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Rahul Dravid Horoscope

Rahul Dravid Horoscope

In Cricket Rahul Dravid will be remember as one of the World Best Batsman, Rahul Dravid is popularly known as the wall due to his defense ability.



Achievements of Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is a former Indian cricketer and captain of national Indian cricket team .He also monitors the progress of India A and India under-19 cricket teams.  Before this he was Head Coach for the India Team U -19 and India A teams from 2016 to 2019. Let’s read some biggest achievements of Rahul Dravid below .

  • Rahul Dravid had scored 36 Test Match Centuries which is the second highest no of Test Centuries for India after Sachin Tendulkar.
  • He got awarded at the inaugural ICC awards ceremony in 2004 for player of the year as well as test player of the year. 
  • Fourth highest run scorer in Test Cricket.
  • Rahul Dravid has played 93 consecutive five day Test Matches for India.
  • Most number of balls faced by any player in Test Matches.
  • He has honoured with Padam Shri and Padam Bhushan award.
  • Rahul Dravid topped the international runs chart for 2003/04 cricket season across formats aggregating 1993 runs from 31 matches at an average of 64.29 including three double hundreds
  • In absence of injured Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid captained India in the first two test matches against Pakistan. He led India to their first-ever Test victory in Pakistan.
  • He was appointed as a captain for world cup 2007.
  • Batting average of Rahul Dravid is 52.31 which is very good.
  • Rahul Dravid batting average away is 53.03 better than playing at home which is 51.36. He has scored 21 centuries abroad and 15 centuries in home country.

Horoscope – Birth Details of Rahul Dravid




Image showing Horoscope - Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid
Horoscope – Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid


Image showing Navamsha Chart of Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid Navamsha Chart

Yogas in Horoscope – Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid

Read all the important yogas that Rahul Dravid has in his Horoscope that is Birth Chart which makes him so popular and brought him success.

  • Raj Lakshana Yoga is present in Rahul Dravid horoscope which is formed when Sun and Jupiter are conjunct together.
  • Rahul Dravid got Hamsa yoga one of the ‘Pancha Mahapurush’ Yogas in his horoscope – birth chart. Result of this Yoga:- It makes person a king. Person is very charming, good looking and peaceful in appearance. He is of a religious nature and of a great moral fiber. He is a moralist and has high values in life.
  • Gaj Kesari yoga in birth chart – horoscope of Rahul Dravid brings good name and fame for him. Jupiter is in the tenth house from the Moon.
  • Rahul Dravid has Parvata Yoga like MS Dhoni has in his chart. Paravata(Mountain) Yoga is formed when all three/four benefic planets are placed in the kendras from lagna and there is no malefic planet in eight and tenth house.
  • One of the World best batsman in the world got Paarijaata/Kalpadruma Yoga in his horoscope. Result of this Yoga in birth chart – Person is rich, generous, possesses elephants and horses and is respected by Govt. He has won several awards from the govt.
  • In the Horoscope – Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid, you will see all seven planets are in four houses excluding Rahu – Ketu which forms Kedara Yoga in his chart. Result of it – Person is balanced, wealthy, truthful, happy etc.
  • Rahul Dravid has Kahala Yoga in his birth chart which is one of the strong yogas for bringing him success. What is Kahala Yoga. Read the link –


Kahala Yoga


Astrological Analysis of Rahul Dravid as Wicket Keeper.

In Cricket any team that wants to be number one – should have good wicket keeper who can bat also. Rahul Dravid sort out this problem when India was struggling because India didn’t had good wicket keeper who could contribute with batting also like Adam Gilchrist, Andy Flower etc. See the astrological reason for him doing two things so well.

  • Rahul Dravid is born in the Nakshatra of Revati. He is a team man and when it was required he did wicketkeeping also.
  • In Rahul Dravid Birth Chart, Tenth house lord Mercury is in dual sign.
  • Even in the Navamsha Chart, Rahul Dravid tenth house lord is Jupiter which is again in the dual sign.
  • Dashamsha Chart of Rahul Dravid, tenth house lord is Moon which is in dual sign.


Horoscope -Birth Chart Analysis of Rahul Dravid

We have read the Yogas in the Horoscope – Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid above. Let’s look at another important features which makes Rahul Dravid so great.

The presence of the following features makes Rahul Dravid a great sportsman- Batsman:

  • To become a sportsman, one must have good fitness. For this Ascendant(Lagna) and Ascendant/Lagna lord must be consider.
  • Ascendant(Lagna) lord is Mercury in the horoscope of Rahul Dravid which is Vargotamma.
  • In the Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid, Ascendant Lord Mercury is conjunct with ninth house lord Venus.
  • Waxing moon is considered good and it’s the lord of eleventh house(house of gains) and it aspects the Ascendant. Eleventh house lord is in seventh house makes one liberal, virtuous and sensual.
  • Rahul Dravid has got eight planets in Kendra and Trikona which is good.
  • Ascendant/Lagna lord is well placed in the fourth house with ninth house lord Venus and is conjunct with fourth, seventh house lord Jupiter also. Whenever Kendra lord and trikona lord are conjunct it forms a Raj yoga.  
  • Ninth house lord is in fourth house gives happiness of having houses and conveyances and have all kinds of wealth.
  • Tenth house lord Mercury aspects own house in birth chart of Rahul Dravid.
  • Jupiter is the Fourth house lord in horoscope of Rahul Dravid in own sign forming Hamsa Yoga.
  • There is no planet in sixth,eight and twelfth house in the Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid.
  • Rahul Dravid did very well in overseas. See mainly twelfth house and its lord.His twelfth house lord is Sun which is involved in yoga of Raj Lakshana Yoga. This twelfth house lord is Sun which is Vargottam also. In Navamsha Chart, twelfth house lord Venus is in twelfth house.


Astrological Reason for Rahul Dravid great will power and determination

  • Sixth house lord Saturn aspects own house, so it strengthens that house which gives Rahul Dravid good competitive ability.
  • Many planets in Sagittarius sign makes Rahul Dravid very focused and target oriented.
  • Mars third house lord is in own house which is the house of will power and determination. Moreover it receives an aspect of natural malefic planet Saturn. For sportsman third house having malefic PAC is considered good.
  • Mars-Saturn mutual aspect may make one work hard and patiently to achieve the objectives. If one concentrates on a single, clearly defined one may accomplish much however it won’t be so easy.
  •  Karkamsha Lagna is Sagittarius which is a fiery sign and Rahul Dravid has been full of energy. This is the sign of determination also. Once he sets, its almost impossible to get him out.


Samudaya Asthakvarga Chart of Rahul Dravid

Below i am sharing Samudaya Ashthak Varga Chart of Rahul Dravid. This chart is also vital.

Rahul Dravid Samudaya Ashtakvarga chart

  • In Ascendant (Lagna) of Rahul Dravid, there are 35 points in Sarvasthak Varga Chart whic him a strong personality and good health.
  • In this chart, Rahul Dravid got only 23 bindus in tenth house, but got 31 points in the eleventh house which indicates great jump in career.

Marriage Prediction in the Horoscope of Rahul Dravid

Timing of marriage can be ascertained by the Astrology. Let’s look at the timing of marriage from his Birth Chart horoscope. He got married on 4 May’2003 to Vijeta Pendharkar who is a surgeon from Nagpur.

Vimshottri Dasha at that time Venus- Saturn – Saturn.

Maha Dasha Lord Venus is the natural significator and karka of love and marriage.

MD Lord Venus is conjunct with seventh house lord Jupiter also.

Antar Dasha Lord is of Saturn. Saturn in Navamsha Chart is in second house and is in mutual aspect with second house lord Moon.

(Rahul Dravid family and his wife family knew each other before marriage. It is sort of luv-cum arranged marriage. Note Saturn AD just started in March’03. Previous AD was of Jupiter)


Rahul Dravid was going through the period of Capricorn – Sagittarius Dasha during his marriage.

From Capricorn Maha Dasha – seventh house sign is Cancer which recieves aspect of Dara Karka Venus and Putra Karka Mercury which shows love marriage.

Sagittarius Dasha contains Dara Karka Venus and Putra Karka Mercury.

Yogini Dasha 

Let’s look at timing of Marriage of Rahul Dravid by Yogini Dasha. In his Birth Chart, Dasha during that time period – Mercury – Venus

Maha Dasha Lord Mercury is the Ascendant lord placed in the fourth house in the navamsha sign in own sign which is capable of giving marriage.

Antar Dasha Lord Venus is the natural significator/karka of marriage.

Dasha Analysis – Horoscope – Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid 

When Rahul Dravid did so well in his career. Let’s see astrological parameters and dasha which brought him so much of success.

Venus- Jupiter Dasha( Scored 5 Test Centuries in year 2002)

  • Maha Dasha Lord Venus is the lord of second and ninth house placed in the fourth house and is conjunct with lagna lord and 10 lord Mercury.
  • MD Lord Venus is conjunct with Kendra Lord Jupiter who is fourth as well as seventh house lord. Venus is the trikona lord and Jupiter Kendra lord forming Raj Yoga. Since twelfth house lord Sun is also involved, he was always under the shadow of Great batsman like Sachin Tendulkar.
  • Antar Dasha lord is of Jupiter is combust but its Vargottam and in own sign forming Hamsa Yoga. One can expect good rise in dashas of planet forming Yogas and Vargottam. In year 2002, Rahul Dravid scored five Test Centuries.
  • In Dashamsha Chart, MD Lord is Venus which is well placed in the fifth house. This Venus is also the Ascendant lord of Dashamsha Chart. AD Lord Jupiter is well placed as its placed in the eleventh house- house of gains.


Venus-Saturn Dasha (Good performance continues)

There are some peculiar dashas in astrology and Venus – Saturn is one of those Dashas.

  • From Venus dasha, Saturn is placed in the sixth house.
  • Sixth-eight axis dasha of Venus-Saturn is not bad.
  • MD Lord Venus is the lord of ninth house placed in Kendra.
  • AD Lord Saturn is well placed as its in the ninth house of Birth Chart. This Saturn is also the fifth house lord.
  • Saturn is well placed in the eleventh house in Dashamsha Chart.


Venus-Mercury Dasha (Good performance continues)

Rahul Dravid good performance continued in Venus – Mercury Dasha.

  • Dasha of Ascendant lord or vargottam planets is consider good.
  • Venus Dasha is already discuss above.
  • Mercury is the Lagna lord which is also Vargottam. Lagna lord Mercury is conjunct with Venus who is second house lord and ninth house lord forming Dhan Yoga and Raj Yoga.
  • Later PD’s were not supportive from year 2007 mid onwards.


Child Birth Prediction from Rahul Dravid Horoscope – Birth Chart 

Image showing Saptamsha Chart of Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid Saptamsha Chart

Rahul Dravid became father on 11 october 2005 when he became father. Vimshottri Dasha during that time  – Venus- Saturn-Jupiter

  • Maha Dasha Lord Venus in birth chart has no connections with fifth house or its lord but is the ninth house lord in birth chart.
  • Venus in Navamsha Chart is the fifth house lord.
  • In Saptamsha Chart, Venus aspects the ascendant.
  • Antar Dasha Lord Saturn in birth chart is fifth house lord and is placed in the ninth house.
  • In Navamsha Chart, AD Lord Saturn is ninth house lord .
  • AD Lord Saturn in Saptamsha Chart, is in placed in the ninth house.
  • Pratanyar Lord is Jupiter which is the karka(significator) of children.
  • In Saptamsha Chart, Jupiter is ninth house lord.


Second Child Birth from the Horoscope of Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid became father in April 2009. See the Astrological reason for second child birth from Rahul Dravid Horoscope.

Dasha- Venus – Ketu

  • Antar Dasha Lord Ketu recieves aspect of Jupiter which is the karka of Child.
  • Ninth house lord Venus aspects Ketu in Birth Chart.
  • In Birth Chart, AD Lord Ketu dispositor is Mercury which is conjunct with ninth house lord Venus.
  • Ketu in Saptamsha Chart is in the fifth house and in aspect of Mars which is fifth house lord in Saptamsha Chart.


Astrological Analysis of Retirement of Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid took retirement from cricket. He took retirement in Aug’2011 from ODI and twenty 20 International. He took retirement from International matches and domestic cricket from March’2012.

It was the Sun Maha Dasha.

  • Sun is placed in the twelfth house in Dashamsha Chart that is D -10 Chart which clearly shows possibility of retirement.
  • In Birth Chart, Sun is again the twelfth house lord which aspects the tenth house.


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