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Numerology Analysis of Raj Khosla

Numerology Analysis of Raj Khosla – The Neo-Noir Director



Below here is Numerology Analysis of Raj Khosla in this article. Initially entered the Film Industry with hopes of making it as a playback singer, but fate had something else stored for him. He however went on to become one of the top directors, producer, and screenwriter in Hindi films. This he did from the 1950s to the 1980s. He was known for bringing in ‘neo-noir’ and style in Indian cinema since black & white times, and as a “women’s director” because he showcased actresses at their best.


Numerology Analysis of Raj Khosla

See numerology analysis of Raj Khosla is born on May 31, 1925.

  • A fate number 4 (3+1) and destiny number 8 (3+1+5+1+9+2+5) native.
  • 4 influenced by Uranus which gives distinctive character marked by originality and inventiveness.
  • Things are seen from different point of view making one unconventional and eccentric.
  • 8 is a capricious destiny number as Saturn is the controlling planet. It makes one face deferrals, hitches, fiascos but gets those immense executive skills and insights which take to high positions.
  • Professional success is definite though achieved with great efforts and perseverance.
  • Together these numbers make one isolated, obstinate, delve deep into things and mysterious.


Role of Numerology in Raj Khosla Life and Movies 

  • I found influence of numbers like 2, 4 and 8 in propelling this ingenious director to big league. Here’s how . . . 2x2x2=8 or 8/2=4 or 4×2=8 or 8/4=2. . .
  • Dev Anand born on September 26. A fate number 8 (2+6) spotted the spark in Raj and advised him to take up direction. On his advice he became Guru Dutt’s (adds to kabala number 35; 3+5=8) assistant.
  • His directorial debut Milap adds to 17 (1+7=8) did not click at the box office.
  • But his second film CID adds to 8 set the ball rolling and the young director never looked back.
  • He made Dev earned his first Filmfare Best Actor Award for Kala Pani adds to 22 (2+2=4).


Khosla ricocheted from style to style while adding his own touch to each genre. Never wanting to play safe he made some films, which were startlingly different in those times and explored a variety of styles be it crime thrillers, suspense thrillers, melodramas, or dacoit dramas.

Role of Numerology in Raj Khosla Movies

See role of Numerology in Raj Khosla movies given below.

  • Raj Khosla gave SADHANA born on September 2, 1941.
  • A fate number 2 and destiny number 8 (2+9+1+9+4+1), her signature role of the ‘mystery girl’ with suspense thrillers – Who Kaun Thi?, Mera Saaya and Anita.
  • He made MUMTAZ (adds to kabala number 26; 2+6=8) born on July 31.
  • A fate number 4 (3+1) a household name with Do Raaste and Prem Kahani also.
  • Asha Pareksh born on October 2. A fate number 2 into a solemn actress with Do Badan and NUTAN born on June 4. A fate number 4 received Filmfare Best Actress Award for his Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki at a mature age.


Role of Numerology in Raj Khosla Life

Raj Khosla gave two of his biggest commercial success Mere Gaon Mera Desh with Dharmendra.

  • Dharmendra is born on December 8, 1935.A fate number 8 and destiny number 2 (8+1+2+1+9+3+5) and Dostana with AMITABH BACHCHAN born on October 11; a fate number 2.
  • Khosla ran into some rough weather when his other films started flopping and dispirited Khosla took refuge in alcohol and died on June 9, 1991.
  • Totally disillusioned with the Film industry. He died in his 67th (6+7=13; 1+3=4) year and sum total of date adds to 8 (9+6+1+9+9+1) too!


Amazed, why 4 and 8? By strange law of magnetic vibration, people with numbers 4 and 8 attract each other and may achieve triumph and fame, but they are marked by fate for ill-starred or tragic events.

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