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One of my clients came and asked a question “How will my upcoming year be?” Card came for that question was “THE EMPRESS”




Here a woman sits on couch, holding a scepter and is in a very comfortable situation. She wears a Crown giving indication of her status. The flowing water brings life to the trees here and ripe wheat at her feet symbolizes fertility. Even Venus sign appears beneath her and water flows in a nearby stream. Water denotes emotions and this person is full of emotions. In the background there is yellow color. This lady wears a flowery gown (pomegranate). This card is a wonderful and beautiful card.



  • Creativity
  • Growth
  • Harmony
  • Abundance
  • A beautiful home
  • Comfortable situation
  • Luxuries
  • In harmony with natural world
  • Being extravagant
  • Nurturing
  • Connected with nature, art and beauty.
  • Motherhood
  • Prosperity
  • Ruled by Venus
  • Royalty
  • Development
  • Marriage
  • A strong feminine energy


There are total 22 Major Arcana cards in Tarot and this card is one of the Major Arcana cards. A Major Arcana card is always given extra weight in a reading.  

The empress is the archetypal Earth Mother.  Here woman sits on several cushions and is in a very comfortable position and if she feels anything like doing it, she will do it else not.

She is holding a scepter here and wears a necklace of 9 pearls for nine planets and Triple Crown containing 12 stars giving indication of her royal status and this person may have knowledge of astrology (12 zodiac signs) or knowledge of other science or person is knowledgeable.

Empress is the mother goddess, the source of all living things. This woman is content and peace with herself. She represents the feminine in the maternal role, procreation and nurturing, comforts of home and domestic harmony.

Her posture since she is sitting upright shows her confidence level and how relaxed she is. This card energy is ruled by Venus (symbol of it can be found where small circle and a cross sign is formed). Venus is a feminine planet and it rules over vehicle, marriage, luxuries, love, relationship, art and beauty.

This lady wears a flowery gown (pomegranate symbolic of fertility) .This card is ruled by number 3 Jupiter which also denotes child birth.

The flowing water brings life to the trees here and ripe wheat at her feet also symbolizes fertility. This card shows growth and abundance. Here the river also symbolizes the unity of change and stability.  It’s a time of prosperity if it comes in present situation.  

In the background, there is yellow color which is the color of hope, optimism and intellect. It is the color of Sun.

This card indicates a strong sense of wellbeing and emotional fulfiment. Strong passion and deep love of life is reflected in this card. This is the card of attraction and abundance.  



You may be working in creative field and you may work in some team also. It indicates a good time period ahead which will come in work future. You may be doing work like in the field of art, beauty, vehicle and cosmetics etc. A strong feminine energy may be at work also.



Your finance may improve if you work in partnership or harmony and its good time for making an investment.  Good fortune and financial security are indicated when this card comes in future. This card also shows possibility of wise management of financial resources.



This is a good card for positive relationship and you may be attracted towards your partner. There is much growth within this relationship and you may move into next stage of relationship.

In case if you are looking for partner and this card comes up, then you may seek relationship based on pure love, emotions and deep affection.



As I have explained the meaning above. Now I will share what I told her. I told her next year will be very good for you as this is a very fortunate card and you will enjoy the luxuries very much and you may even buy up vehicle. You may become popular or will have royal status. You may spend some good time in nature like going for travelling and enjoying the natural beauty. You will enjoy comforts at home and you may work or enjoy creative projects if you are working. You will enjoy your life and you will remember this year for a very long period of your life as this year will bring good news and great time period.

You will see growth in life and you will be in a comfortable situation. Growth here may not be in only material world but also on emotional level and you may get some good news of child birth also.

She asked me another question, where we will head in relationship next year and this card came again.

This is the card of attraction and charm. You and your partner will be attracted towards each other and both of you may move into next stage of relationship which is again showing an indication of child birth.

When this card came up, I told very high chances of child birth as this card is the card of fertility and child birth.  

She told me after almost 1 year, yes she became a mother and she enjoyed a very good time period with her husband and they moved into a new home which was very well furnished with very good interior. They didn’t bought any vehicle but they were extravagant. They spend good money on luxuries like going to foreign countries and enjoying natural beauty and going to exclusive restaurants.

This card is the card of abundance.



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