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Personality spread is one of the known Tarot Card spread. In this personality spread, we will assess Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. When we check all four things, it will help in knowing the personality of someone. It’s a great tool to know or understand someone, be it your family member or be it your friend, colleague etc. If you are looking for partner, then you can go for this spread, also to know your future partner more deeply apart from going for match making by Tarot cards and astrology. We can know the person from internal and external more deeply. I am here sharing one of my case studies with you of Personality Spread combined by Tarot Cards and Astrology. )

This article got published in Research Journal of Astrology – Future Samachar)



(Card that came)

Queen of cups and card came along with it The Magician(I pulled only one card but other card came along)

Tarot cards that came here in position to Mind


  • Good imagination
  • Physic ability/Intitutive
  • Kindness like to help others
  • Full of compassion
  • Occult interest
  • Loves to do help others or do charity types as per pocket.
  • Good intuition.
  • Taking care of others, they feel its their part. Nurturing.
  • Kind hearted that is they think about others a lot.

THE MAGICAN CARD (here is giving)

  • Good and fast calculative mind.
  • Knows how to make use of resources well whatever they have.
  • Learn things at very short span that is quick thinking.
  • Loves doing something with hand like be it drawing/painting or cooking.
  • Quick thinking
  • Talented like doing mimicry
  • Know the resources well that she got with her and got good ability to use well.
  • Intelligent and loves to do something with hands be it cooking or painting etc
  • Self-respect and doing work or recognition by own work.


  • Loves music and art.
  • Decision once taken, sticks to that only.
  • Following hobbies.
  • Good imagination.



14 November’ 1978








  • 5 house is the house of intelligence and creativity. 5 lord Mars is placed in own house, so it strengths that house is strong and mercury artistic planet is placed there and Moon another artistic planet aspects it.
  • 3 lord in 5 house, with 5 lord and especially both are in mutual aspect with ascendant lord can give person interest towards doing something by hands like painting, drawing, cooking.
  • Mars and mercury combination gives person ability to take quick decisions or can be quick learner.
  • Mercury moon opposition can give talent like of mimicry and axis is on 5 -11 axis and ascendant lord is involved in.
  • Artistic planet connected with ascendant/ascendant lord
  • Following hobbies as ascendant lord is in mutual aspect with 3 lord mars, lord of desires.
  • Occult interest as 8 lord (Saturn) aspects the ascendant lord Moon and 3 lord, 5 lord , 12 lord aspects the ascendant lord.
  • Karkamsha Lagna is Gemini.


In Tarot Cards, Page of cups came

  • Page cards represents youth age.
  • In case of body, it means person will look younger. It means she will look younger than her actual age. For eg she is 1978 born, she is 40 years old, but she looks like 35/36 years.
  • She may have glowing skin.
  • In general page cards one need more maturity. Page of cups need guidance and assistance also. It means they may take it lightly that is they may not take care of their health as much as they could have been.

Card that came behind on its own, were the lovers card and the hermit card. Take these cards as a message form.


(Above both cards are very strange and opposite card. The Lovers card generally speaks for love, relationship, union and the hermit card is opposite, it shows isolation and aloofness.

Above cards indicates she might have gone through sufferings and pain due to above thing and may not have paid the required attention that she might have been at one stage. )

Astrology Chart

  • She is Cancer ascendant born and ascendant lord Moon is exalted. So have attractive personality.
  • She may have some health issues as Markesh Saturn aspects it and 12 lord Mercury also.
  • But she can overcome it, as Ascendant lord is well placed and in the Samudya AstakVarga Chart, she has 30 bindus in the ascendant.
  • Ascendant lord receives aspect of Mars and Mercury, so may look younger than her age.
  • Jupiter in ascendant, may give her some weight. She is little healthy.


7 of cups card came, two more cards came around (Page of swords and knight of swords)

Seven of Cups

Here, we can see in this picture, person is having many things in his mind. Here there are many choices and it may bring illusion. Biggest challenge is to distinguish between what is worth and what is worthless and recognizing what we actually needs. It’s like asking for self-analyzing.

  • Desires to lead a comfortable life (basics for comfortable life).
  • Wants romanticism and wants love from partner also. (This is earlier in her life)
  • Self-analyzing.
  • Wants to achieve many targets in life set by her.

Card that came along with 7 of cups is Page of swords and Knight of Swords.

Page of swords and Knight of Swords gives some indication for why seven of cups came.


Above cards speaks that she may have to go through some abusive language/treatment. She has to come through some forced changes. Quick changes came in her life. She was not given a fair treatment. Now we are doing a personality spread which constitutes body, mind, heart and soul.

Now merge the cards that came in and try to assess what all its indicating.

All above cards indicate, that she had a bad time and went through lot of sufferings in relationship. Page of swords shows when she was a kid, she had a very rough time also.

Combine Heart of Cups Plus The Star card

  • Loves to help others and is good from the heart.
  • Self-discovery.
  • Doing charity as per her pocket.
  • Full of compassion
  • Always think better for others.



It’s a beautiful card that has come up in the soul place.


We can see in this card,

All heavenly bodies that guide us across land and seas.

As the name suggests The Star, she is also like a Star. This is the card of optimism, hope and this card shows success. Here, we can see the happiness and the balance this person has. This is the card of expansion and freely giving. What you need is to believe in yourself, once you do it, you can achieve success.  You have the charisma to do it.

Combine Heart (Page of cups) Plus Soul Card  (The Star card)

  • Loves to help others and is good from the heart.
  • Self-discovery.
  • Doing charity as per her pocket.
  • Full of compassion
  • Always think better for others.

Astrology Reason for Heart and Soul and her full personality . See the background history also in this.

  • Jupiter in ascendant is a blessing.
  • 9 lord trikoana(trine lord Jupiter) lord is placed in the ascendant,
  • Ascendant lord(Moon) and 5 lord mutually aspects each other.
  • 9 lord Jupiter aspects own house.

(Trine lords are well connected with asecant/ascendant lord)

  • Benefic in Kendra is also good. 4 house has benefic planet Venus placed in own house.

(so far, we can see the beautiful relation of trine lord with ascendant/ascendant lord)

Now let us see, horoscope more carefully

  • 4 lord in 4 house, person wants to have comfortable life and wish to have all basic things.
  • But 4 house has debilaited planet Sun and Saturn aspects it also.
  • Moon receives aspect of two natural hardcore malefic planets Saturn and Mars.
  • When she was a kid, she was born in Sun MD. So it shows sufferings mother had gone though and she also.

(Her mother had to go through very bad part in her life and had lot of struggles in life and she herself also suffered badly due to mother and father bad relationship)

  • Ascendant lord is forming kemdruma yoga and ascendant lord receives an aspect of 7 lord Saturn Markesh.
  • Ascendant lord is also weak in Pakshbal.
  • Her AK (Sun) is also debiliated and receives aspect of BK(Saturn) shows lot of struggle or efforts she needs to put in.
  • 7 lord in 2 house, is not considered good. Venus also combust with Sun and Saturn aspects it. DK(Moon) receives aspect of GK(Jupiter). All above are giving hints of her relationship life.

She had multi relationship. Unfortunately all didn’t worked out unfortunately. 22 bindus just in the 7 house also gives hint where she may struggled.

Exalted Jupiter aspects 7 house – the house of marriage. She gave her best in the relationship she was involved.

  • She believes in Love marriage not arranged. Make moon as ascendant and see 5 lord(Mercury) and 7 lord(mars) aspects Moon.
  • 4 house is the house of heart, happiness and contentment. Here 4 lord Venus is in 4 house that is own house that is in own mool trikona sign, so person will try to be happy always. She is trying to learn her lessons and being happy and contented. (Reason check in the next point.)
  • Jupiter (MD- Time Period). Jupiter MaHA Dasha time period started from Dec’2016. 6 and 9 lord. Being 9 lord, she has learned her lessons and doing best what she can and remain contented. Jupiter aspects the 5 house – house of intelligence and 9 lord – the house of Dharma (religion).
  • 2 lord house of wealth is Sun which is debilaited, and there is malefic planet Saturn in the 2 house, house of wealth. So she may have to go through struggles for money/saving money. But placement of 2 lord is good as placed in the Kendra. So she can manage it out.

(What happen – her mother did suicide, she suffered in childhood due to mother – father bad relationship and was not given proper attention to it. She suffered in personal relationship with lovers also with whom she was engaged. She had engaged in three relationships, unfortunately nothing worked out.)

(Above article clearly shows how beautifully Tarot and Astrology works. It’s advisable specially if you or your son/daughter is getting married, then you should go for Match Making by Tarot and Astrology and also this Personality spread by Tarot, so that you may take right decision in this life for this occasion.)

This article got published in Research Journal of Astrology – Future Samachar. I am sharing the images also below.




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