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Akshaya Tritiya

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Akshaya Tritiya

(अक्षय तृतीया)

Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 14 may 2021. Akshay Tritiya is also known an Akha or Akti teej. It falls on the third tithi on lunar days of Shukla Paksha in Vaishaka Month. Akshay Tritiya is considered very auspicious and holy for Hindus and Jains.

In Sanksrit Akshaya means which has no end that is endless. That’s why Akshay Tritiya is consider lucky as it brings prosperity and joy. As per Gregorian Calender, it falls in April – May month.

People prefer to start new work on this auspicious day. On this day, people also pay respect to their forefathers and parents who are no more.


Date and Time for Akshaya Tritiya 2021 

Akshay Tritiya falls on 14 May 2021.

  • Pooja time muhurat starts from 5.39 am and ends on 12.18 pm
  • Total Duration is 6 hour 39 minutes
  • Tritiya Tithi begans at 5.38 am on 14 may 2021 and ends on 15 may 2021 at 7.59 am.



Know the significance of Akshaya Tritiya

Akshay Tritiya day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

  • Its considered a good day to buy Gold or silver.
  • One can start new work/venture on this auspicious day also.
  • Its also considered good time/muhurat for marriage also.
  • One can also start construction work on this auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya.
  • Doing pooja/yagya on this day of Lord Vishnu is consider very good.
  • Do charity on this auspicious Akshay Tritiya day.
  • Try to do donation be of clothes, grains or cash to poor or needy people specially during this covid time.
  • Fasting and helping others is considered excellent on this day.
  • If possible take a holy bath in the Ganga. If you can’t go due to covid, then use few drops of Ganga jal in the bucket.
  • Offer barley into a sacred fire.
  • Jains complete their year long tapasya on this day and end their worship by drinking sugarcane juice.
  • Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam on this auspicious day.
  • You can also chant – OM NAMO BHAGWATE VAASUDEVAY on this day. Holy Tulsi water is sprinkled all around as a symbol of Lord Vishnu.
  • Devotees of Lord Krishna mummify  god  with sandalwood paste on this day. It is believed that after doing this, one can reach heaven once person leaves this world.


History(Background) of Akshaya Tritiya

According to mythology and ancient history, this day marks a lot of important incidents

  • Goddess Annuparna was born on this day.
  • Sudama got monetary gains, wealth, property(all prosperity) from Lord Krishna on this day.
  • On this day Lord Ganesha and Ved Vyasa started writing Mahabharata.
  • This day is also celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
  • In the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna presented the ‘Akshaya Patra’ to the pandavas on their exile on this day. Lord Krishna blessed them with this bowl that would continue to produce unlimited amount of food that would never leave them hungry. Remember Akshaya means never ending. Akshay patram will always remain full with food of their choice.
  • Kubera worshipped Goddess Lakshmi on this day. Then Kubera was assigned the job of being the treasurer of Gods.
  • In Jainism, this day is celebrated to commemorate Lord Adinatha, their first God. They end their workship by drinking sugarcane juice.
  • It is believed that Lord Kubera received position as the ‘Lord of Wealth’ on this auspicious Akshaya Tritiya day.

Some more facts about Akshaya Tritiya

Below I am sharing about the rituals and things followed in other states for Akshaya Tritiya.

  • In Eastern India, on this day farmers begin there cultivation for the upcoming harvest season and entrepreneurs worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess lakshmi are worshipped before starting for next financial year .
  • In Orissa on this auspicious day of Akshyay Tritiya, people start their day by worshipping of mother earth, the bullocks, farm equipment’s and seeds by farmers for best and blessed good harvest. In recent years this event has received much publicity due to ceremonial program organized by farmers and political parties. On this blissful event, In jagannath temple a big yatra of chariots are also organized.


अक्षय तृतीया – व्रत की विधि और उसका महतव

अक्षय तृतीया सम्पूर्ण कामनाओ को प्रदान करने वाला होता है।
  • अक्षय तृतीया के दिन दान देना, हवन करना और जप करना सभी अक्षय हो जाता हैं।
  • जो लोग वैशाख मॉस के शुक्ल पक्ष की तृतीया के दिन उपवास करते हैं, वे अपने समस्त सत्कर्मो का अक्षय फल प्राप्त करते है।
  • इस व्रत का अनुष्ठान करने वाले की संतान अक्षय हो जाती है और उस दिन पुण्य अक्षय हो जाता है।
  • इस दिन अक्षत के द्वारा भगवन विष्णु की पूजा की जाती हैं, इसलिए इससे अक्षय तृतीया कहते है।
  • अक्षय तृतीया के दिन ब्रह्म मुहूर्त के समय उठना और स्नान ( कुछ बून्द गंगा जल और चावल मिला कर) करना चाहिए ।
  • मनुष्य को चाहिए इस दिन स्वयं अक्षत युक्त जल से स्नान करके भगवन विष्णु की मूर्ति पर अक्षत चढ़ावे और अक्षत के साथ ही सुध सत्तू ब्राह्मणो को दे ।
  • ऐसा करने से अक्षय फल का भागी हो जाता हैं।
  • उपयुक्त्र विधि के अनुसार एक भी अक्षय तृतीया का व्रत करने वाला मनुष्य इन सभी तृतीया- व्रतों के फल को प्राप्त हो जाता है।
  • जो इस अक्षय तृतीया को उपवास करने भगवन जनादर्न की भलीभांति पूजा करता हैं, वह राजसूय- यज्ञ का फल पाकर अंत में श्रेष्ट गति को प्राप्त करता है।
  •  पंखा, छठा, जल- कलश,ककड़ी, खरबूजा,शकर,घी और चने की दाल भी अर्पित करना चाहिए। इससे पितृ भी खुश होते हैं।
  • इस दिन भगवान् लक्ष्मी – नारायण को पुष्प चढ़ाना चाहिए।
  • मोदक का दान करे ।
  • साथ में गुड़ और कपूर से युक्त जलदान करना चाहिए।

Vrat Vidhi of Akshay Tritiya

Below i am sharing Vrat Vidhi of Akshay Tritiya.
  • One who keep fast on this day gets a beautiful life ,gets a good blessed life and god helps them to continue doing all good deeds.
  • On this auspicious day one should worship Lord Vishnu that’s why we call it Akshya Tritiya.
  • Take a bath with rice water on Akshay Tritiya day.
  • Offer rice water to God Vishnu and feed rice ,sattu to pandit.
  • By doing all these remedies one will get blessed life with more spiritual good deeds to do .
  • We should worship Lord Janardan on this day ,it will help us to get more benefits and help us in getting more benevolence ,kind to everyone.
  • Offer flowers to Lord Lakshmi – Narayan ji.
  • Donate ladoo on this Akshay Tritiya day.
  • Mix jaggery, camphor with water and donate it.


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