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Tarot School of India is an institute in Delhi, India where Vineet Sakhuja (who is a renowned professional Tarot Reader, Vaastu Consultant and Astrologer(Jyotish Acharya)) teaches Tarot Cards and Vaastu. He provide online classes too via skype,facebook etc. If you want to get predictions by him – you can opt for Tarot Card Reading,Astrology and Vaastu.

Vineet Sakhuja has written many research based articles on Tarot, Astrology, Numerology for popular magazines like Future Samachar, Stars Teller and Jyotish Satya and got rewarded too.

He holds various degrees under his belt which includes, but not limited to BBA, MBA,Interior Decorator(Architect),Jyotish Acharya(Astrology), Tarot Cards and Numerology.

Receiving Award for Tarot Articles at Nakshatra 2018

He teaches Tarot in a very easier way. Best thing about Tarot School of India is that Vineet Sakhuja will not just explain Tarot cards meanings but also gives practical readings with his students and also guides students how to get connect better with Tarot cards and where we can use Tarot cards.

He is on a journey to show how beautifully Tarot and Astrology works together and how much they are interrelated. He works globally and have taken many batches in other states too.

Using Tarot as guide I help my clients to trust their instincts and create the life they want to live.

When a person comes to me for a tarot,astrology session they feel healed too. My thought is that every person who has come for guidance must walk out lighter, happier and with clarity regarding the problem they came to me with a clear guidance as to how they will deal with it.

You can learn Tarot in a very quicker way and can easily get answers which via astrology is difficult to answer.

Why Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards can offer guidance like in Astrology also.

Will my son/daughter get admission in this college?

Which country we should send our daughter/son from the options that client has

Will I get job in this company?

Which company job offer I should accept ? lets suppose there are three company job offers.

At times, people don’t have their time of birth or their time of birth is not accurate, then Tarot helps in it.

On my website you can read my research based articles on Tarot, Astrology, and with combination of  Astrology, Tarot too.

He displayed proper blending of Tarot and Astrology in his leading articles like 3 card spread, 5 card spread, Celtic Cross Spread, Personality Spread etc.

How to Read Tarot Cards –

Personality Spread –

Three Card Tarot Spread –

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