Serenity and Peace brought thru this reading

I have a new appreciation for Vedic astrology and identify with that chart more the than the Western chart. I first connected with Viineet H Sakhuja on an Astrology Facebook group page and sent him a message for a chart reading. I was amazed by how accurate and almost spot on his interpretations were. I have been looking for understanding and clarity and he guided me to them. I am truly speechless by the raw talent and intellect, as well as the wisdom in his predictions. Words can not express how grateful I am to him.


Viineet just gave me a very thorough reading for a chart natal reflection, very knowledgeable I highly recommend! ·

Excellent service

Vineet was kind and patience with me. He delivered an accurate reading. I was very satisfied with his service, definitely look forward to more reading and would definitely recommend to my friends.

Super perceptive and helpful

This service was very enlightening and comforting to me. It was nice to know that some of the things that happened in my life were already laid out in the starts. When getting my interpretation done, the interpreter Viineet Sakhuja told me about things in my life that I haven't talked about with him. It was very helpful and I 100% suggest this service!

Amazing and skilled reader

Amazing astrologer, he gave me very good insight on on my life and assisted with me a worry I have by showing me a Spiritual remedy that I can do to improve my circumstances. I really appreciate your insight. Thank you

Fabulous Astrologer – Amazed Tarot Readings

I was amazed by Vineet Sakhuja tarot cards reading. He was so right in the most of it. I never thought people can do it. I’m just out of words how good and nice he is. Loved it. Vineet Sakhuja is fabulous astrologer also.

Best tarot card reader

Vineet Sakhuja is a real god on earth his reading are 100 percent accurate he is a very down to earth and humble person I suggest you all out there to take a session with him.he will change your life in a good manner.


Viineet was very compassionate and kind in his reading and the things he touched on were very personal and matters I've not shared with anyone. His guidance and support were very clear and he had great points. I would highly recommend him for tarot and astrology as he used both.

Extremely accurate

Excellent reading! Vineet Sakhuja is very knowledgeable and explained all of the aspects on my chart. He told me what things to look out for and why some events have occurred in my life. I feel better prepared to go through the rest of my year with confidence! I recommend if you are trying to understand yourself better to speak with him 🙂

Great interpretation of my Vedic chart

I just had my first read of my Vedic chart with Viineet H Sakhuja. I have to say it was very insightful especially in regards to relationships. I've had much turmoil in that department throughout my life and he explained why. He also gave me a transit period when best to enter into a relationship. I was not understanding the explanations given and he was very patient and replied to my questions without hesitation. I would recommend anyone get an interpretation of their Vedic chart with Viineet & I'm interested to get a tarot reading with him too.

Best Tarot Reader

Tarot is something which I never believed in earlier, but after getting predictions from Mr. Vineet my thinking has changed.

Outstanding tarot & astrology predictions

Outstanding Tarot and Astrology predictions by Vineet Sakhuja. Thanks to him for guidance.

Best Tarot card reader and astrologer

Tarrot is something which i never believed on ...but after getting the Reading from @vineet sakhuja it was a real and very great experience which i can never pen down even ...the cards which were drawn by me he actually revealed some of the secrets and as well as all the truth points which i faced in my past... i must say you should be there in the upcoming top 5 tarrot card readers .... loooking foward to learn from you ❤️ Thanx a ton for explaining and giving all the solutions to my problem.

Very accurate readings.

Very accurate readings. I would definitely recommend Vineet and the Tarot School of India to everyone.

Detailed Tarot and Astro Reading

Vineet gave a very detailed Tarot and Astro Reading. He was very patient and calm while answering my queries during the session. While sharing predictions, he also tried to give advises simultaneously. About deadlines, I cannot comment as of now as they are far at the moment however right now some of the current things go along with what he said. His astrological knowledge is also quite impressive .

Stunning predictions!

Astrologer Viineet Sakhuja is stunningly accurate in his readings, his unique combination of astrology and tarot have hit the nail on the head for me, both accurately summing up my situation and looking to see what lies ahead in the future. Definitely contact him for a reading.

Accurate Astro Reading

i just had a astrology reading done n it was accurate reading by Vineet Sakhuja. Thank you for this. highly appreciated. Thank you

Veer accurate reading 10/10

Very accurate reading. Definitely recommend this 10/10. I was surprised by the accuracy!

Very good and amazing Reading!

Amazing reading and results by Vineet Sakhuja. I highly recommend him! He was exact about occurring events about my relationship life and marriage.  

An accurate and deep reading

Vineet Sakhuja has a very accurate reading. He understands everything very deeply and then give you answers .very humble and kind person.

Perfect Tarot reader, Astrologer

Vineet Sakhuja is an amazing tarot card reader and astrologer. He tells you your exact situation in life and guides you how to deal with difficulties. Highly recommended tarot reader and astrologer.

Amazing tarot and astrology session

It was an amazing interactive tarot and astrology session with Vineet Sakhuja.. Thanks a lot for positive remedies.

Accuracy of Information,Prediction

Highly Recommended. Accuracy of information and prediction by Tarot Reader -Vineet Sakhuja

Excellent Tarot Reader and Astrologer

I am really glad to meet vineet sir . He trained himself spiritually to respect and protect the values of victimized people by helping them face/defeat their obstacles in his best capacity.Thank you  so much sir for helping me out with proper and genuine prediction, I had no clue why things were going wrong with me  and I was misleading in my directions everywhere no one was supporting me .but vineet sir thank you so much to show me the right directions telling me what to do what not to, you never forced me to do anything and showed me the right way thank you sir. really good level of prediction and knowledge about astrology and tarot, thanks for giving best solutions to approach " . thank you so much sir for making my career life and family life colorful.

Spot on Tarot Reading

Mr Vineet did a spot on tarot reading for me. He told me what to watch out for and what my year ahead will be like. I will definitely recommend Mr Vineet to anyone. Thank you so much

Good Tarot Reading

Today Viineet gave me a Tarot reading and it resonates with me. I am learning to read tarot also and i am even considering to take classes with his tarot school since i really like his way of reading. Thank you again. <img class="_1ift _2560 img" src="" alt="?" />

Accurate Readings

Viineet h sakhuja was very insightful with his tarot readings! Highly recommend.

Great Tarot Reading

Viineet H Sakhuja had very fast response time and provided a very accurate reading that helped me prepare for a different outcome in my business!!!!

Spot on !

Viineet did a reading this morning for me. His reading was spot on! Gave lots on information on my question. Thank you again.

100 % true predictions

Vineet sir's predictions are 100% near to truth and he is veteran tarot reader and astrologer.  

Amazingly gifted!

Viineet Sakhuja is an amazingly talented tarot reader, astrologer and teacher! I had the privilege of getting a personal reading and it was incredibly accurate!

Great Reading

Thanks for great reading. Very accurate! You were too kind and very insightful! Love & light! Thanks Vineet Sakhuja!  

Very accurate reading

His tarot reading was very accurate, goes in detail aswell, overall well experience, i highly recommend Vineet Sakhuja.

Great Reading

Thank you for the great reading! You helped guide me to change the course of my day! Your talent and your kindness was much appreciated! Thanks Vineet Sakhuja

Impressive astrology and tarot reader

Vineet Sakhuja gave me a detailed reading of my astrological Vedic reading, was really on spot on lots of events on my life and gave me a prediction for my life and insight on how I can improve my life!! I highly recommend his readings

Impressive Tarot Reading and Astrology Reading

Draws attention to the small details. It passes through all the important points for you. Vineet Sakhuja paid enough attention to make sure you understood what he was talking about. It made me very impressed that he knew even the smallest detail. Vineet Sakhuja is very well versed in astrology and Tarot Cards.


Viineet is great! I love his readings and the way he takes time to go through every little detail. I highly recommend him!

Excellent and best tarot reader

Vineet Sakhuja is the best tarot reader.Reading are very accurate.I recommended it to all.He gives detailed reading.His interpretation is very accurate

Great Experience and excellent reading

I am impressed by the accuracy of the readings by Viinet Sakhuja. It was a great experience and also a chance to get to understand better my past experiences. I recommend it with all my heart. Thank you!

Spot on!

Vineet Sakhuja by tarot cards told me things nobody knew. He brought up things i never expected to hear. Im totally mind blown!! I will be back!

Amazingly Accurate & In Depth

Vineet Sakhuja is the most amazing Tarot Card reader I have ever experienced. I am blown away by the accuracy of his readings and how in depth he was able to see with very minimal information from me. Tarot School of India has helped put my mind at ease about a lot of areas in my life that needed resolve. Vineet, I cannot thank you enough. Tarot School of India is definitely worth the investment.

Best Tarot reader so far

Vineet Sakhuja tarot reading helped me allot and cleared my confusion... literally nailed it ?

Amazing Tarot Reading and Very accurate reading

I was amazed by his tarot cards reading. He was so right in the most of it. I never thought people can do it. I’m just out of words how good and nice he is. Loved it    

Detailed Reading and Amazing person

Amazing person! detalied reading by Vineet Sakhuja and a lot of information!

Very good Tarot Reader

Very good Tarot Reader Vineet Sakhuja ! Thank you so much, u r 10000! i am feeling better

Very good reading , Recommendable Tarot Reader

Vineet Sakhuja gives very good readings I definitely recommend him ☺️☺️ Very intuitive and on point.

Amazing and Talented Reader

Very accurate and very detailed. Vineet Sakhuja is an amazing and talented reader! Highly recommend!

Highly recommend very good Tarot Reader & great insight

Would highly recommend very good tarot reader Vineet Sakhuja and great insight. Thankyou very much.

Very good and Excellent Reading

I had an excellent reading from Vineet Sakhuja and he is very good and conforting. I recommend for all!!    

Very Accurate and Excellent Reading

Vineet Sakhuja was very accurate and very detailed. He got answers to my questions very directly and over all this was excellent reading. I got answers for nearly a dozen questions just by asking the first question. I was feeling like I screwed up something with someone that I really cared for but he showed me that it wasn’t my fault and that the other person was having problems not related to me and that I’m better off as things are.

Expert Tarot Reader Vineet Sakhuja

Vineet Sakhuja is an experienced and expert tarot card reader. His suggestion and advice are very effective. I am greatly benefited out of him and likes to thank him for his benovalence.

Amazing Tarot Reader and Vaastu Consultant

Vineet Sakhuja is the super amazing tarot card reader and vastu expert.He gets all my questions directly answered with all the details.Infact by asking just one question i got answers for all my questions.keep up the good work!!!!

Skilled Tarot Reader

Dear Vineet sir.. Words can't describe . There are certain mysteries of universe ,certain language which ordinary mortals can not decode & decipher. Through your tarot Sessions ,I was deeply intrigued that what you were revealing , explaining and interpreting was phenomenally true to many aspects . I am indebted to you for GUIDING me & GAURDING me with profound details of events which were forth coming. Now I have found a GUiDE in you who can counsel me in every stress and strife through his Tarot Sessions. I do remember how precisely & perfectly you predicted the Win of Donald Trump. For me you are no less then a GAURDIAN ANGEL! May Lord bless you with  more feathers on your hat. Love Joy & Bliss.. Dr Poonam Nangru Gurugram

Best Tarot Reader & Astrologer

Mr. Vineet Sakhuja is a very good tarot reader and  astrologer.... i consulted him when i lost my job...n i was very tensed....he gave me good advice n helped m happy with my new job....he is a nice person...he has the powers to help others.I just want to say thank you to him..he is the best tarot reader and  astrologer..Thank you...

Outstanding Tarot Reading

Human life is a tale of ups & down.We enjoy our good times and curse bad times ,forgetting it ,as part of life. I have gone through the times where I have lost my patience to cope up with hard turns of life. There at that point tarot helped me. Through a friend, I came to know about Vineet Sakhuja, my friend who herself was studying tarot with Vineet ,recommended tarot card reading by Vineet . Vineet’s best part is that he listens to others with patience. His patience and passion towards the people and tarot respectively gives an excellent solution to work towards your problems. In situations where trouble is distracting our path , Vineet’s tarot reading is assisting in keeping hold of the situation.As “Drowning man catches at straw”.

Great Master & Wonderful Teacher

Great Master! Amazing Advisor! Precisely done predictions by tarot cards.. thanks Viineet Sakhuja for being a wonderful teacher and a guide!

Ace Tarot and Vaastu Expert

Vineet Sakhuja is an ace tarot and vastu expert. He has done tarot earings for me, which have been nearly accurate. I have asked him questions about relocation, daughters admission, health, job, financial health, parents health etc and he has always provided answers which have proven to be right. He has given successful prediction of Donald trump in advance and in cricket matches also like of India vs Pakistan final match where India lost unfortunately. May god bless him with more learning and power.

Most accurate Tarot Reading

Most accurate reading I ever received and so in-depth. Since the brake up with my ex boyfriend, i had a hard time figuring the whys to such a ugly ending to the relationship; Thanks to Vineet and tarot, he was able to pin point the problem and help me to understand what went wrong. Thanks Vineet from the bottom of my heart.

Knowledgeable teacher & Master in Reading

Vineet Sakhuja is a knowledgeable teacher and He is master in card reading.I was satisfied with his prediction, so I will refer him to my friends & family members.

Very good Teacher & Reader

Vineet Sakhuja is very good teacher n tarot reader, very well explained the cards, really impressed by his analysis, wishing him good luck & God's blessings

Exceptional & Talented Tarot Reader

Vineet Sakhuja is an exceptional narrator, Immensely talented at such a young age. His command over every card is unbelievable.. great personality and a wonderful soul. Cheers.

Fantastic Tarot Reader, Astrologer

I went to consult Vineet  Sakhuja by reference of someone known. He is fantastic tarot card reader and has very good command on astrology also. He predicted so many things of past time like home change , birth of brother, nature , job related matter etc. He boosts the client and give right guidance of what to do and what not to do. Thanks to Vineet Sakhuja and his Tarot cards.

Marvellous Tarot Reader and Good Teacher

Vineet Sakhuja is a very good tarot card reader. He has given amazing predictions. By tarot he is able to guide what you are lacking in , what obstacles you are facing and how you can handle it. He has also given successful predictions like Victory of Donald trump and he has given on few cricket matches also. Best thing about him is he goes in minute detail of event or question. I referred him to few friends who wanted to learn tarot. They had a good time learning from him. He is  marvellous tarot reader and has good command in astrology and vaastu also.

Accurate Predictions

In Vineet Sakhuja, I find a thorough professional who puts his personal attention to minutest details while making predictions and calls spade a spade. Meaning thereby he makes all sincere efforts to put his predictions accurately and relevant. All the best to him.

Proficient Tarot Reader

I am Divya Khanna and I know Vineet Sakhuja since 4-5 years. He is very proficient in his area of work which is Tarot Reading. And the best part is he is absolutely confident about his readings which not only helps in solving your problems but also gives you a new level of mental energy. Whenever I have consulted Vineet for my problems, he has provided me the best possible solutions to them and in the simplest forms. So if you have any dilemmas, fears or queries about your future, Vineet  is the best person to contact.

Brilliant Tarot Reader

My name is Saurabh Khanna and I am knowing Vineet Sakhuja from many years both professionally and personally as well. He is absolutely brilliant and professional person in Tarot Reading. He is also involved in teaching Tarot, which shows his expertise in the area. What I like, when I went to him for consultation is that he tells very appropriate solutions for your problems/ issues etc. in a very easy manner, which are accurate enough, and I personally follow his advice in many areas of my life. By his Tarot reading , he even predicted the victory of Donald Trump in US Elections much.   He is very good in astrology also.I think Vineet can be your trustworthy guy when you are in doubt / issues / problems and looking for some good advice / solutions from a Professional person. Thanks and Regards Saurabh Khanna

Fruitful Tarot Reading

Though it is hard to believe but, astrology and tarot cards can help you know whats there in your future and even guide you on how one can deal with tough times in life.  I was not a firm believer of astro or tarot but my perception changed once I met Vineet Sakhuja, who is my old school friend and also an astro and tarot guru. I experienced the magic of astro prediction and tarot reading and my every consultation with Vineet has proved very true and fruitful. It has helped me make right decisions in my life. I now refer my friends and family too to consult him if you are facing rough times in life. Thanks for the right guidance and all your help Acharya Vineet ji...

Very Good Tarot Reader

Vineet Sakhuja is really good. I have been in his contact from last 2 years and he had been a great help to.. me for my problems and fears. A very genuine and honest guide. Thanks vineet for being there when l needed a help.

Accurate prediction and Excellent Teacher

Vineet Sakhuja is a excellent teacher . He came specially to Mumbai to teach us tarot .n his prediction is also accurate.

A Very Good Tarot Reader & Teacher

Vineet sakhuja is a very good tarot reader I know him personally. He is my tarot teacher also. Everyone should take his consultation. It’s very effective. Thanks Vineet Ji.

Guided me with the correct path in life

A big thank you to you sir for providing me with detailed prediction and guiding me in the correct path. You were very kind and helpful to me and above all you were patient enough in listening to the problem.. Once again a big thank you.

Vineet is extremely precise in his readings

I consulted Vineet last year in I always believe that tarot is a great medium incase one needs to clear their confusion head-on.Having consulted Vineet For my work prospects I took his advice between options & I am glad to report that I'm doing very well.Vineet is extremely dedicated in his work,his knowledge & analytical skills in tarot are extremely precise & gives u a sence of confidence & clarity.

Unbelievable Experience

It was unbelievable experience with Vineet Sakhuja for Tarot card reading. He pointed out all the things so accurately. Amazing tarot reader he is.

Vineet is simply the best

I never knew one can predict so many things accurately with Tarot cards. I thought it's only possible through astrology. But Viineet Sakhuja changed my mind. ineet Sakhuja has very good knowledge of Tarot cards. He is simply the best.

A Very Trustworthy Tarot Reader!

I met Vineet at one of the practice sessions of tarot card reading. Vineet Sakhuja possesses a deep insight of tarot cards. He understands and explains every card with such ease which is really commendable! Being a tarot reader myself, whenever I am confused with any card or situation I always seek for his help. The readings I got done from him for my own career and my children was very helpful in terms of clearing the confusions and showing a clear path to move forward! He is a great soul and a very trustworthy tarot reader!

A Very Good Tarot Reader

A good tarot reader never gives you false hope. Vineet Sakhuja is one of them. You should have full faith on yourself and your reader to get best results. When you're feeling low and you want answers from God then tarot readers are a great help.He is a gem in his profession and his accurate tarot readings are very helpful and source of great guiding light. I always pray to God that he soars great height of success in his field. With love, Artti

Excellent Tarot Reader!

Vineet Sakhuja is excellent tarot card reader. He gave me guidance on many things and whatever he predicted for me was spot on. He gives you a right guidance which one need in life journey and he has good command over Vaastu and Astrology also.

Very Accurate Reading

Very accurate and apt readings.Vineet Sakhuja explains very well and has good understanding about the cards. His interpretation is undoubtedly the most meaningful. Totally recommend him as a tarot reader.

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