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Horoscope of Taylor Swift Astrology

Horoscope of Taylor Swift Astrology

From the time when Taylor Swift broke onto the music scene in late 00s, there hasn’t really been a year that couldn’t be considered “the year of Taylor Swift” in some fashion. Taylor Swift continues to be a force in the music world. She sold more than 1 million albums in a single week for three of her albums. It is a sporadic feat during an era in which album sales have plunged radically for most artists. In addition, her net worth is valued at $250 million. Year 2016 she was No. 1 on the Forbes “Celebrity 100 List”. Basically, it ranks celebs by how much money they earned in the given year—for raking in $170 million.

Let’s study astrologically which permutations and combinations have savour her colossal success with wealth and fan frenzy. . .

The Cascading Upshot of Manifold Yogas in Horoscope of Taylor Swift by Astrology (Birth Chart of Taylor Swift)

Check out horoscope of Taylor Swift who is born on 13 December 1989 at 0836 AM in Wyomissing, PA, USA. Here is the Horoscope – Birth Chart of Taylor Swift given below.

Lets read out Astrological Yogas and promises in the Horoscope – Birth Chart of Taylor Swift.

Maha Parivartan Yoga in Horoscope of Taylor Swift

Lagna lord Jupiter is tangled in Maha Parivartan Yoga with Mercury. This Mercury is directionally strong in the ascendant.

Here there is exchange of 1st and 7th lords which styles the distinctive feature of her birth chart. In-fact Jupiter is both angular and trinal lord. This helps in  turn elevated the status of the concerned native.

Gajkesari Yoga in Birth Chart of Taylor Swift

Jupiter is involved in prevalent yoga called Gajakesari Yoga in Birth Chart of Taylor Swift. Gajkesari Yoga is formed when both the participants (Moon and Jupiter) are in an angle from ascendant. Here, both Moon and Jupiter also recieves aspect of benefic Mercury all of it makes for celebrated, wealthy and splendorous life with everlasting fame.


Saraswati Yoga in Taylor Swift Birth Chart

Planet Jupiter participates in Saraswati Yoga. Saraswati Yoga which definitely relates to what she’s illustrious for.

  • Saraswati Yoga is defined as when the natural benefics i.e. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in an angle or trine or 2nd house.
  • This yoga blesses the native with creativity, arts, oracular voice, knowledge et al under the right conditions.
  • Here, Jupiter and Mercury in angles needless to say both have good source of strength with Venus. Venus is the planet significator for music, artistic self-expression. Also, This Venus gets exalted in Navamsa signifying great underlying strength, all the conditions are fulfilled.


Pushkala Yoga in Horoscope of Taylor Swift

Jupiter also falls in Pushkala ‘magnificent’ Yoga. Pushkala Yoga is formed when the dispositor lord of Moon in conjoined with lagna lord in an angle or they are joined in a great friend’s or better sign and strong planet is in or aspecting the lagna. In her chart Mercury being dispositor of Moon is posited in lagna also is directionally sturdy and in mutual aspect with lagna lord Jupiter.

Dasha of Taylor Swift

During the Major period of Jupiter dasha and sub period of Mercury around the age of 19 –  she started having gargantuan success resulting in pronounced fame, reflected by Pushkala Yoga. That’s nothing, upshots of Pushkala Yoga. Results of it is given in ancient classics of Jyotisha go like

  • One will be wealthy
  • Honored by kings and famous
  • Decorated with beautiful ornaments and clothes.
  • One will be sweet tongued.


Bheri Yoga in Horoscope of Taylor Swift

There is fairly a composite yoga called Bheri ‘kettle drum’ Yoga in her chart.

  • Bheri Yoga is formed when planets are placed in 12th, 1st, 2nd, and 7th house whereas 9th or 10th lord is strong.
  • Basically, kettle drum is a large drum that makes a very large noise compared to other instruments. It suggest that individual with this yoga can be those you hear about as for their strong personalities and accomplishments. This definition applies to her.
  • Interestingly 9 out of 8 planets are involved in this yoga including 10th lord Mercury in her chart.
  • The idea behind is that 1st house represents individual itself.  The planets on either side of the ascendant or in 7th house adjoining or influencing the 1st house makes it focal point of attention.

This is to elucidate the idea that Yoga shows What and Dasa shows when. Jupiter’s envelopment in Saraswati Yoga, Pushkala Yoga, BheriYoga et al. It wafted the aptitudes of these yogas when she moved in its period of 16 years at the age of 14. It is during this span, she got prodigious fame and success in the musical world.


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