issue.  If one comes to know the hurdles, one can have idea of one what one may do to overcome it.

3) What to focus on

This card is like a guidance card. It tells the area that one need to focus on so that it helps in achieving the target. By focusing on it, querent is helping himself/herself.

4) Overall past

If you are analyzing overall past, then this card will reveal how the past for that particular issue was. This card can come good or bad also. If bad card comes, it means in past you were going through hurdles for that particular situation.

5) Your strength

The card in this position will help the querent to know the positive qualities which he/she has for that particular issue.

6) Near Future

It doesn’t mean final outcome but it suggests what may happen in near upcoming time period like could be days, weeks or even months. It gives a hint where situation is going on actually.

7) Suggested Approach

This position will help/clarify the querent to known the right and current approach that he/she should follow to reach their/his/her goals/objective/target.

8) What you need to know

This position will bring awareness. It might be possible that querent may not be aware of what steps, he/she should know.

9) Hopes and fears

This is one of the most difficult positions to judge. We should always keep in mind that hopes and fears are closely interconnected. At times we hope for the things but we have instinct that so what if it may fail to happen.

10) The final outcome

This is the outcome of the situation. However, remember one thing at times querent can change the outcome of situation to an extent. As it is not easy to change the outcome of the situation rest it depends upon the card that comes up in above to positions.

Below, I am sharing one of my case study on relationship matter of my client in which I have given conclusion not just by Tarot cards but also by astrology too.

I am sharing my case study on Relationship matter by tarot(Celtic Cross spread) and astrology. The client(This lady) had got married 10-11 years back.

She consulted me for relationship reading online.


1)  OVERALL SITUATIONFour of swords

Swords cards are considered as not good for relationships. Moreover, Four of swords cards for a relationship reading is not at all welcome. This is the card of obstacles and it shows delay. In relationship reading, Four of swords card shows lack of harmony or one partner may not be spending good or quality time with partner. Basically this card shows the gap between the two partners. It can be physical gap also. Her husband works in navy and is away from home most of the time. Card clearly shows this incident. Apart from gap physically there is also a gap emotionally and mentally as well, there is no strong bonding between both of them.



10.21 am






Now see the promise in her birth chart

7 house is the house of Marriage in a chart/marriage house is primarily the 7 house of the chart and We should check Dara Karka(DK) also.

In her birth chart

12th lord(Moon) is placed in the 7th  house which reduces the conjugal bliss and

placement of Moon in 7th  house is not considered too good and this moon is weak in pakshbal also as this is waning moon.

7th lord Saturn is placed in the 3 house – house of travel and journey.

Better point in her Navamsha chart is that 7th lord Saturn aspects own house and DK also aspects 7th house. Jupiter also aspects 7th house in navamsha chart.

From UP- Pada (UP):

Placement of Saturn or Rahu in 2 house from UP- Pada is not considered good. Up- Pada is in Virgo Sign. From Up- Pada, Saturn is in second house. But Saturn is exalted the situation is not as bad. That is why they have not got divorced but even when they are together, they are not as happy as they should be.


The Devil card in a relationship reading is a not a good card at all. The Devil card is one of most unwanted card. The Devil card is the card of obsession.  This is the card that shows thirst for physical relationship (sex), money or power. Situation is not good when it comes in relationship reading, it shows unhealthy situation. This card shows possibility of even extra martial affair.

Her husband is a regular drinker also.

She told me they both had very less physical relationship together and she had made physical relations after marriage with many others including male and female. Also she told me that her husband also had physical relations with someone else.

By Astrology:

Now see in her horoscope

Too many malefic planets in 11 house is not good from relationship point of view as planets in 11 house aspects the 5 house that is the house of intelligency and 11 house is also 5 house from 7 house.

On 5 house, there is aspect of Saturn, Sun and Mars and 5 house is in Rahu – Ketu axis. When we make 7 house as ascendant, from it 5 house has Sun Mars and Rahu. Mercury is also malefic here as its conjunct with malefics.

PK(Mars) is placed with GK(Mercury) and is in Rahu – Ketu axis.

Ascendant lord is Sun which is placed in the Gemini Sign which is the sign of forming pairs and duality.

Too many planets in the Third, Seventh and Eleventh house are not good as one may have lot of desires as Third, Seventh and Eleventh house(these houses) are the house of Kama (Desires).  When desires are very high and when its not met, then one can understand.

Moon is 22 dreshkana and 64 navamsha lord and Moon is placed in the 7 house that is house of marriage and relationship.

DK Saturn is connected with GK(Mercury) in Navamsha Chart (D-9) and GK(Gyati Karka) also shows 8 house that is house of secrets. 7 lord Saturn is exalted and retro also and it has Sun-Mars-Mercury-Rahu in it trines. These are malefics in trine to 7 house and 7 lord. Malefic in trine to 7 house and 7 lord is not considered good.

Her desires were not met as he was away or even when they were together he was not attracted towards her and he had in different attitude towards his wife.

Placement of Venus in 12 house that is house of bed pleasures also shows person desires.


If five of pentacles card comes in a relationship reading or in future spread, it’s not a good card and shows the financial issues or loss or even can show adverse situation like poverty. This is the card that also indicates one may be feeling helpless or having a feeling like one is being left out.

Her husband is working in navy and he had been transferred to some other state with family and they were being homeless due to some reasons for 25 days aprrox. They stayed at their relatives place during that time. Household items were to be transferred by ship but due to some unavoidable reasons the delivery got stuck up.

Also, they were able to save less, as with the same amount of income; they had to survive in comparatively expensive state now. These 25 days were not easy for them at all.

(In this time period, few days back husband came back and they are now living together and husband is spending time with family also).

I asked her, husband is now living with you now days, she was surprised how could I figure it out.

By Astrology

Upcoming Dasha

Saturn- Sun – Mercury

Saturn is malefic planet for this ascendant. So Saturn dasha in general is not consider good for this ascendant. Its placed in 3rd house and is exalted. It’s a struggling time period for her, more efforts are required.

Saturn – Sun are enemies of each other. In general this dasha is not considered good. But they are in good axis as are in trikona.

Sun and mercury are both conjunct with 4 house and 9 house lord Mars. Mars is also the significator for land and properties.

In D-4 Chart, Sun is placed in 12 house from Saturn and Saturn is placed in the 12 house of D-4. Saturn- Sun in D-4 are having 2-12 axis dasha which is not considered good.

Saturn in D-4 Chart is the 4 lord and Sun receives the aspect of Mars (D-4 lord) and is also significator for land, properties etc.

Mercury is placed in the 8 house of D-4 and is in Rahu Ketu axis also. Mercury is placed with Mars ascendant lord of D-4.

Saturn is MD lord. It’s placed in the 3 house which is 12 from the 4 house and aspects the 12 house also. 3 house is the house of journey and home travel also. During dasha of planet in 3 house or 3 lord one can change their residence but other factors should also be seen.

Char Dasha

Aquarius – Pisces

Again 2 – 12 axis dasha and Pisces is also 8 house Rashi Dasha from Ascendant. From Pisces – 4 house rashi has GK(mercury in it and is in Rahu-Ketu axis also.) and MD has Gk(moon) in it.

3, 9 and 12 dashas home change.

4) RECENT PAST– The Empress

Recent past could be considered with a varying time span like just even 3 months or even upto 4/5 years.

Empress Card in recent past is a good card.

It indicates prosperity and one may had a good time period in the past. This card indicates growth, harmony and abundance. This card also shows one may be living a comfortable life and having luxuries in life. This card also shows possibility of motherhood. This card shows one may get interest in occult science and she also got interested in occult during this period.

By Astrology

Saturn- Venus Dasha

Saturn in Birth chart is placed in the 3 house from where it aspects the 5 house. Venus receives aspect of 5 lord Jupiter.

In Navmasha Chart

Saturn is placed in the 5 house and Venus receives aspect of 5 lord Mars.

In Saptamsha Chart(D-7 Chart),

Saturn is 5 lord placed in the ascendant and it aspects Venus who is the Ascendant of Saptamsha Chart.

She embraced motherhood during this time period and had luxurious life(having comfortable life). Later on her husband came back to stay with her.

Saturn is placed in the 3 house house of hobbies and venture.

Venus is the 3 lord and 10 lord also.

It shows the possibility of doing business or work and trying to follow her passion. She did tried couple of business but they were not successful. Look at placement of 10 lord Venus and its in Rashi Gandata also.

(Saturn-Venus Dasha is one of the peculiar Dasha)

In D-10, they are placed in 2-12 axis.

Why her husband came back?

Upcoming Dasha

Saturn- Sun – Jupiter Dasha

Saturn in birth chart is the 7 lord and Saturn in Navamsha Chart, aspects 7 house. Sun in Navamsha chart, is conjunct with Navamsha ascendant Moon and aspects 2 house  – own house and 2 house is vital for above case.

Jupiter in Navmasha aspects 7 house and in birth chart aspects Venus – who is the significator of Marriage.

Char Dasha

Aquarius Dasha

Aquarius Dasha is the 7 Rashi dasha from Ascendant. Aquarius Dasha receives an aspect of DK(Saturn) and DK(Saturn) aspects 7 house from Aquarius also.

5) STRENGTH – Ace of Swords

This is the card that shows you have new ideas to solve the problem. You may have good communication skills or may be quite energetic to face the problem rather than running away from it.

By Astrology:

In her Birth chart, Ascendant lord Sun is well placed as its in 11 house.and its in the sign of Mercury Gemini, where one may be quite expressive and a quick learner.

Moreover its conjunct with Mars which boosts her energy and is conjunct with Mercury (significator of communication). Mars and mercury conjunction with ascendant and one may take quick decision in life and specially when it aspects 5 house or they can be quick learner.

Majority of planets are in airy sign – Moon and Ascendant (Sun) both are in airy sign. So she is also expressive.

6) Near Future – Eight of cups

This is not a good card and definitely indicates some more troubleful/painful time period that she may have to go through. It shows disappointment whether it’s in finances, home wise, career or be even in relationship. Client husband came back but again he is drinking and still not all well between both of them.

By Astrology


Saturn- Sun- Mercury

Saturn and Mercury in birth chart both are markesh and Saturn is 6 lord also.

In navamsha chart,

Saturn is again markesh and sun is also markesh as it’s the second lord.

Mercury is conjunct with markesh Saturn.

In Chara Dasha

From Aquuarius MD

AK is placed in the 6 house and GK is in the 5 house and she is of short tempered nature these days and PK conjunct with GK may not be good for child health. She has to be pay more attention towards her child more for health and their studies.

Plus AMK in 5 house with GK, shows possibility of break/obstacles in career). Due to change of residence, and problems faced while moving to new home in more expensive state and not getting home immediately plus some issues in getting household stuffs that were supposed to transfer by shipment. See from pisces dasha – GK is placed in the 4 house.

Sun and Mercury both are placed in 7 house from 5 house.

(When we make 5 house as Ascendant – Saturn is Markesh and Mercury is also Markesh)

7) Suggested approach – King of Swords

This card asks to be clear of what you are seeking. Need to take decision only after analyzing all the aspects.

Show the mind power. Have clear thought. Don’t lose the power/strength and face the challenges that come ahead. Be clear and precise. Need to have rational approach. Follow equality. Don’t take decision in haste.


Saturn (R) is placed in the 3 house- house of courage and will power. Need to have strong will power. It’s the 6 lord dasha and markesh also. Need to work hard and compete. Both planets are in airy sign, so sharing idea would be better.

AK(Aquarius) is placed in the 6 house from MD Aquarius and from Aquarius – 5 house has GK(Mercury) in it and that too in Rahu -Ketu axis, so there may be aggression in her mind. Need to focus and work hard and have will power.

Don’t keep grudges in your heart as GK(Mercury) is in 4 house – the house of heart.

Sun – Mercury are placed in the 11 house. During this time period, person may have lot of desires and need to be careful as there is possibility of taking some wrong decision. Don’t take decision rapidly.

8) What you need to know – Nine of Cups

Nine of cups is known as the wish card. You should know and realize the aspect that bring happiness in your life for a longer period of time. It’s asking to you identify the real source of happiness. It’s also asking you to keep a check on your goals and wishes and re-examine it.

In a relationship reading, nine of cups card shows the possibility one partner may be having a lot of wishes and desires and expects the love partner to fulfill them.

This card is asking or reminding to accept the limitations or short comings of partner and move ahead making some compromises. Don’t just think only about yourself. It might be possible your love partner may not be up to the mark but you should accept the fact that everyone is not perfect. Try and make some more adjustments in the relationship. Have patience.

By Astrology:

Horoscope should be seen not just from ascendant but also from sun and moon. Here ascendant lord is Sun. Ascendant lord, Sun and Moon all are in airy sign and are placed in the kaama houses. (kaama house are 3, and 11 house). Ascendant lord is conjunct with 11 lord Mercury also. So need to curb desires.

9) Hopes and Fears for this issue – The Hermit

This is the card that shows the fear of being isolated. In this card, we can see an old man who is separated from society. This card has only dull colors, there are no bright colors but the clients wants her life to be full of colors. There is a fear of being alone and left out in the relationship. The Hermit Card is a Virgo Sign. Virgo is the sign where Venus gets debiliated. Venus is the significator of Marriage and luxuries. She doesn’t like her husband to point out her small mistakenly done errors but he does just the opposite. He always pin point even smallest of her mistake. She wants to live her life in a stylish manner and wants her husband to give her surprises like going out for dinners but unfortunately he doesn’t do anything sort of this. She has a kind nature and loves to do charity as per her pocket but her husband doesn’t like these things. She loves doing something creative things or being more communicative but her husband doesn’t like this and has quite opposite nature. She has a fear being alone as he is out most of the time. She feels bad and depressed. Even if he is with her, there is not the bonding that normally should be there between husband and wife. There is also lack of physical relationship between her and her husband and she doesn’t like it at all.

By Astrology

Her moon is in Aquarius sign and see the placement of Venus in 12 house and ascendant lord in Gemini sign she clearly wants to form pairs and want to do multiple things but her husband doesn’t support that. A few more points like she has fear like water phobia. Moon is placed in the 7 house – it shows her concern or mind concentrated towards 7 house – house of relationship or partner and moreover, she is running through the dasha of 7 lord Saturn and Saturn in Navamsha is also the 7 lord and is also the Dara karka(DK).

10)  Your (Overall) Potential Future- Eight of pentacles

This is the card where we can see a man putting a lot of efforts and concentrating towards the work quite closely. When this card comes in a relationship reading, it shows one’s need to work quite hard towards relationship. This is a time consuming process as this card shows. It means she has to put efforts over a long period of time. Finance is also very vital in relationship and there is a possibility that both may need to work hard on earning and saving money. They need to pay attention to minute details for making married life more joy able and better/wonderful. You may need to support your partner financially.

Overall promise and dasha we have already discussed before.

By Astrology

  • DK(Saturn) with GK(Mercury) in Navamsha Chart.
  • Malefics in second house from UP Pada.
  • 12 lord(Moon) in 7 house and this moon is also waning moon.
  • Malefic planets in trine to 7 house/7 lord.
  • GK(Mercury) aspects 7 house from Karkamsha Lagna.
  • Rahu – Ketu in Kendra in Navamsha chart.
  • Venus afflicted in birth chart as receives aspect of Saturn ® and in navamsha chart from Mars from 6 house.
  • Moon is gullik lord placed the in 7 house in birth chart.

I am sharing one more type of celtic cross spread, below:


  1. Your Present Situation
  2. What crosses you/your obstacle or assisting influences
  3. Past events that determine your present situation
  4. Recent Past : an inflluence on the current situation that is waning but still there
  5. A possible future based upon energy at the moment.
  6. The near future: the short- term outcome of the question at one hand
  7. How you percieve the situation
  8. How others see you
  9.  Your hopes and fears
  10. The Final Outcome


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