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Numerology Analysis of GOOGLE & MICROSOFT

Numerology Analysis of GOOGLE & MICROSOFT


Behind every dominant conglomerate, you bet there are some magical forces at work. For Apple, of course we know it’s Steve Jobs who made such great inventive breakthroughs of the century. What about Google and Microsoft? GOOGLE Inc.  one of the largest and most stable corporations on planet Earth. With over one million servers in data centers around the world that process over one billion search requests – is led and run by dynamic duo, who BOTH reflect these potent physiognomies within their own birth dates!

Numerology Analysis of Google

Here is my Numerology Analysis on Google – why it achieved so much success.

  • GOOGLE Inc. was founded on September 4, 1998. Here date is 4 and sum total of date is 4 (4+9+1+9+9+8) too.
  • It is in sync with its founders LARRY PAGE. Larry is born on March 26, 1973. His destiny number 4 (2+6+3+1+9+7+3).
  • SERGEY BRIN is born on August 21, 1973.  His destiny number 4 (2+1+3+8+9+7+3).
  • It is also astounding that Page’s numbers (month-date-year) is 3/8/2, and Brin’s is 8/3/2 are just swap of digits.
  • The month-date-year numbers exemplify our personalities, dispositions, and/or major cycles of life. It’s quite notably intrigued they have really managed to entice the most impeccable partner that anyone could find.

My observation on Google Future

It is no wonder why Google manoeuvres the way that it does. As long as Sergey and Larry are in charge, you can bet that Google will continue to operate with stability and process in mind.

It is also titillating to note that by mingling the 4’s energy of Sergey and Larry we get the number 8. Number 8 is representing the inimitable expression of these two personages working together. 8 is the expression of “abundance” and “power”!


Numerology Analysis on Microsoft

Still not convinced world’s most valuable tech giant MICROSOFT was founded on April 4, 1975.

04/04/04 (on breaking the date) is in sync with destiny number of its founders BILL GATES.

Bill Gates date of birth is 28 October,1955. His destiny number is 4 (2+8+1+0+1+9+5+5).

PAUL ALLEN date of birth is 21 January 21, 1953. His destiny number is 4 (2+1+1+1+9+5+3) too!


Isn’t it interesting that both the natives are destiny number 4 which is in sync with date of foundation i.e. April 4? Yes, it’s all in numbers!

Number 4 in Numerology

You guys out there would be pondering why 4??

  • 4 is the number of material universe, reason, science and knowledge.
  • The cross and the swastika have four points each.
  • There are four seasons in a year, four sides to a square and four humours.
  • Pythagoreans believed this to be a number of miracles.


Wait ever noticed MICROSOFT logo carries 4 colours alike GOOGLE and is made up of 4 quadrants.

It is this planetary arrangement, reflection and calculation that makes General Electric, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Carlos Slim, Mukesh Ambani, Warren Buffett and more the Giant in their industries. Stay Connected!

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