MS Dhoni and Rahul Dravid both of them have done great work for Indian Cricket and have taken team to top during their time period. Contribution of both of them is immense.

Both of them have one thing common that is their ascendant sign is same, but both of them got different style of playing cricket.

Here are the Horoscope of MS Dhoni – MS DHONI Birth Chart and Navamsha Chart


Horoscope – Birth Chart of MS DHONI

HOROSCOPE of Rahul Dravid

What makes MS Dhoni Special and Rahul Dravid Special

  • Both have got same lagna (Virgo) and both have majority of planets in Kendra. MS Dhoni has 5 planets in Kendra and Rahul Dravid has 7 planets in Kendra.


  • MS Dhoni has got all 5 planets in Mercury sign giving him more of Mercurain qualities like taking decisions fast, business mind (he took the advertisement immediately which was rejected by Sachin Tendulkar as it liquor endorsement worth 20-30 crores), calculative mind also. As compared, Rahul Dravid has got 6 planets in Jupiter sign thereby giving him more of Jupiterian qualities. Rahul Dravid is one of the gentleman who has played this form of cricket and Jupiterain qualities also associates with him well. His moon is also in Jupiter sign.


  • MS Dhoni has better placement of Sun in his horoscope. His Sun is Digbali also. Whereas Rahul Dravid has his Sun is in 4th house with Rahu making his Sun in eclipse. Sun is the planet which deals with authorithy, leadership, command. Sun is afflicted in Rahul Dravid horoscope. Dhoni has better placement of Sun. So we can expect difference in results of captaincy or authority.


  • See the no. of planets from 7th house to 12 house or from 10 house till 3 house. The above houses are taken as it strength the Ascendant/Lagna or 10 house. Concentration of planet mentioned above makes one follow an independent path also.

MS Dhoni had majority of planets from 10 house till 3 house as compared to Rahul Dravid. So in a way Dhoni’s Lagna or 10 house is getting more strengthen.


  • In both horoscopes 3 house has connection with Mars and Saturn. Mars brings energy in the house wherever it sits.


In MS Dhoni horoscope, Mars 3 lord is in 9 house and aspect its own house and Saturn from lagna aspects 3 house.

In Rahul Dravid Horoscope, 3 house lord is in own house and receives an aspect of Saturn which is retro from 9 house.


But both had very different style of playing cricket. 3 house represents hands. 3 lord Mars of MS Dhoni is in own nakshatra. Dhoni is known for hitting big sixes whereas Rahul Dravid is known for great defence. Rahul Dravid 3rd lord is in own house but is in the nakshatra of Saturn and here Saturn(R) also aspects it. Any planet which is retro is more powerful hence more impact. Saturn denotes old customs etc… following traditional way of batting. 3rd house is the house of efforts. Saturn is also slow and steady hence this may be one of the reasons that he has done exceptionally well in Test Matches.


  • MS Dhoni has no planets which is vargotamma but his Sun gets exalted in D-9 whereas Rahul Dravid has 3 planets getting Vargotamma Sun, Jupiter and Mars. Rahul Dravid is known for his defense. Many great bowlers had admitted that getting Rahul Dravid wicket is not easy. Remember Sun is afflicted as with Rahu in D-1 and Jupiter fully combust.


  • MS Dhoni did love marriage and got married on 4/7/2010. In his horoscope 5 and 7 lord are conjunct together in Ascendant(lagna) which confirm this love marriage promise. At the time of marriage he was 29 years approx.


In Rahul Dravid case, 5 and 7th  lord (Saturn and Jupiter) don’t have any PAC. When lagna lord and 7th lord are conjunct together one may know marriage partner before marriage. Rahul Dravid at the time of marriage crossed 30 yrs. Rahul Dravid’s 7th  lord is combust which could be main reason for more delay in marriage as compared to MS Dhoni.


  • Rahul Dravid is born in Revati Nakshatra. This arterism has to do with duality. This nakshatra is related to all kind of travelling and in this profession there is lot of travelling. It’s a very fortunate Nakshtra and people born in this nakshatra have pleasing social personalities and are usually very likes within social sphere. They understand others problem and like to be helpful to as many people as they can. That’s also one of the reasons for him keeping the wickets when he was asked to. This nakshtra is the last nakshatra so it contains all the wisdom and knowledge is there.


Whereas MS Dhoni is born in uttarphalguni nakshatra which makes him very cultured, socialized and civilized. This nakshatra is ruled by the Sun and Sun is the only planet which generates its own light. This independence relates to establishing one’s own individuality rather than being part of the flock. They are always trying to rise above the sea of mass consciousness. This nakshatra’s second pada falls in Capricorn navamsha-giving organization capability, practical and hardworking nature. According to Varahmir, person born in this Nakshatra:

“ Earn through their knowledge, are well likes or popular and live a life of comfort and luxury.”

  • For wealth purpose, we can also use the D-2 Chart (Hora Chart). When we see D-2 Chart, we must see which Hora is rising and the subsequent strength of that Hora Lord in D-1.

Quite interestingly, both MS Dhoni and Rahul Dravid has same Hora Lagna rising is of Sun. As regards to the placement of Hora Lord in D-1:

In MS Dhoni horoscope, Sun, Hora lord is well placed in the 10 house where it’s get Digbali and also in friendly sign and in D-9 gets exalted also whereas in  Rahul Dravid case Hora Lord Sun is alpbali in 4 house and is with Rahu getting eclipsed so lack strength however in D-9 it improves as it get Vargotamma. MS Dhoni has better D-2 chart.


  • MS Dhoni has got 5 planets in Shirshodaya rashi and 4 planets in Prishtodaya rashi whereas Rahul Dravid has 5 planets in Prishtodaya Rashi, 3 in shirshodaya rashi and 1 in ubhodaya rashi.

Shirshodaya rashis give results earlier and Prishtodaya Rashis tend to give result later or after more struggle.

MS Dhoni inspite of losing so many test matches abroad had luck in his favour that he was not removed from captaincy whereas after one bad last test series against Australia Rahul Dravid took retirement.


  • MS DHONI has 4 planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) in Pushkar Navamsha whereas Rahul Dravid has 3 planets- Jupiter(combust so lack some strength however vargottam and making strong Hamsa yoga), Sun and Rahu.MS Dhoni has more planets in Pushkar Navamsha.


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