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Gemini Zodiac Sign Prediction 2020

Gemini Zodiac Sign Prediction 2020 (By Tarot Cards)


Gemini Sun Sign: Born between 21 May till 20 June

Here, we are discussing Gemini Zodiac sign, so if your Zodiac sign is Gemini, then your Tarot Card is The Lovers. The Lovers card is about duality, union and love. You may have to take decisions/choice among different paths or options. You believe in sharing and commitment.


1) Overall Year Prediction for 2020













Year 2020 you may come across new opportunities in life. This year you will be charged up with new fresh ideas. You will be more enthusiastic   this year and would love challenges in 2020. 

 2) Education Prediction 2020 for Gemini Zodiac

You will do well in your education in this year 2020. You can achieve all the targets that you set for yourself. Just need to focus on study and can do very well.

3) Profession/Career in year 2020 for Gemini Zodiac Sign

You may be looking for change in your career in year 2020. In year 2020, you seems to be very desperate for change either in your job or if you doing business, then you may want to bring some change in your business. But you should think twice, the change you want is it worth? Better analyse your plan again and think twice again before you take decision.

4) Wealth/Finance in 2020 for Gemini Zodiac Sign

You need to be very careful in 2020 as there is possibility of going through some loss. This year you may be struggling for finance. Don’t get rigid for your decisions. There is possibility of wrong planning. Don’t trust anyone blindly. Be very careful when you invest. Think thrice, before taking decision. 

5) Health in 2020

In this sector, you need to focus on. Remember, a good health is like a blessing. You need to take care of your food in-take.


6)Relationship Prediction in year 2020 for Gemini Zodiac Sign

You may be focussing more on career than relationship. In relationship, you would want more independence/freedom. You would not like your partner to interfere much in your personal life.  If you are not in relationship, you may look for partner who enjoys challenges.

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Ups in Relationship you might come across year 2020

You are practical and you are now aware of things more well in relationship. You know what you or your partner may get of this relationship or you know the shortcomings of your relationship. You are not living in the world of fantasy. You are not doing over expectation from your partner.


Problems that you might come across in year 2020


There may be lack of trust between you and your love partner. You may feel your love partner is not handling things well in 2020. There will be lack of hope, harmony and enthuasism between you and your love partner. 


Tips you should follow to make relationship better and good in year 2020

Rather than waiting for things to happen take necessary actions. You know the problem but still you are not taking required actions which you must. Try to sort out the issues. Spend more time with family members and your love partner may appreciate you more. Go on outing with them. Plan baby if your love partner wants to.

7) Obstacles you might come across year 2020

There is lack of energy, reason you may be doing something else as what you aspires to. Don’t let your energy get scattered in 2020. Remember, arrogance won’t take you anywhere.

8) Favourable things you may face in year 2020

You may be more enthusiastic, more energetic and creative. You may be more passionate this year. You may like to enjoy more. Changes and new opportunities will come. What you need is to encash them. Don’t let opportunities go that come your way.

9) Tips for year 2020

Things may move slowly in year 2020, but at later stage it will bring benefits for you. Slow and steady progress assures success. Remember, if you pay attention to details, you will get more benefit.

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