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Angelina Jolie Tarot and Astrology Predictions

Angelina Jolie Tarot and Astrology Predictions


Birth Details of Angelina Jolie Horoscope

Angelina Jolie is a daughter of actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. She is sister of actor James Haven. Below, Angelina Jolie Birth Details are given below and her horoscope also. In this article, I have share how Astrology and Tarot Works together on Angelina Jolie Personality and much more.

04 June 1975

09.09 hrs

Los Angeles



Angelina Jolie Birth Chart

Angelina Jolie is Cancer Ascendant Rising sign. In Angelina Jolie Birth Chart, we can Venus is well placed in the Ascendant. In Horoscope of Angelina Jolie, we will see how important Venus, Moon and Jupiter plays in her life.

Angelina Jolie Navamsha Chart

Angelina Jolie Navamsha Chart

Angelina Jolie got Leo Rising sign in Navamsa Chart. Venus is placed in the Ascendant in Navamsha Chart of Angelina Jolie.


Prediction of Physical Appearance of Angeline Jolie By Tarot Card and Astrology

Below I am sharing how we can know determine Physical personality by Tarot and Astrology. I have share my Analysis and predictions using Tarot and Astrology to determine physical appearance of Angelina Jolie.

The Empress

  • The Empress Card is ruled by Venus. See the sign of Venus here. You can see the sign beneath her seat.
  • Venus sign
  • In Tarot, The Empress Card is one of the most positive Tarot Cards.
  • Above Tarot Card indicates that Venus may have connection with her Ascendant/Ascendant Lord.
  • In Astrology, Angelina Jolie is cancer rising sign. She got Venus is in her Ascendant in her Horoscope.
  • This is a card of beauty and indicates luxurious life also. Angelina Jolie is very beautiful and got charming eyes.

Result of Venus in Ascendant in Astrology – Physical Appearance of Angelina Jolie

Read about role of Venus in Ascendant in Horoscope – Birth Chart of Angelina Jolie. Also check in general result of Venus in Ascendant also given below:

  • If Venus in in Ascendant it gives beauty and attractive personality.
  • Presence of Venus in Ascendant gives luxurious life.
  • Benefics planet placed in the Kendra in Birth Chart is good to rise in the life. Here, there is one benefic planet placed in the Ascendant and it recieves aspect of another benefic Planet Jupiter.
  • Fourth house lord if its in Ascendant, its good as it may give native ornaments, lands, conveyances. Fourth house represents fixed assets. Venus is also the signifactor of Vechile.
  • Venus in Ascendant gives black, shining and curly hair.

See the combination of Tarot and Astrology above – from where we could determine which planet will be connected with her Ascendant or Ascendant lord.

Page of Cups

Second card that came up to determine Physical Apperance of Angelina Jolie is Page of Cups. Let’s see the analysis and correlation of Tarot and Astrology again.

  • Page in Tarot indicates child and youth.  It means person will look younger in age than actual age.
  • Cups is a watery element which means she may have watery sign in her Ascendant or Ascendant lord in watery sign.
  • In Astrology, Angelina Jolie is Cancer Rising sign in her horoscope.
  • Angeline Jolie, Ascendant lord is in watery sign Pisces.


Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

  • Wands represents fiery sign. Angelina Jolie got Leo Ascendant rising sign in her Navamsha Chart. Leo is one of the fiery sign.
  • Ace means beginning. It means Angelina Jolie will be putting efforts towards her health and fitness. Since its a fiery sign, Angelina Jolie will do lot of workouts. She does.
  • In Physical appearance, it indicates person will look younger in age. Angelina does look younger in age.
  • Mars as well as sixth house lord is connected with her Ascendant lord Moon.

Remember, one thing Planet placed in the Ascendant or connected with Ascendant lord has impact on the personality.

By Tarot and Astrology, we are able to guess her Ascendant rising sign in her Birth and Navamsha Chart.

Physical Appearance of Angelina Jolie by Astrology

By Tarot, we have already discussed above. In Astrology, if you want to determine someone Physical Appearance then you must consider various points.

  • See the Ascendant rising sign in Birth and Navamsha Chart.
  • See the planets that aspects, Conjunct, or placed in the Ascendant or makes connection with Ascendant lord in Birth as well as Navamsha Chart.
  • Venus role we have already discussed before.
  • Jupiter in Birth Chart aspects the Ascendant from ninth house. In Navamsha Chart, Jupiter aspects the Ascendant in Navamsha Chart also.
  • In terms of Physical Appearance, Jupiter will give pale-yellow, brown complexion.

How to see Desires of Person by Astrology

  • Consider Ascendant rising sign in Birth as well as Navamsha Chart.
  • See the Ascendant lord placed in which house in Birth Chart as well as Navamsha Chart.
  • Note down the zodiac sign where Ascendant lord is placed.
  • Consider Moon sign. Moon is our Mind, emotions. So consider Moon sign, house etc. See chart from Moon Chart also by making Moon as Ascendant.
  • Do consider planets that makes connection with Ascendant, its lord as well as Moon Sign.
  • Must consider Third, Seventh and Eleventh house as these are the houses of Desires.

Prediction of Desires of Angelina Jolie by Tarot and Astrology

Total three Tarot Cards were drawn to see give desires of Angeline Jolie by Tarot and Astrology. I have given prediction of desires of Angelina Jolie on the basis of cards that came up – that is Ace of Cups, Knight of Pentacles and The Sun.

If positive card comes in, person will carry positive feelings. Below, read the predictions by Tarot and Astrology.

Ace of Cups

  • First card that came in heart of Angelina Jolie is Ace of Cups which is the card of joy and abundance. It clearly indicates she wants love and joy in her life.
  • Cups rules water element.
  • It shows Angelina Jolie will be sensitive and emotional person as cups rules watery sign.
  • This card indicates early stage of love and romance.
  • Angelina Jolie expects some gifts and people near her to take care of her.


Desires of Angelina Jolie by Astrology

  • In Astrology, there is benefic rising sign in Angelina Jolie Birth Chart.
  • Fourth house lord is Venus in Angelina Jolie Birth Chart and that too in watery sign. This Venus recieves aspect of Ninth Lord Jupiter.
  • Her Ascendant lord is Moon in watery sign also.
  • She wants love and nourishment.
  • By above Tarot and Astrology, it can be predicted that Angelina Jolie is sensitive and emotional person.

Knight of Pentacles

  • Among Knight card, Knight of Pentacles is one the most serious Knight Card.
  • It indicates person will be hardworking plus will be eager to take responsibilities.
  • This is the card of self discipline also.
  • Angelina Jolie began her career at the age of 15. In Astrology, Dasha during that time – Ketu-Moon followed by Ketu-Mars.
  • Ketu is in the eleventh house in Angelina Jolie Birth Chart. In Astrology, eleventh house is the house of gains. Ketu dispositor is again in the Ascendant. Person wants to do something. Desires of person gets active.
  • In Angelina Jolie Birth Chart, Ascendant lord is conjunct with tenth house lord Mars that too in the ninth house. Moon is her Ascendant lord. Antardasha of Moon is connected with Mars in Birth Chart. Moon in Dashamsha Chart is in second house- desire to earn money. Mars is tenth house lord.
  • Jupiter also aspects the Ascendant.

It can be easily predicted by Tarot and Astrology – That Angelina Jolie desires to take responsibility at young age and serious to her work and career.

The Sun

  • This is the card of ambition and pleasure.
  • We can see creativity in this card and self expression also.
  • In the Sun Tarot Card, we can see image of Kid enjoying life and it indicates she may love kids also.
  • The Sun card has come in creativity.
  • Sun is in the eleventh house also. Sun aspects the fifth house.
  • To see creativity in Astrology role of Artistic Planet like Moon,Mercury and Venus will play important role.
  • Above Artistic Planets will make influence on 1/3/5/10 H or their lords.
  • Angelina Jolie got Venus who is the fourth and eleventh house lord in her Ascendant.
  • In Astrology, there should be influence of Mercury, Moon,Venus on Ascendant/Third house/Fifth house or their lords.
  • In Angelina Jolie Horoscope, Venus is in Ascendant, Mercury is her third lord which aspects her fifth house, Ascendant lord is Moon conjunct with fifth house lord Mars.
  • We can see here child enjoying life. Angelina Jolie loves kids. She got six kids out of which three are adopted.
  • In Astrology, Moon is mind.
  • In her horoscope- Birth Chart, Ascendant lord Moon is conjunct with fifth house lord Mars and Karka(significator- Jupiter)
  • She loves six kids out of which three adopted.
  • Moon+ Asc Lord conjunct with fifth house lord Mars and Karka- Jupiter


In Angelina Jolie, there is Dharam Karma Adhipati yoga.


Prediction of Angelina Jolie by Tarot & Astrology – why she falls in Love and Relationship

Even this can be predicted by combined Tarot and Astrology. In Tarot, again three cards were pick up. Three Cards that came up to determine the reason why she comes in Love and Relationship so easily and why she comes again.

Six of Swords

Six of Swords

  • Six of swords is one of the swords card.
  • This shows moving away from stress, conflicts which indicates she might have seen struggles and conflicts in her life specially during childhood.
  • Angelina Jolie didn’t had good relationship with her father even when she was kid.
  • In Angelina Jolie Birth Chart,Ninth house is under the malefic influence of Mars and Saturn.
  • In Astrology, Sun should not be in Rahu – Ketu axis. Angelina Jolie Sun is conjunct with Ketu.
  • She doesn’t like to conflict. She wants peaceful life. Angelina Jolie got Moon in Pisces sign.
  • To come out of this struggle, she wants to have love partner who support and love her.
  • Moving away from stress, conflicts which her life during childhood.
  • See Ascendant and its lord. There is benefic sign in Ascendant and Ascendant lord in benefic sign.
  • She doesn’t like to conflict. Wants peaceful life. Moon in Pisces sign.
  • Benefic Planet in Ascendant + Jupiter aspects gives Satwik Nature
    • Angelina Jolie Dwadamsha Chart D-12
  • To see relationship with Parents, Astrologer must consider Dwadamsha Chart that is D- 12 Chart.
  • Sun who is the signifactor of Father recieves malefic aspect of Mars and Saturn.


Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

  • Ten of Pentacles is one of the most positive Tarot Cards.
  • This is also family card.
  • Ten in Tarot generally denotes completion.
  • From Tarot Cards, it can be predicted that Angelina Jolie wants to have perfect family.
  • In Astrology, Her Ascendant lord is conjunct with fifth house lord and recieves aspect of seventh house lord. Saturn Moon is mind,emotions and her Ascendant lord is connected with fifth house and under influence of seventh house lord. Fifth house is the house of children and seventh house – house of love and relationship. Family house are – Fourth, Fifth, Seventh and Ninth house.
  • Pentacles card deals with finances. Her Ascendant lord is conjunct with Mars tenth house lord and Jupiter who is the sixth house lord also.In Astrology, Artha houses are second, sixth and tenth house. These are Houses of finance, money etc in Astrology.
  • For Angelina Jolie, career is very important as her Ascendant lord is conjunct with tenth house lord in Birth Chart.
  • In Navamsha Chart, fifth house lord Jupiter aspects the Ascendant as well as Ascendant lord.
  • In  Angelina Jolie Navamsha Chart, Ascendant lord Sun recieves aspect of Mars who is fourth as well as ninth house lord.
  • Moon is conjunct with Mars again.


Three of Cups

  • Wants to have kid and enjoy life.
  • Venus is in Ascendant in Birth and Navamsha Chart which shows she wants to enjoy her life and have fun.
  • They are celebrating in group.


Merge last two cards to see why she loves Kids so much

When we talk about family, we should also consider Saptamsha Chart.

Saptamsha Chart of Angelina Jolie

  • She was going through Venus Maha Dasha. Venus in Birth Chart recieves aspect of Jupiter. Jupiter is natural significator of children.
  • In Navamsha Chart, Venus recieves aspect of fifth house lord Jupiter.
  • In Saptamsha, there are benefics in Ascendant which shows her desire for kid. Venus again in Ascendant even in Saptamsha Chart.
  • Next Maha Dasha is of Sun. Sun in Birth Chart aspect fifth house.
  • From Moon, Venus is in fifth house.

See the beautiful connection of Tarot and Astrology. From above, it can be easily predicted why she wants to have love partner in life.

Reason of Angelina Jolie famous – By Tarot and Astrology

Total four cards have been drawn to see why Angelina Jolie is so famous by Tarot. Apart from Tarot, i will also give prediction by Astrology to see this.  Cards that came up were – The Justice, Judgement, King of Wands and The Lovers Card

The Justice Card

  • In Tarot, Justice is the card that deals with law. Something related to law. Angelina Jolie doing charity for the refugees and for Human, Women rights etc.This is one of the reasons why Angelina Jolie is so famous.
  • One of her famous Movie : Lara Croft – Tomb Raider where she did lot of action scenes.


  • This is the card, where we can see coffin/graveyards. Helping out people by her charity for those affected by war. Like She did charity in Afghanistan.
  • Film Gia, where Angelina Jolie was playing role of Gia Marie who use to take drugs and died of Aids at 26 age.
  • In Astrology, Ascendant lord conjunct with Ninth house lord in Ninth house- Helping out people by charity.
  • There is yoga in her horoscope – Dharam Karam Adipati Yoga as her ninth house lord and tenth house lord are conjunct together in Birth Chart.
  • Moon chart of Angelina jolie
  • From Moon, this yoga repeats again. From Moon ninth house lord is Mars and Tenth house lord is Jupiter.
  • We can see the reason of popularity of Angelina Jolie from Tarot and Astrology.
  • Angelina Jolie got Raj Yoga in her horoscope as all trine lords that is Moon, Mars and Jupiter are conjunct together.

King of Wands

  • In Tarot, King of Wands shows person sitting on throne.
  • Angelina Jolie has done wonders in acting line and won awards for it also.
  • This is the card that shows Angelina Jolie will be known/recognized by her efforts and career.
  • At one time, she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood.
  • When we consider career in Astrology, Astrologer must consider Dashamsha Chart that is  D- 10 Chart.

Dashamsha Chart(D-10) of Angelina Jolie


  • In her Dashamsha Chart in Astrology, Ascendant lord is placed in the Ascendant only. One wants to rise in career on own.
  • She has taken bold decision in her career also by becoming producer. Tenth house lord is in Tenth house in Dashamsha Chart.
  • Angelina Jolie has done good in action movies also.
  • In Astrology, her Ascendant lord is conjunct with tenth house lord. Such person want to rise on their own.

The Lovers

  • In Tarot, The Lovers Tarot Card shows people get attract towards her easily.
  • The Lovers card is the card of Love and Relationship.
  • Angelina Jolie became more famous after getting married to Brad Pitt. Both of them, have done lot of charities.
  • In Astrology, Venus is in Ascendant in Birth, Navamsha as well as Dashamsha Chart.
  • Angelina Jolie is known for her sex appeal- Venus in Ascendant in Birth as well as Navamsha Chart.

In Astrology, there is Moon – Jupiter conjunction which is very good for name and fame.Some Astrologers consider it as Kesari Yoga and some as Gaj – Kesari Yoga.


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