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5 Card Tarot spread is one of the very good tarot spread that tarot readers can use. This spread sheds light not only on the past, present and future of the concerned topic (problem) but also on the action and guidance which helps querent to sort out his/her problem and helps to reach near to his/her goal.Here the question of querent was related to the marraige/relationship possibility.

Card 1: The Past

The card that comes in this position will tell about the past situation for the topic/issue.

Card 2: The Present

The present card will reveal what’s all happening currently. It can be good or bad, depends on the card that comes in this position.  See the card that has come in the past position and it might be showing  any similarity with the present card. See how things are moving from past to the present. It gives a clue where situation might be leading. Many times it is possible that there is a pattern between the past card and present card

Card 3: The Future

The card that comes in this position will depict the possibility where situation is leading towards. It tells the outcome mainly. Even if the outcome is negative, don’t panic. Try to follow the action and guidance that might be able to help you out.

Card 4: Action

The card in this position will help in guiding  the querent  to follow the right action/path which will help him/her to reach to their objective.

Card 5: Guidance

This is the guidance if the querent follows it will clarify the things .Card in this position will give the hints and clue that querent must follow, this card will bring awareness.


 Card 1: Past – The Hermit

The Hermit card in a relationship reading is not welcome as this is the card of isolation and loneliness.  This card has has dull colors, no one in relationship would like this type of card in a relationship reading. In this card, we can see an old man who is separated from society. The Hermit Card is a Virgo Sign. Virgo is the sign where Venus gets debilitated. Venus is the signification of Marriage and luxuries. This card shows some gap between both of them in the past. This gap could be emotionally/mentally/physically. There may be difference in nature or opinion of partner from love partner.

Card 2: The Present – Ace of Cups

Ace of cups is a good card when it comes in a relationship reading and this card has come in the present situation. Ace of cups when comes in a relationship reading, it shows possibility that your love partner may take care of your feelings and may try to do things that brings happiness on the face of love partner. This is the card of emotional fulfillment.

When you compare the card that has come in present with the past card, it shows there is improvement in the current time and relationship. Now let’s wait for the card that comes in the future also.

Card 3: Future: – Seven of swords

If Seven of swords in a relationship reading comes, then the querent need to be aware and be very careful and alert as this is the card that shows the possibility of being cheated up as this is the card of dishonesty, partner can be quite cunning and may be misleading the love partner and could be dual faced also.

Card 4: Action – King of Swords

King of swords card has come in action position and this card ask the querent to be strong enough to take action. This card asks her to be clear of what she is seeking. She should take decision only after analyzing all the aspects. She is quite emotional at this moment.

She needs to be strong mentally and have clear thought. She needs to face the challenges that come ahead. Here the challenge is to detach herself from him which she is not able to as of now when she took reading from me online. She needs to be clear and precise and need to have rational approach. Don’t take decision in haste.

Above card that came in action (keeping in mind the future card that came), clearly ask her to use her mind over heart.

Card 5: Guidance- The Emperor

The Emperor card has come in the guidance form in the relationship reading.

This card asks the querent to be more rigid and disciplined. This card clearly ask not to take decision on the emotional ground

She needs to take leadership in her hand which means she needs to take a bold step and not to rely on love partner decision. She needs to take control of the situation.

Outcome and story

She is already married, but not happy with her married life. She was dating a guy and that guy is also married. They never met, only they were talking to each other. The hermit card in the past gave a clear clue.

He all of sudden got vanished in the past and there was no connection between them for a while. Presently he came back in her life and now calls her regularly.

I told her possibility of relationship ending and she being alone and hurt as I don’t see the future of this relationship. She told since he is married, she asks him to divorce his wife in the past, which he denied. She said in the present also, but he was not willing to talk on it. Now she also feels that he won’t divorce his wife and now she is asking her regularly, but all the time he is avoiding this question. Even she now is realizing after my reading and conversation with him, that he won’t divorce his wife as he love his kids.


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