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Prashna Kundli

Prashna Kundli

When a person asks a question to an Astrologer, based on the time at which the question is asked, a horoscope is made for that concerned date,time and place. With the help of this chart, astrologer predicts about the events that may take place related to the query. With help of Prashna Kundli in Astrology, one can even make choice between two things if person is confused or which thing will happen among two options.

Prashna Kundli – Which option will be selected?

Person has two options in his mind. He was looking to buy car and was totally confused and tossed between two car options. Now we have to see which option is showing more chances. First option we take as Ascendant plus its lord and Second option as seventh house and its lord.Here is the question below by client.

Prashna – Will I buy Honda amaze car or I 20 car?



This question was asked by one of my friend.

10 sept 2015



Keypoints in Prashna Kundli

  • In Prashna Kundli, examination of lagna is very important. We have to see if it’s a movable/fixed/dual lagna
  • See ascendant sign is shirshodaya, prishtodaya or ubhayodaya sign.
  • See the concerned house and its lord that is karyesh.
  • Consider Ascendant lord, Moon and Karyesh Lord – its PAC – Position,Aspect and Conjunction.


Analysis of Prashna Kundli

  • Aries lagna is rising in prashna and it’s a movable sign.  Movable ascendant (lagna) shows current situation will change.
  • Prishtodaya sign in Ascendant (lagna) shows problem or obstacles. But it’s not aspected by any malefic planet. It recieves aspect of Jupiter benefic planet which is a saving factor.
  • In prashna kundli, malefics should be in houses other than kendras and trikonas. Malefic planets in eight house and twelfth house is considered inauspicious.
  • In above prashna kundli there is one malefic planet in eight house and other malefic in twelfth house indicating some problem may be there.


Success in Prashna Kundli

  • Moon of prashna in eight house from natal moon(birth chart of the one asking the question) is not consider auspicious. From his moon prashna kundli, moon was not in eight house, in fact it was in Kendra from natal moon which is good.
  • Benefic Planets in third,fifth,seventh and eleventh house gives good results. Here there are two planets in fifth house, one benefic planet Jupiter and fifth house lord in own house is a good indication.
  • For fulfillment of query, Ascendant(lagna), Ascendant lord (lagna lord) and Moon should be strong and placed in auspicious house. Here Ascendant (lagna) does not get aspect of any malefic planet but recieves aspect by benefic planet Jupiter which is good.
  • Moon here is well placed as it is placed in Kendra and in own house but it’s placed with debilitated planet Mars, which is lagna lord and eight house lord also.

Role of Lagnesh & Karyesh in Prashna Kundli

  • For prashna kundli, most important is relation between lagnesh and karyesh. Here Lagna lord Mars and fourth house lord karyesh (fourth house represents vechile) are conjunct together which shows a good promise of fulfillment of desire.
  • Both Ascendant (lagna) lord- Mars and fourth house lord Moon are conjunct with Venus which is also the natural karka of vechile.
  • Ascendant (lagna lord) is debilitated which shows hindrance or problem. But it’s placed in auspicious house that is fourth house in Kendra.

Ithasla Yoga in Prashna Kundli

  • Fourth house lord karyesh (moon) here is forming ithasla yoga(here a faster moving planet is behind a slow moving planet. This yoga is beneficial, because the planets will meet each other and in future the aspect will be exact) with Ascendant(Lagna lord) – Mars shows promise that vehicle will be bought here but Ascendant lord is debilitated which shows not as per what person may have desired for.

Outcome of Prashna Kundli

  • Above point shows some problem and remember lagna lord is debilitated which indicates first option is weakened and 7 lord second option is placed in auspicious house however its placed with debilitated lagna lord and 8 lord also which shows problem in second case also.
  • Seventh house lord is forming isharafa yoga(here a faster planet is having a greater longitude than slow moving planet. In this case planets are separating which shows some loss) with 4 lord karyesh which is not good. Hence second option seems to be ruled out.
  • They  bought the car but it was neither Honda amaze car nor I 20 car. It was Maruti Swift car LXI model that they bought which was cheaper than both Honda amaze as well as I 20 car.




This article got publish in Magazine – Jyotish Satya.



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