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MS Dhoni Horoscope


MS DHONI Birth Chart- Horoscope

Background of MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni was born in Ranchi, Bihar which is now in Jharkand. His parents moved from Uttrakhand to Ranchi, where his father Pan singh worked in junior management positions in MECON. MS Dhoni has one elder sister and one elder brother.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is born in the Maha Dasha of Twelfth house lord which aspects fourth house, shows possible movement like change of residence etc.

Sun is twelfth lord and Saturn as sixth lord aspects it, shows his struggle of father and he is not born with golden spoon like Ganguly was.

He is youngest in his family. In the Horoscope- Birth Chart of MS Dhoni, Third house receives aspect of sixth house lord Saturn. Maha Dasha lord Sun is in eleventh house in Navamsha Chart.

MS Dhoni – Sports Interest

Mahendra Singh Dhoni initially excelled  in badminton and football and was selected at distict and club level in these sports. MS Dhoni was a goalkeeper for his football team and he was sent to play crickrt for local cricket club by his football coach.  He had not played cricket, but he impressed them with his wicketkeeping and then became regular wicketkeeper for Commonda Crocket Club from 1995 to 1998.

Mars Maha Dasha began in Oct 1995 and is lord of eight house also.

MS Dhoni – Travelling Ticket Examiner

MS Dhoni was a travelling ticket examiner at Kharagpur railway station from 2001 to 2003, under South Eastern Railway in Midnapore (W), a district in West Bengal.  In his birth Chart, twelfth house lord Sun is in tenth house which indicates journey or travelling in his career. Plus, this twelfth house lord Sun aspects fourth house also.

Mars is third lord that aspects fourth house which shows movement of Ms Dhoni like being away from home.

MS Dhoni Horoscope Birth Details


11.47 am

Ranchi, Jharkhand

Image showing Horoscope - Birth Chart of MS Dhoni
Horoscope – Birth Chart of MS Dhoni

Astrological Analysis of MS Dhoni – Horoscope- Birth Chart

MS Dhoni is Virgo Ascendant/Lagna. Let’s read first characterstic of Virgo Ascendant and then astrological reason to find out what makes MS Dhoni such a great criketer.  

Traits of Virgo Ascendant/Lagna

  • Endowed with virtues
  • Skilled and experience in doing many things.
  • Learning is part of life.
  • Very careful before entering into anything.
  • Hardworking
  • These people want others to be perfect or disciplinary.


MS Dhoni is known as cool captain. He has Jupiter and Saturn close conjunction (within 2˚) in Lagna. Jupiter in lagna is a blessing.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction makes person more mature, responsible and stable and since this conjunction is in lagna so it directly impacts the personality. Further, the presence of Moon there gives the same impact on mind also, though Moon in his initial degrees lessens the impact. That’s why we don’t see much expression when India win or lose the match.

The conjunction of JUPITER(4, 7 lord) Kendra lord with SATURN (5 lord) TRIKONA lord results in a strong raj yoga aided with 11 lord also conjunct. 5 and 11 lord conjunct together forms Dhan Yoga also.


Keypoints in the Horoscope- Birth Chart of MS Dhoni a great cricketer:

To become a sportsman one need to have good fitness. For this we should see the Lagna and Lagna Lord.

  1. In Birth Chart of MS Dhoni, Ascendant lord is also the tenth house lord placed in the tenth house giving him good strength.
  2. Sixth house lord in lagna gives one competitive ability and makes MS Dhoni as adventurous and virtuous also.
  3. Sixth house lord dispositor is well placed giving him the strength also and Ascendant/Lagna lord of MS Dhoni in strength is a saving factor.
  4. Fifth house lord in Ascendant makes one intelligent. MS Dhoni has been one of the most successful captains like Sourav Ganguly.
  5. Tenth house lord Mercury in own house and since it’s in Kendra it forms BHADRA yoga one of the Panch Mahapurush Yoga. That’s one of the astrological reasons which shows success of MS Dhoni.

If a person is born in a BHADRA Yoga, then he has a piercing intelligence, pure, would like to dress well, will maintain a neat and clean appearance. Learned people will praise him. He is very good and clever in speech. This type of person will be very fortunate and will possess all types of luxuries. He will be King, or equal to King.

  1. Third house lord, the house of physical efforts, receives an aspect of two malefic planets Saturn and Mars.Since Mars aspect it, gives him ability to hit big sixes for which MS Dhoni is known. Mars is the significator of Energy.


7.Mars is third house lord in Birth Chart of MS Dhoni, aspects its own house further strengthens that house and also makes him bold and courageous.

8. Sun is digbali in the tenth house which gives MS Dhoni a strong personality.

9. There is no planet in sixth, eight and twelfth house in the Birth Chart- Horoscope of MS Dhoni which is another plus point of the horoscope.

10. Ascendant lord is in tenth house which makes MS Dhoni karam yogi and when Ascendant Lord is in tenth house, person will undoubtedly have self – earned wealth and will enjoy royal favor.

Result of Pushkar Navamsha in MS Dhoni – Horoscope – Birth Chart

In the Horoscope – Birth Chart, MS Dhoni got four planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are in pushkar navamsha. Four planets out of nine planets are in Pushkar Navamsha which is good. If there is any planet in Pushkar Navamsha, it increases the natural signification of that planet and it acquires the goodness and acts through the house occupied by its navamsha in the birth chart.

  • Jupiter is the significator of wealth, wisdom, learning, philosophy, analytical and logical mind. In D-9, Jupiter is in Pisces sign ruled by Jupiter itself and Jupiter is in Kendra. So strength of Pushkar Navamsa is more here.
  • Saturn signifies hard work, organization capability, discipline. Saturn in D-9 is in Aries sign and its lord is MARS who placed is in 9 house in D-1 which is good.
  • Rahu in D-9 in Virgo sign and its Dispositor is Mercury well placed in D-1 as its in Kendra.
  • Ketu in D-9 in Pisces sign and its dispositor is well placed in D-1 as its in Kendra.


Samudaya Ashtakavarga Chart of MS Dhoni

In the SAV chart in his Birth- Horoscope, MS Dhoni has 36 points in the eleventh house and 31 points in tenth house that indicates great jump in his career.



India was looking for wicketkeeper who could bat also. During that time, there were many good wicket-keepers who use to help thier team not just by wicket-keeping but also with bat. For instance Adam Gilchrist from Australia, Andy Flower from Zimbabwe, Mark Boucher from South Africa, Kumar Sangakarka from Sri Lanka. This problem of India got solved when MS Dhoni became India wicketkeeper.

  • Tenth house lord is in own sign in birth chart of MS Dhoni.
  • Mercury is tenth house lord in dual sign, so doing dual things well.

Astrological Reasons for success of MS Dhoni from his Horoscope – Birth Chart

  • Doing captaincy for INDIA where cricket is like a religion it’s a very tough task. MS Dhoni had Seven planets from 10th house to lagna, is another pointer for self confidence to follow an independent path.
  • MS Dhoni had joined cricket during the MD of Mars followed by Rahu MD. Both Mars and Rahu are Poorna Paramatmamsa planets. Poorna parmatmamsa planets makes one bold and courageous also.
  • Karkamsha Lagna/Ascendant is in Virgo sign in the Birth Chart of MS Dhoni. When Saturn  is in Karkamsha Lagna, person becomes famous in his line of work.  Jupiter in Karkamsha Lagna gives him wisdom(can be religious wisdom also). Ms Dhoni is very popular in his field of profession that is Cricket.
  • Sun is in tenth house. Its digbali sun in the horoscope- Birth Chart in MS Dhoni. Sun is the significator of Authorithy. MS Dhoni has done great job as captain of Indian Cricket team.


Dasha Analysis in Horoscope – Birth Chart of MS Dhoni

  • In Dec 2004, MS Dhoni made debue against Bangladesh in the dasha of Rahu-Rahu. Rahu in birth chart of MS Dhoni is in eleventh house which is consider good. Rahu act like with planet its conjunct or as per its dispositor. Here Rahu is conjuct with ninth house lord Venus and is in eleventh house which bring MS Dhoni sudden and great success. This Rahu is also in pushkar navamsha. Rahu in D-10, Dashamasha Chart is conjunct with Moon ninth house lord in seventh house and Moon is exalted in seventh house in D-10, dashamsha chart.


  • On 31 oct’05, MS Dhoni scored 183 runs of just 145 balls against Sri Lanka in the dasha of Rahu-Jupiter-Saturn. Jupiter is the fourth and seventh house lord forming a good raj yoga as its conjunct with Saturn who is Trikona lord. Both Jupiter and Saturn are in pushkar navamsha in the horoscope – Birth Chart of MS Dhoni.


  • In year 2011 INDIA won the World Cup 2011 under his captaincy in the dasha of Rahu-Mercury-Venus. Rahu we have discussed earlier. In MS Dhoni Horoscope – Birth Chart, Mercury is the Ascendant lord which is well placed and this Mercury is also tenth house lord. Venus ninth house lord in eleventh house bringing gains and fortune for MS Dhoni. Dasha of Ascendant lord or exalted planets or tenth house lord dasha are consider good specially when they are well placed.


Retirement of MS Dhoni from Test Matches from his Birth Chart – Horoscope.

In Dec 2014, MS Dhoni took retirement from test matches, but continue to play in the ODI.

Dasha at the time of retirement of MS Dhoni

Jaimini Dasha

Aquarius- Leo

From Aquarius Maha Dasha – Amatya Karka Sun is in fifth house

From Leo Antar Dasha – Bhatri Karka Venus is in eleventh house

Lack of courage or will power or giving up something

But this Amatya Karka (Sun) is in the eleventh house from Leo Dasha, so that’s why he didn’t took retirement from ODI.


Vimshottri Dasha at the time of retirement of MS Dhoni from Test Matches

MS Dhoni was running through Dasha of Rahu- Venus- Sun

In Rahu- Venus Dasha

  • No Way you could have expect MS Dhoni to took retirement becuase of placement of MD and AD.
  • This Venus is in the eleventh house – house of gains which shows earning.
  • Venus is ninth house lord which is twelfth house lord from tenth house.
  • Sun is twelfth lord in tenth house.
  • This Sun is in third house of Dashamsha chart which gives hint of him taking retirement from one form of cricket.


MS Dhoni in Jan 2017 stepped down from Captaincy

Rahu – Venus- Mercury

  • Mercury is tenth house lord and is tenth lord in own house clearly gives indication that he will not take retirement from cricket in this dasha
  • But, this mercury is conjunct with twelfth house lord Sun and receives aspect of sixth and seventh house lord Saturn.
  • See placement of Mercury in Navamsha Chart of MS Dhoni
  • It’s in fifth house and receives aspect of hardcore malefic planet Sun and Saturn.
  • Mercury in in ninth house of Dashamsha Chart.


Love Marriage of MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni did love marriage with Sakshi.

In MS Dhoni Horoscope – Birth Chart

  • Fifth house lord Saturn aspects the seventh house.
  • Seventh house lord Jupiter is conjunct with fifth house lord Saturn.
  • Moon mind is conjunct with fifth house lord Saturn and Seventh house lord Jupiter that too in the Ascendant.
  • Venus aspects fifth house in the birth chart of MS Dhoni.


Child birth from the Horoscope – Birth Chart of MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni became father of child on 6 Feb 2015. In MS Dhoni –  Birth Chart, dasha at that time


  • Rahu in birth chart aspects the fifth house and Rahu dispositor is Moon conjunct with fifth house lord Saturn and karka Jupiter.
  • In Navamsha Chart, Rahu dispositor is Mercury placed in the fifth house.
  • Venus in MS Dhoni -birth chart aspects the fifth house.
  • In Navamsha Chart of MS Dhoni, Venus is the fifth house lord.
  • Moon in Birth chart is conjunct with fifth house lord Saturn, plus conjunct with karka Jupiter and in Saptamsha Chart is the Ascendant lord and placed in the 9 house.


Jaimini Char Dasha

  • He was running through the Maha Dasha of Aquarius.
  • From Aquarius – Fifth house receives the aspect of Putra Karka(Jupiter) which gives clear indication of MS Dhoni becoming father during this time period.
  • Antar Dasha was of Virgo which has PK(Jupiter) in it.


The detailed analysis of the horoscope as described above clearly indicates Dhoni’s present personality. However there is a possibility of some court cases or litigation charges against him in future.



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