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Numerology Analysis of Steve Jobs

Numerology Analysis of Steve Jobs

In this article, i have shared my numerology analysis of Steve Jobs. His date of birth is 24 feb 1955.


STEVE JOBS: The Man Who Thought Different

A gizmo-God to geeks and gearheads, but also worshipped by klutzes and luddites alike

For introducing beautiful form, Elegant function and matchless simplicity to workday electronics, is non-other than Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs is an icon who revolutionized

  • Mobile communications
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Modern culture
  • Made technology beautiful, ended the reign of personal computers, and changed our lives.

Numerology Analysis of Steve Jobs

  • Born on February 24, 1955; a fate number 6 (2+4) and destiny number 1 (2+4+2+1+9+5+5) native.
  • 24 ~ the compound of 24 is made of 2 (Moon) and 4 (Uranus) and by adding 24 we get 6 (Venus).
  • The moon leads to imagination, creativity.
  • Uranus (4) gives a touch of originality and push to ventures and projects.
  • The digit (6) by addition is symbolized with Venus, the planet of luxurious living, comforts, sensuality, and the arts, applied or otherwise.
  • This is a birthday associated with great financial success and is good for speculation. One is very responsible, generous, and devoted to family.
  • One is a good and persuasive speaker and people will get attract by their personality . This number has lots of energy and a craving to achieve.

Destiny Number 1  of Steve Jobs

  • 1 is a good destiny number promising the triumph of long-term ambitions.
  • Number one is known for powers of leadership, strong will, sovereign mind and initiative.
  • Usually, people with destiny number umber 1 are idealistic, helpful, and invite attention.
  • 1 number  is also inclined to be self-centred and quick tempered.
  • Destiny no1 gains through fortunate friendships and association with the opposite sex.
  • His unreduced destiny number adds to 46 associated with great inventors, scientists, and idealists.


Numerology Analysis of Steve Jobs

  • Steve jobs  numero-scope has an arrow of intellect which specifies an intellectual and articulate person.
  • It also gives  good memory and a logical mind.
  • With arrow of determination & will power. It is  indicating a stubborn and persistent personality with strong opinions and ensures success in undertakings.
  • The two 2’s in his birthdate indicates he was very sharp, intuitive and sensitive. It makes person able to make practical use of the good intuition.
  • Also two 5’s gave him enormous drive, enthusiasm, and determination.

Kabala Number of Steve Jobs

STEVE JOBS adds to kabala number 36 represented by the sceptre.

  • A number of puissance, fame, tremendous creativity.
  • A high-voltage, magnetic number.
  • You have courage and the power to think and act independently.
  • This is a number of karmic-reward and it is fortunate.
  • Even his first name sums to kabala number 23 associated with success, eloquence, a good number for communication, and richly rewarding.
  • Expresses cleverness and quick brain; learns easily; is daring; gifted in speech and writing.


Steve Jobs Soul Number 

His soul urge number (reveals your natural talents, secret ambitions or ideals, and your self-opinion) adds to 7.

  • It is signifying one is perfectionist in all things, and study and analyze things in depth.
  • One base his/her theories upon scientific facts.
  • Also, One prefers solitude to think and meditate.
  • It makes one idealistic and have great expectations from self.
  • One is capable of great scientific or religious achievements.

All these qualities manifested in Jobs to fullest.

Steve Jobs Partner

His better half LAURENCE POWELL born on November 6; a fate number 6 and wait her soul urge number is 7 too indicating symphonic connexion!


Career Analysis of Steve Jobs by Numerology

  • 28 = Number of Wealth and STEVE JOBS knew it!
  • He was born on February 24, 1955 (2+4+2+1+9+5+5=28).
  • Founded APPLE on April 1, 1976 (1+4+1+9+7+6=28) and Incorporated on January 3, 1977 (3+1+1+9+7+7=28).
  • Founder & CEO of NEXT Inc. adds to number 28.
  • After Apple’s founding, Jobs became a symbol of his company and industry.
  • When Time named the computer as the 1982 “Machine of the Year”. 
  • The magazine published a long profile of Jobs as “the most famous maestro of the micro”.
  • He was in his 28th (1) year as well in personal year 1 (2+4+2+1+9+8+2) in sync.


Achievements of Steve Jobs

  • Steve Jobs was awarded Jefferson Award for Public Service in the category “Greatest Public Service by an Individual 35 Years or Under”.
  • In 1987, he was in his 33rd (6) year in sync with his fate number.
  • In November 2007, Jobs was named the most powerful person in business by Fortune magazine. 
  • He was in his personal year 8 (a year to reap the fruits of the past years; rewards in the form of recognition and material contentment).
  • Also in the same year, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and First Lady Maria Shriver inducted Jobs into the California Hall of Fame.
  • In August 2009, Jobs was selected as the most admired entrepreneur among teenagers in a survey, by Inc. magazine
  • He was in his 55th (1) year.
  • Also in the same year, on November 5, 2009 (5+1+2+2+0+0+9=19=10=1), Jobs was named the CEO of the decade by Fortune magazine.


Death of Steve Jobs 

Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011 (5+1+0+2+0+1+1=10=1), following an enervating seven-year battle with pancreatic cancer.


  • On December 21, 2011 (2+1+1+2+2+0+1+1=10=1), Graphisoft Company in Budapest presented the world’s first bronze statue of Steve Jobs, calling him one of the greatest personalities of the modern age.
  • In February 12, 2012 (1+2+2+2+0+1+2=10=1), Jobs was posthumously awarded the Grammy Trustees Award.
  • Its an award for those who have influenced the music industry in areas unrelated to performance.
  • Jobs was posthumously inducted as a Disney Legend on August 10, 2013; 1+0+8+2+0+1+3=15=6.
  • When young adults were asked to identify the greatest innovator of all time, Steve Jobs placed second behind Thomas Edison.
  • Global business magazine Fortune named Steve Jobs the “greatest entrepreneur of our time”, describing him as “brilliant, visionary, inspiring”, and “the quintessential entrepreneur of our generation”.

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