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Fourth House- Change of Residence-D-4 Chart

Fourth House- Change of Residence-D-4 Chart

Fourth house is one of the kendras in chart astrology which shows landed property, asset, home, mother,vechiles etc and to see change of residence one must consider 4 house, 4 house lord and D-4 Chart(Chaturamsha).One must consider the planets and planets lordship which makes connection with 4 house and 4 lord. Placement of 4 lord in houses like 3 house, 9 house and 12 house expect change of residence.

The Divisional Charts in Astrology assume great and larger importance for horoscope analysis according to Vedic system. The Divisional Chart is also called as Varga Chart. The credit for success of Vedic astrology over all other systems available in the present world goes in no small measures to the system of harmonic Vargas or divisional charts. The Vargas holds the key to predictions and delineating a horoscope for a comprehensive analysis.

Chaturthamsha D4 chart must be consider to see any event related to fixed assets like property be even change of residence.

The effect of horoscope should be predicted according to the strength in divisions of houses without one cannot  take even one step into the divince science of astrology.- SARAVALI.

Before we use any divisional chart accuracy of time birth should be there.

Change of Residence by Astrology – Make Fourth house as ascendant & see D-4 Chart

  • For this one must consider 4 house and 4 lord and planets(note down their lordship also) making pac with 4 house and 4 lord. (PAC is Position, Aspect and Conjunction)
  • Transfer or movements away from home, happens when 3, 9 and 12 house or their lords are involved. 7 house and its lord can be consider also.
  • 3 house is house of travelling and its 12 from 4 house which shows change of residence also.
  • 9 house is house of long travelling or far journey.
  • 12 house is foreign land and its 9 house from 4 house.
  • The Dasha period (MD, AD,PD) should relate to these houses in birth chart and Chaturamsha Chart that is D-4 Chart.
  • Planets making PAC with 3 house or 3 lord, 9 house or 9 lord and 12 house or 12 lord. This should be seen in D-1 and D-4 respectively reason being in Dasha of above planets placed in or their lords dasha, there is possibility of change of residence.
  • Since we are discussing about residence so Ascendant lord and 4 lord of Chaturamsha Chart (D-4) also becomes very important.
  • Placement of 4 lord in 3/9/12 house expect change of residence during its dasha or vice versa.
  • Role of Matru Karka and Bhratri Karka must be considered and read article below for it in last example chart of Angelina Jolie.
  • Consider sign also of 4 house and 4 lord is in which sign – fixed, movable, dual sign etc

I am sharing here case studies below

To see Residence Change by Astrology – Treat 4 house as Ascendant and see D-4 Chart

Case no.1






Birth Chart

D-1 Chart

Person change his residence home outside Delhi due to his service.

4 house – Movable sign in birth chart

4 lord in movable sign in birth chart

In year 2015 he shifted in the Dasha of Venus-Sun-Mercury.

In Birth Chart that is D-1

  • Maha Dasha(MD) Venus is placed in the 6 house and aspecting the 12 house.
  • Antar Dasha(AD) Sun is in the 7 house with 3 lord mercury.
  • Pratanyar Dasha(PD) (Mercury is in the 7 house(lord of 3 house). Mercury is also aspected by Jupiter® who is the 9 lord and 12 lord also and placed in the 3house of D-1.

(Venus has neech bhang raj yoga due to exchange between venus and mercury).

In Chaturamsha that is D-4 Chart

D-4 Chart, Chaturthamsha

  • MD Venus in Chaturamsha Chart (D-4) in sixth house aspects the twelfth house.
  • AD SUN in Chaturamsha Chart (D-4) is in 4 house exalted and aspects the 4 lord of D-4 mars also.
  • PD Mercury in Chaturamsha (D-4) is in 7 house aspects the Ascendant(lagna) and mercury is also the 9 lord of d-4.

Exchange is one the powerful yogas.

(One must consider fourth house and its lord. If 4 house is under benefic influence and 4 lord is well placed and strongly placed one may make property during that planet dasha, if other dashas are supportive.)


Case No.2





Change Residence in year 1989 in dasha of Rahu-Jup-Saturn.

Fourth house – Dual Sign in birth chart

Fourth lord in 9 house in birth chart

In Birth Chart (D-1)

  • MD Rahu in the 8 house and its dispositor moon in the 6 house aspects the 12 house.
  • AD Jupiter is in 9 house and aspects the 3 house also. Jupiter is also the Ascendant (lagna lord) and 4 house lord. Jupiter is placed with the 12 house lord Mars and  3 lord Saturn.
  • PD Saturn is in the 9 house and aspecting the 3 house its own house and conjunct with 12 lord mars.

In Chaturamsha  Chart (D-4)

  • MD RAHU in the 11 house and its dispositor is mars in the 9 house.
  • AD Jupiter is in the 6 house and aspect the 12 house as well as it aspect the Lagna lord and 4 lord of d-4 mercury
  • PD SATURN is in the 12 house of d-4 and Saturn aspect the 9 house of d-4 and 3 lord sun also.


Case No.3




Person shifted home year 2014 in the Dasha of Mercury-Rahu-Venus.

In Birth Chart (D-1)

  • MD Mercury is in the 11 house with 12 lord venus. Both are very closely conjuct degree wise.
  • AD Rahu is in the 8 house and placed with Mars who aspect the 3 lord mercury and 9 lord jup. Rahu dispositor is Saturn and its aspect the 12 house.
  • PD Venus 4 lord placed with 12 lord mercury and 9 lord Jupiter.

In Chaturamsha  Chart (D-4)

  • MD Mercury is the 3 lord placed in the 8 house.
  • AD Rahu is the 5 house and its dispositor is mars who aspect the 3 lord mercury and also the 12 house. Rahu in D-1 was conjuct with mars also.
  • PD Venus is the 4 lord and its aspect 11 house. Its own house and 9 lord Jupiter also



Case no.4




Person shifted his home in year 2013 in the dasha of MOON-RAHU-SATURN.

In Birth Chart (D-1)

  • MD Moon(Deb) is in the 9 house and its aspect the 3 house.
  • AD RAHU placed in the 8 house. Rahu conjuct with 4 and 7 lord mercury and sun 6 lord. Rahu dispositor is Venus(3 lord also). (venus and mercury has rashi parivartan yoga and venus the 3 lord and mercury is the 4 lord ).
  • Pd Saturn is the 12 lord and it aspect the 3 lord venus


In Chaturamsha  Chart (D-4)

  • Md moon is placed in the 3 house and aspect the 9 house also.
  • Ad RAHU in 2 house and its dispositor(moon) is in the 3 house.
  • PD Saturn is exalted in the 5 house and also the 9 lord and aspect the 3 house lord sun which is also exalted in the 11 house.


Case 5

Angelina Jolie

04 June 1975

09.09 hours

Los Angeles



Change of Residence when she was 11 years old.

In her birth chart

Angelina Jolie Birth Chart
Angelina Jolie Birth Chart
  • See Fourth house – Movable sign in Birth Chart
  • Fourth lord in Movable Sign in Birth Chart
  • In Chaturamsha Chart – Movable Sign in Ascendant
  • 4 lord Venus in Chaturamsha D-4 Chart in Movable Sign

Dasha – Mercury – Saturn

  • Mercury is the Maha Dasha lord and its lord of 3 and 12 hpuse which indicates she may move or change her residence couple of times or even more than that.
  • Saturn in Birth chart is placed in the 12 house and its lord of 7 house.

In Chaturamsha Chart that is D-4 Chart

Angelina Jolie D-4 Chart
Angelina Jolie D-4 Chart
  • Mercury is 3 and 12 lord placed in 8 house which indicates could be all of sudden change
  • Saturn is placed in 9 house and is lord of 7 house.

Jaimini Dasha

Mahadasha was of Gemini Dasha

  • From Gemini Dasha – Matri Karka is in 12 house which means there would be change of residence during this time period for sure.
  • Plus Bhartri Karka(Saturn) is in Gemini – MahaDasha Rashi
  • AntarDasha of Virgo, possibility of residence change is there. Reason

From Virgo Dasha

  • Matri Karka(MK) Sun comes in 9 house
  • Bhratri Karka(BK) Saturn aspects the 4 house from Rashi Dasha.


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