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Marriage Life Prediction by Astrology

Marriage Life Prediction by Astrology

This lady took online consultation for her love life and wanted to know about her future marriage life prediction by Astrology and Tarot. She was dating a guy and she had lot of faith that everything will be good in future as well. In this article, I will discuss the promise of her future marriage life chart by Astrology.


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She fall in love with him and wants to marry that guy. Is it a right decision for her? Will they marry? I advised her something in past. Did she followed that advice? In this article, I have shared below.

Love Marriage Life Prediction by Astrology:

In this we will see why person falls in love relationship and why? I have shared some Astrological Parameters behind it:

  • If 5 house/5 lord has connection with 7 house/7 lord, then person is likely to come in a relationship.
  • Here Moon in birth chart aspects the 7 house and Moon is connected with 5 lord Jupiter, which indicates promise in her chart to fall in relationship.(Moon is the Mind and its connected with 5 lord and 7 House)
  • Here Ascendant Lord Sun is in Gemini Sign, which gives hint that person will be interested towards may come in relationship.

Every human being has some desires in their life.By the help of Astrology and Tarot, we can clearly know ones ambition. If you want to see person desires and Personality by Tarot, read this article –

How Astrologer gives prediction of Marriage Life in Astrology by Dasha(Period):

  • In the period(Dasha) of 6 house/6 lord,8 house/8 lord,12 house/12 lord one may take wrong decision specially if 5 house/5 lord is under affliction.
  • 7 house is the house of relationship and marriage.If its under affliction, then that native may have to face issues in married life.

To read more – Will the native have good or bad married life? How to see the Promise in Birth Chart.  Click his link –

She is facing many problems in relationship. Why and what are her desires? Reason I am sharing below.

Promise- Prediction of Disturb Marriage Life in Astrology:

  • 6 and 7 lord(Saturn), 5 and 8 lord (Jupiter) and 12 lord Moon aspects 7 house. When 6, 8 and 12 house lord aspects 7 house then its not considered good for marriage life relationship. One may suffer or face obstacles in relationship.
  • 7 lord Saturn is also the 6 house lord and its in conjunction with 8 lord Jupiter and 12 lord moon.
  • In Navamsha Chart, three malefics are connected with 7 house. Saturn and Mars aspects 7 house. Sun is placed in 7 house.
  • There are only 22 bindus in 7 house.
  • Sun-Saturn mutual aspect is not good as can give some ego issues and it is there in 1 -7 houses.
  • There are malefics in Kendra of navamsha chart.

Guy always broke up with her.

Result of Moon in Ascendant(Lagna) –

  • Person may have attractive personality.
  • Person may be emotional.
  • Mood swings problem specially if moon is weak in pakshabal like we need to see waning and waxing moon and its tithi.
  • Can give vivid imaginations.
  • Since Moon is in Ascendant only so promise from Birth Ascendant Sign and Moon is same.

Astrologer should consider Moon Sign as Moon is the mind and hence it plays a very vital role in Marriage Life Prediction in Astrology.

Results of Moon in Leo Zodiac Sign

  • Moon is in fiery sign.
  • Loves to stick to own decision
  • Thinks big
  • Wants to be leader
  • Charamastic
  • Wants to be more popular among public/social life.
  • Moon here is conjunct with 5 lord(Jupiter) – emotions, studies and 7 lord Saturn (Relationship)

She dated a guy and has broked with him many times. With Dasha(Planetary Period), expect ups and down in Married Life.

Vimshottri Dasha

  • Moon – Mercury Dasha

In this duration she came in relationship with this guy. We will assess the Astrological reason behind it. Also why she face problem when she was in relationship with him:

  • Moon in birth chart aspects 7 house and in navamsha it’s the 7 lord.
  • Its the Mahadasha lord and it shows clear focus on relationship.
  • In Navamsha Chart, Moon is 8 lord placed in the 7 house. So issues will be there during this mahadasha. In Birth Chart, its 12 lord also.
  • Its conjunct with 7 lord Saturn who is also the 6 lord. Moon in bhavchalit moves to 12 house which is not good.
  • Mercury (Antar Dasha Lord) is in Gemini sign and it aspects 5 house.
  • Dashas have direct connection with 7 house, 7 lord, 5 house, 5 lord in birth chart and navamsha chart.
  • Both Moon and Mercury shows the possibility of coming in relationship.
  • Mercury in Navamsha chart, its 7 lord. So native may come in relationship but its placed in the 6 house which is the house of disputes, but it doesn’t receive aspect of any malefic planets.
  • Moon – Mercury is in 6 -8 axis not good.

In Char Dasha

Pisces – Leo Dasha

  • Pisces is the 7 rashi dasha fom UP Pada Virgo Sign , which shows her concern and inclination towards relationship during this time period.

Why Leo Antardasha

  • This rashi antardasha has DK(Moon) conjunct with PK(Jupiter).
  • 7 pada falls in this sign.

Both the dashas(planetary period)  shows that she will get involve in relationship which may be equivalent to married life.

There was possibility of her getting married but will she get married? But look at what upcoming dasha(period) unfolds.

Now lets see what predictions can be made for her future married life by Astrology.

She broke with him. But why ?

  • It happened in Moon – Ketu Dasha in Vimshottri Dasha
  • Ketu is placed in birth chart in 6 house – house of disputes and its lord aspects 7 house also.
  • Ketu in Navamsha Chart receives aspect of two natural malefic planets Saturn and Mars.
  • We have already discussed about Moon earlier.

By Char Dasha that she was running Pisces – Virgo Dasha

  • Pisces Dasha shows promise of coming in relationship.
  • Dara Karka (DK- Moon) is placed in the 6 house from it, which is not good.
  • From this rasha Dasha, GK(Mars) is in the 7 house which shows she will be facing issues in relationship.
  • Virgo Dasha has GK(Mars) in it.
  • From above Dasha – GK(Mars) aspects 7 house that is Pisces Sign.

Above both dasha clearly shows troubles and possibility of facing many issues and challenges in married life like relationship.

She was in living relationship with him.

Role of PD’s in marriage life prediction in astrology

She broked up during above dasha and during dasha of Moon and Ketu she came in relationship again.PD’s play important role)

She broked with him in the PD of Rahu. But why?

  • In birth chart its in 12 house- house of loss and its dispositor that is  Moon aspects 7 house
  • In Navamsha Chart its in 4 house and is conjunct with 12 lord Mars.
  • Moreover, its in 2 – 12 axis from both MD(Moon) and AD(Mercury).

She came to know that her boyfriend at same time was in relationship with other girl.

She came up in relationship with him in feb 2016 and broke in June 2016.

Good PD, she came back in relationship. Check out below:

  • They back in relationship during the PD of Jupiter
  • Jupiter in birth chart aspects 7 house.
  • Its the ascendant lord of Navamsha and aspects Ascendant in Navamsha.

I warned her in advance also, the guy you dating is not good and not a reliable person. Inspite of guiding her by Tarot and Astrology also, she didn’t listen to me. How I said that wasn’t a right decision and on what ground, he may cheat her.  Read this article by Tarot –

Why she didn’t follow my advice?

  • If Ascendant and Moon are in fiery sign, that person will not listen easily to others. Can take decision in haste.
  • It’s a fixed sign also, then that person will generally stick to his/her ideas.

Relationship came to an end. Check reason below:

  • She broked up finally with him in December 2018.
  • Dasha(period) during that period was Moon – Venus Vimshottri Dasha
  • Moon we have already discussed before.
  • Venus in birth chart receives aspects of 7 lord Saturn so desire to get married and wanted more commitments in relationship.
  • Its also the natural significator for marriage, relationship.
  • Remember this Venus also receives the aspect of 6 lord Saturn, disputes will be there.

With help of Char Dasha in Astrology, astrologer could easily predict of her marriage liked life coming to an end.

  • Pisces – Capricorn Dasha
  • Pisces sign (time period) we have already discussed before.
  • From Capricorn – Rahu comes in 7 house and DK(MOON) comes in 8 house.
  • Capricorn is the 6 rashi dasha from Ascendant and Pisces is the 8 rashi dasha from ascendant.
  • 6 and 8 house rashi dasha from ascendant is not considered good.
  • Mahadasha had 6 pada in it and antardasha has 8 pada in it.

Transit that shows chances of Marriage Life Prediction in Astrology

  • Jupiter in transit in year 2018 was in Libra sign aspects 7 house.
  • Saturn in Transit was in Sagittarius aspects 7 house.
  • When Transit Saturn and Transit Jupiter connects with 7 house/ 7 lord, chances of getting married is there provided if right time period(dasha) is operating. (But Transit can’t over rule the Promise in birth chart and Planetary Period (Dasha).

Outcome and Story for Married Life Prediction by Astrology

I told her in advance that this guy will cheat you and he is not a reliable person. Her birth chart clearly shows lot of struggle and conflicts that she is going through, hence this relationship didn’t last for long. When she asked him to marry her, he denied and left her. He came in relationship with other girl again. Unfortunately, she took a wrong decision and now she regrets. He cheated her in the past also.


See by Tarot Cards how i gave her prediction that this guy will cheat you again like he did in the past and why he will cheat again –


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