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Here, I will discuss role of intuition in tarot reading.

What is most important in tarot reading, that one should know the meaning of each tarot card.

Not just knowing, but knowing card in depth.  There are some good cards which may be good for one thing, but may not be for the other occasions.

For example, The Magician is a good card it comes in present/future reading, like for career, money but not but not good for relationship. For example,

If you ask question, how is my partner?

Or if comes in future relationship reading.

Then one needs to be more careful, it suggests that your good partner may be good and intelligent but might be clever also.

If this card comes with devil card, then it says that is it a combo of The Magician Card and The Devil Card and it comes in a future reading, and then it’s definitely.

This is not a good card. Surrounding cards makes a lot of impact and one need to work it closely. What the combination of The Magician and The Devil card shows is that your love partner may not be revealing all things to you and might be involved in some other affairs and possibility of physical relationship is very much there.

Once you understand the meaning of each card in depth in different circumstances/environment you can do well in tarot reading.

What is advisable as per me is one should learn from some professional teacher/institute and then practice a lot to excel in tarot reading.

Now coming to the question, is intuition a necessity?

How intuition can help in tarot reading.

At times, we follow a certain spread/method in tarot reading.

For example,

Let’s say you are doing a 3 card reading.


You may have answered for what client has asked for, but you still feel that there is something client should know more.

There it’s a intuition as a call coming from inside to pick more cards than usual as you want client to understand in a deeper sense.

At times, happened that I had picked many cards for a particular query even after following spread. For example, celtic cross is a 10 card spread.

I did tarot reading from it, but my inner call was need to pick more cards for that question and I ended picking up 15 cards instead of pickling 10 cards.

I will share another incident of mine, so that you may be able to correlate things more better in terms of intuition in tarot.

One of my clients came to me for a tarot reading for career.

She came across two options.

Option A and option B.

Cards came fine for one of the above options, but my intuition was saying there may be something even better than both of the options. It was the inner call that made me asking her, wait can we explore more options.

I asked my client to pick few more cards and later on we developed there were two more options that we came across Option C and Option D.

She opted for Option D and now touchwood she is quite successful in her career.

Remember she never thought of any other options than Option A and Option B.

Cards speak a lot to us, it’s just we need to listen them.


Developing Intuition and Role of Intuition (in Tarot Reading) have a strong connection to each other. So while reading the articles have a look on each article carefully.

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