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Marriage Issues by Astrology

Marriage Issues by Astrology

This lady faced lot of Problem and issues in her marriage life relationship and got divorced twice.Her love relationship has not work out, so face lot of issues in her marriage life.She has 3 kids and got married twice. All relationship came to an end. Why ? What all happen in her marriage life. Let’s check out by Astrology.

Birth Chart Details


25 October 1987



North Carolina


Navamsha Chart

Promise of her falling in Love Marriage Relationship by Astrology

  • Ascendant Lord Mercury is in the fifth house – house of emotions.
  • Mercury, Ascendant Lord is in conjunction with fifth house lord Venus.
  • If Venus has connection with fifth house/fifth house lord, one can fall in love or affairs soon.Here,Venus is fifth house lord in own sign.

Dasha indicating Love Marriage Relationship by Astrology

With the help of Dasha in Astrology, Astrologer can point out the time period when person may fall in Love and get married. In Dasha of planets placed in fifth house or its lord one may fall in love. In dasha connected to seventh house or its lord in Birth Chart or Navamsha Chart, one may get married.

  • Look at promise of Venus Maha Dasha.
  • Venus Maha dasha began from 25 dec ‘2005. Venus Maha Dasha is of 20 years.
  • In birth chart, Venus is fifth house lord.
  • Venus is placed in fifth house – in own sign.

Issues in Love, Marriage Life which may lead to even Divorce

I am sharing Astrological reasoning, why she face problem in her Love Marriage Life and why she got divorced. For this we need to see seventh house and its lord. Consider Venus and Navamsha Chart also . See the seventh house and its lord in Navamsha Chart also.

  • Sixth house lord Mars (Natural Malefic Planet)aspects seventh house in birth chart.
  • Seventh house lord Jupiter is in Rahu– Ketu axis.
  • Mars, who is sixth house lord aspects aspects seventh house lord Jupiter indicates chances for Divorce.
  • Only 25 bindus in seventh house in Samudaya Ashtak Varga Chart.
  • Seventh house lord Jupiter is in Rashi Gandanta. Plus its under affliction – due to which divorce can take place.
  • Dara Karka (Sun) is conjunct with Gyati Karka(Mercury).
  • In Navamsha Chart, seventh house Lord Mercury is in twelfth house conjunct with twelfth house lord Saturn.
  • Rahu is in Seventh house in Navamsha Chart.
  • Placement of Malefic placements in Fourth house, Tenth house and Ascendant is in Rahu – Ketu axis.
  • Mercury who is the Gyati Karka(GK) is the seventh house lord.

First child Birth by Astrology:

She gave birth child to first husband in year 2007 in the Dasha of Venus-Mars.

Saptamsha Chart – D7 Chart

  • In birth chart Venus is fifth house lord
  • Venus is placed in its own sign in fifth house.
  • In Saptamsha Chart, Venus is the Ascendant lord of D-7.
  • Mars in Birth chart has no connection with fifth house or ninth house or its respective lords. But this Mars receives aspect of Jupiter who is the significator of child birth.
  • In Navamsha Chart, Mars aspects the fifth house lord Moon
  • In Saptamsha Chart, Mars aspects the fifth house in D-7.

Dasha above clearly shows First child birth.

Issues in Marriage Life – Physical abuse, separation and Divorce by Astrology

In Astrology, Astrologer consider first promise in birth chart follow by the Dasha. See the Dasha which shows that she will face issues in her Marriage Life and shows seperation,dispute and divorce. She also went through physical abuse. For this see Ascendant or Ascendant lord and Arishtas also.

  • Venus-Moon dasha followed by Venus – Mars
  • Dasha of Sixth/Eight/Twelfth house lord or planet placed in these houses dasha is not consider good.
  • One can face lot of issues specially if Ascendant/Ascendant Lord is not well placed. PAC of Ascendant Lord with natural malefic planets is not consider good.
  • Moon is second house lord that is Markesh. Moon gets debilitate in the sixth house – house of disputes.
  • Next Dasha is of sixth house lord Mars itself and it aspects seventh house and its lord Jupiter as well.
  • House of disputes and dasha is going on. Dasha has connection of sixth house and twelfth house also.

Troubleful time for her in her Love, Marriage Life.

Second Child Birth in Astrology

At the same time, she gave birth to another baby in Feb’11 in the Dasha of Venus – Moon- Saturn. This was from first husband.

  • Mahadasha of Venus we have already discussed before.
  • Saturn is ninth house lord and Moon is conjunct with ninth house lord Saturn.
  • Saturn is exalted in Saptamsha Chart and i in the Ascendant only.
  • It is fifth house lord also in D-7 Chart.

(In Dasha of planet placed in ninth house/ninth house lord, birth of child chances is there.)

If Dasha is connected to Fifth house, Sixth house, Eight house, Ninth house or its Lord expect divorce, major disputes in Love Marriage Life. See Ascendant Lord also. She got physically abused and then get separated.

Arishtas to Ascendant may bring issues in Life

Astrologer must see in horoscope, is there any kind of aristhas to Ascendant or Ascendant lord. Moon should be also consider. If there are Aristhas, person is likely to suffer and face issues in his/her life.

  • Gullika in Ascendant is not consider good.
  • Ascendant lord Mercury is weak as its combust and its retro.
  • Malefics in Kendra in birth Chart. Jupiter benefic planet is there in tenth house, but it’s in Rashi Gandanta and is in Rahu Ketu axis.

(Moon is weak in Pakshbala as well as gets deblitate in Birth Chart)

Third Child Birth Astrology

She gave child birth to third baby in Oct 2015. Dasha – Venus-Rahu-Moon

  • Mahadasha Venus shows promise of birth child.
  • Rahu in birth chart, is conjunct with Jupiter who is significator of child.
  • In Navamsha Chart, Rahu receives aspect of ninth lord Mars.
  • In Saptamsha Chart, Rahu is in Ascendant and is conjunction with fifth house Lord Saturn.

Issue in Marriage life and then got separated. 

Her Horoscope shows issues in Marriage life. She got physically abuse again in August – October 2016. Then she started living separately in Sept 16 and got divorced almost after a year

Dasha running at that time Venus – Jupiter- Saturn

  • Jupiter in birth chart is under malefic influence of Mars who is sixth house lord plus Jupiter is in Rahu – Ketu Axis.
  • Saturn in Birth Chart is in the sixth house –  house of conflicts and disputes
  • In Navamsha, Saturn is in twelfth house – house of separation.
  • From MahaDasha Venus- Jupiter is in eight house. 6-8 axis dasha is not consider good.


If in a horoscope, seventh house or its lord is under malefic influence in Birth Chart or Navamsha Chart,person is likely to face issues in Marriage Life. If there is less than 28 bindus in seventh house in birth chart, person may face challenges in Marriage Life. Then see the dasha pattern. Consider Dara Karka and its placement, conjunction etc.

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