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Tarot A Beauty: 7 Of Pentacles- Marriage-Relationship-Finances


Seven Of Pentacles


Tarot is a beauty. I have been working on tarot from a few years. Every time I do tarot, I realize how beautiful it is. I will discuss one case here.  One day a girl came up to me for her Tarot cards reading. She was meeting a boy selected by her parents for arrange marriage. She liked the picture of that boy. So she asked me that whether that boy will say yes to her for marriage or not? I asked her to pick one card. Card came was 7 of pentacles. In this article, we have explained meaning of the card seven of pentacles as well as when seven of pentacles comes in love relationship, finances(money),guidance and future card position.

7 of pentacles


Seven of pentacles symbolism

Here in this picture a man stands patiently, resting on his staff before a money tree where he quietly watches the pentacles growing like fruit. He seems to be assessing what he has been able to achieve so far and what now needs to be done to achieve further progress.

Bush of pentacles may represent a project or relationship.

Fruits of his labors are ripening before him as he ponders what he might do with them. This is a card for allowing the efforts of your labors to bear fruit, such as an investment steadily growing. It’s like a gestation period where one has to wait for the return on investment for some good time. It’s simply the opportunity to take some time to reflect on your financial plans.

It’s a card of hope and also patience. Our efforts will be rewarded, but like seeds planted in the garden, it will take time for our work to bear the fruit. Trees take time to reach maturity and bloom.


Key words for Seven of Pentacles

  • Hard work eventually pays off
  • Patience
  • Working out
  • Waiting period

Seven of Pentacles in terms of Guidance and Situation

  • Your patient work is producing slow and steady growth.
  • It’s asking you to reassess and reevaluate your progress.
  • To decide what you still need to accomplish your goal.
  • Slow but surely return.
  • In the end your hard works will be rewarded.
  • One may be feeling its over or won’t get result but this may not be the case.
  • Evaluate your achievement and trust the project that you have set in motion can move forward.
  • Your hard work is about to pay off financially.
  • Wait for the result.

This card tells you have to evaluate where you are going and whether it is the right road for you now or not.


Seven of Pentacles in finance(money) indicates –  Your efforts are about to bear fruit so don’t give up. Person is not just contemplating his future, but he is also keeping close eyes on his crop to ensure it receives sufficient water and nutrients. He recognizes that success, stems from continuous efforts.

He seems to be assessing what he has been able to achieve so far and what now needs to be done to achieve further progress.

General Meaning

This card also depicts a situation where it is the time to decide whether to stay on the tried and tested path or venture into a new direction. If we choose the later, we may jeopardize everything we have managed or achieve so far, but this card warns against the danger of complaining.

It often marks a period of frustration when you are not exactly sure where to channel your energies or investment. However, as you keep your focus and maintain your commitment, it indicates that you will eventually see your plans materialize.

It will take time for our work to bear fruit. One may fell as though events have come to a standstill. It’s only temporary. Soon our plans will begin to momentum again.

You may achieve your goals, but not in the time frame you had hoped for. You may receive setbacks on expectation of work on time, and in order to succeed you will need to take care to avoid becoming too hesitant or timid. Progress may be slow or difficult, but it is possible.

Your path may be long, but the awards will be good if you can continue without losing determination. The long period of hard work you are currently in will bring you much personal growth and achievement.

Future Card Position- Relationship

When seven of pentacles comes in future card position, then it means- that you may have to wait a long time for your efforts. It is associated with success but through slow and steady growth.

Seven of pentacles can denote frustration also.

Result(Outcome) of Seven of Pentacles in relationship reading in future cad position is mentioned below:

Now I will explain what I told to the girl. I told her that boy will say yes to you but he might take some time to take decision. She came to me on 7/12/15(Monday) and told that their families will meet on 13/12/15 that is upcoming Sunday. Their meeting could not take place on 13/12/15 for the reason boy’s sister was could not return from foreign country and his family did not wanted to meet girl without his sister as his sister was very keen to meet her and meeting got postponed to next Sunday on 20/12/15. Again meeting got postponed as the boy’s sister could not come back from foreign country due to some personal reasons and she was expected to come back before 17/12/15 but that thing didn’t happen. Two weeks gone and no meeting took place. Then in January 16 their families met. Both families had word with each other and boy and girl also met for first time. Boy’s family asked for some time to give their answer. Finally after few days their family said yes and they got married then. Card was indicating delay and meeting was delayed and they also took some time to say yes. Meanwhile girl was very confused and afraid that boy and his family may reject her and she didn’t wanted this thing to happen.  

In the end girl got happy so as her family also and she came back to me with some sweet chocolates. At the end thanks to my tarot cards.


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