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How to read Tarot Cards for yourself and for your clients

How to read Tarot Cards for yourself and for your clients


Tarot cards speak the language of the divine. What you need is to know the meaning of each card in depth and know how to read cards in respect of the situation. Before reading tarot cards, you need a sacred place where you feel that you are in a relaxed state of mind. Tarot card reading is an art that needs passion and practice. Here are five simple steps that you need to follow:


Step 1:  Select and Create the Space to read Tarot Cards

First Step that Tarot Card Reader need is to select and create the space where he/she can read Tarot Cards. For selecting space they need to be little careful. As we all like to be hygienic and love  to be in neat and clean environment and in our home/bedroom clear of all clutters and be more organized. Similarly, we need a proper/pious place where we can do tarot reading.

Suppose you are planning to give tarot reading in your drawing room where your family members fight daily, you should avoid tarot reading there then. The room should be pure and pious where when anyone comes feels relieved and pleasant and you also feel the same. The room should be pure and pious where you and anyone else who comes feels relieved and pleasant.

Once you decide the room, you need a table where you can lay down your tarot cloth, burn some incense/camphor or using crystals or lighting candle etc. If that room has sunlight, it’s better. You can also keep some auspicious symbols on your table also.  Make sure when you are doing tarot, there is no disturbance in that room. It’s not only the room you need to decide. You also need to keep your mind clear of all confusions and stress.

Before doing tarot reading, you need to be mentally prepared and not be biased (about the outcome in advance). You may do a few more things for keeping stress out like:

  • Listen to some music
  • Take some deep breaths to calm yourself.
  • Or You may take a walk in the garden.

And in the end, you may ask your angels/god/universe energy, to help you or assist you to give good tarot reading.


Step 2:  Proceed to the core of Question to give good Tarot Card reading

You should be clear in your mind, of what you need to ask from Tarot Cards. If you are not clear of your question or your question is confusing, answer will also be vague. Suppose your question is on relationship.

  • You want to know what the problem is going on in your relationship
  • What should you do to maintain a good relationship?

Suppose your question is on career, and then be clear what exactly you want to know

  • Like is this company right for me, where I am working now?
  • Do I have any chance of promotion here?
  • Will I get a job in this company?

The prime thing is to set up the question you want to ask.


Step 3:  Design/Select/Pick the Lay Out in Tarot Card Reading

Once you have decided the question/topic, then Tarot Card Reader need to to decide which tarot spread he/she should use to read Tarot Cards for querent.

Now I have seen on many websites/tarot groups/tarot applications

People use and pick 3/4/5 cards or Celtic cross, even if it’s not required.

I will give some hints on how to pick cards and also some spreads which I often use

  • For any situation, where the answer could be yes or no pick up a single card for that question.
  • If you want to know PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE of any situation (you may pick one card for each case/condition)
  • If you want to know PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE/ACTION/GUIDANCE of any situation (you may pick one card for each case/condition)

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Step 4:  Shuffle and Lay Out the Tarot Cards

Once you have decided to shuffle all the Tarot cards, make sure all cards are upright and start shuffling and finally take them up.

While you shuffle cards, be cool and in a relaxed state of mind, don’t think of any other question apart from the question for which you are doing a tarot reading.

Keep on shuffling till you want to shuffle. Once you have shuffled the cards, then fan out all the cards/lay them out side by side(in an upright position), from left to right.

Once cards are fan/laid out, you can pick up/select cards in an upright position for yourself which clicks to you.

If you are picking a card for your clients, then once you have fan/spread the cards, ask the client to touch the card and you (tarot reader) will pick that card up. Keep on guiding the client (pick this card for this position, that card for that position etc.)


Step 5: Interpret the Tarot Cards and Answer


Suppose while shuffling cards, one card fell off. Then surely that card has a message.

Suppose you have picked up 3 cards, then you need to interpret all the cards

Interpret all cards one by one from left to right. Once you have interpreted all the cards then co-relate with each other and see what indications they are giving.  Try to correlate all the cards with the question asked. Take your time and don’t hurry. You may refer to the notes that you may have made while learning tarot from any institution.  The more you have understood the cards in detail, easily you will interpret it.

(You should remember and listen to the question well what client has asked for and you should choose the spread according to it)

You may pick more cards of that same topic in that card spread only.

For example:

Will I get a job in this company, Answer comes “No”

Then you (tarot reader) must try and assist the client, like guiding them, if you have any other company in your mind, then please ask it again.

Then in the same spread, the client may pick up more cards.

In the end, when you’re done with tarot reading, be thankful to cards.


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