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How to develop Intuition

How to develop Intuition

In order to Develop your Intuition, I have shared 7 most important points that everyone should follow.We all have intuitive skills within us, what we need is to listen to our self-more and develop Intuition into ourselves. Intuition always helps and guide us. As we grow as an adult we might sideline our intuition as our mind is preoccupied with concerns for our-self as our family/career/finance/status in the society. In this view we forget in developing our Intuition and start focusing on the materialistic world.

If we want to develop Intuition or sharpen our intuitive skills more, we need to listen to our inner voice more often.

Intuition is like you feel that this thing is going to take place, but without any reason you feel that and it happens. Its likes sixth sense. You can judge something.

For example in film Jannat, Emraan Hashmi was able to judge like Sourav Ganguly is going to hit six, Sehwag will hit 4 runs, India will win etc.(I may give this example in below points)

(This article got published in the magazine Express Star Teller in Oct’2018.)


1) Spend time with Nature for empowering your Intuition

The more you live with nature, the more harmonious you become. Reminder, you are part of nature. As you live with nature more, the more it helps in developing Intuition power into you.

One is relaxed more when one spends time with nature more reason as oxygen enters our body and we are filled with energy. By spending time with nature, you are relaxed and are at peace. Go for a morning walk.

2) Meditation; another way to develop Intuition 


Meditation is also one of the most popular forms of relaxation. It begins when our mind is focused towards one thing. By meditation, we channelize our energy towards one direction. When we direct our energy into many directions, it distracts to develop Intuition in ourself. We need to control our senses. Meditation begins when your body and your mind are in a relaxed state of mind.

3) Live in the moment

Our problem is that we live too much in the past and we are too much worried for the future. We think too much about the past (this happened, this person did that and that happen etc). But we fail to live in the current moment. Tensions occupy our mind. One should live in the current moment.

For example in many films – A beautiful message like learn to live in the present

For example Film – Fim Anand, remember Rajesh Khanna who was happy even when he knew he was about to die.

One need to have attitude like role play by Sharukh Khan in film Kal ho na ho

4) Listening to some Music/Mantra helps in Intuition

Chanting some mantras or listening to some music, relaxes our mind and makes us more calm and intuitive. It also helps in developing positive Intuitions and enhances our mental stability.

5) Believe in yourself

This is possible when you are listening to your inner self more. The more you have faith in your intuition, the results will come much better. Listen to your inner wisdom.

6) Recognize when your intuition says

You should be able to realize how intuition speaks to you or how you recognize when intuition speaks. Remember, it speaks in different ways to different people. It can communicate in various ways/forms like can be through numbers/words/images/messages/dreams/physical sensations.

For example – Film Final Destination

Film Fukrey


Raaz – the mystery

All above, they could judge things or sense out like these things may take place.

Few could in dreams, few could with their sixth sense.

At times, you reach place and you start feeling something like let’s say you feeling not comfortable like something bad may happen, and it eventually happens.

7) Devote time to yourself

It’s one of most important thing you should preserve some time for yourself. Need to take some time from your regular/busy schedule and seek time for your own self.

These steps help us to be a good and positive intuitive reader.

Developing Intuition and Role of Intuition (in Tarot Reading) have a strong connection to each other. So while reading the articles have a look on each article carefully.

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