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Lakhsmi Yoga

Lakshmi Yoga


One of the wealth yogas is Lakshmi Yoga. This Lakshmi Yoga is consider very good from wealth and finances point of view. According to Rishi Parashara, the kendras or angles are known as Vishnu Sthan and Trikonas are considered as ‘Lakshmi Sthans” or house of Goddess Lakhsmi. Conjunction of kendra lord and trine(triokona) lord forms Raj Yoga. This is one of Raj Yogas.

How Lakshmi Yoga is formed in Astrology

I am sharing here how Lakshmi Yoga is formed in Astrology. I am sharing here variants for this Laxmi Yoga

  • When the Ascendant lord and ninth house lord are in kendra or trikona either in their own/moolatrikona or exaltation sign combined constitute the Lakshmi Yoga.
  • Ninth house is in deep exaltation and Ascendant lord being strong and one planet in a kendra all three combined produced this Yoga.
  • Venus and ninth house lord are in own/moolatrikona/exaltation sign and are in kendra/trikona forms this Yoga.


But remember one point which is necessity to form Lakshmi Yoga is that ninth house lord has to be in either own/moolatrikona/exaltation sign in birth chart.


Result of Lakshmi Yoga

Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu, is the goddess of wealth. This Laxmi Yoga if present in a chart is consider good from prosperity point of view. This yoga is good for material possessions and enjoyments.


Example Chart of Lakshmi Yoga

Angelina Jolie Chart

Angelina Jolie Birth Chart

Angelina Jolie Navamsha Chart

In Angelina Jolie Birth chart, this yoga is formed. She is an American Hollywood Actress and Humanitarian. Angelina Jolie has been declared Hollywood highest paid actress two times. Apart from this, Angelina Jolie is known for her humanitarian efforts and has won three Golden awards also. She is divorced from actors Jonne Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thortnton and Brad Pitt.

Lakshmi Yoga in birth chart of Angelina Jolie

  • Ascendant lord is Moon which is well placed in the ninth house.
  • Ninth house lord is Jupiter which is in own sign that is Pisces in birth chart.
  • Ascendant lord Moon and ninth house lord Jupiter are conjunct together in birth chart in ninth house. Ascendant lord Moon is in friendly sign.
  • We can clearly see Lakshmi Yoga in the birth chart of Angelina Jolie.
  • In Classics, its not mentioned to see this Yoga apart from Birth Chart. But see this combination repeats in Navamsha Chart of Angelina Jolie.
  • Her Ascendant lord is Sun in Navamsha Chart and it is in mutual aspect with ninth house lord Mars. Ninth house lord is Mars which is in trikona in Navamsha Chart.

Angelina Jolie assets value is around $100 Million.

Bill Gate Horoscope – Lakshmi Yoga

In horoscope of Bill Chart, Lakshmi Yoga is formed.

  • Ascendant lord Mercury is in kendra in moolatrikona sign.
  • Ninth house lord is Saturn which is exalted in trikona house.
  • Both Ascendant lord and Ninth house lord are in kendra and trikona in birth chart and hence this Yoga is formed in Bill Gate Horoscope.

Bill gate has been one of the richest man in the world. His assets value is like $107.1 Million.


Both that is Angelina Jolie and Bill Gates, have other supportive yogas also which makes them rich and wealthy.


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