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Numerology Analysis of Parveen Babi

Numerology Analysis of Parveen Babi – The Original Prima Donna

With her pouty lips, flowing raven locks & come-hither gaze, Parveen Babi became a sexualized modern fantasy. That too she became for a conservative nation warily eyeing the decline of world-wide morality in the 1970s.

In her films, Parveen Babi portrayed sultry characters who brazenly lived in sin. Parveen tossed aside saris in favour of pants. She innocently sipped exotic cocktails with a heavenly smile. But behind India’s very first sex symbol was a chaotic nightmare that still has conspiracy theorists reeling today.



Numerology Analysis of Parveen Babi

What was so unfathomable with Parveen Babi, let’s decrypt with discipline of numbers that is Numerology Analysis . . .

Parveen Babi born on April 4, 1949. A fate number 4 and destiny number 4 (4+4+1+9+4+9) native.

Fate No 4 of Parveen Babi

  • 4 Number influence of Uranus gives distinctive character marked by originality and inventiveness.
  • Number 4 makes One’s behaviour is unconventional, has own belief system and rules which do not match those laid down by society.
  • Many unexpected events keep happening in life of fate no 4.
  • Provoke opposition and have a number of secret enemies working against and are seldom understood by family and friends.
  • Always espouse the cause of underdog.
  • Highly strung and get isolated.


Destiny No 4 of Parveen Babi

  • Unreduced destiny number adds to 31 which indicates one may be lonely and self-contained.
  • May show genius of great intelligence but may suddenly abandon everything for mental peace.


Numeroscope of Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi numero-scope has

  • She has arrow of sceptism which makes one idealistic, who do not accept things at face value. They also have difficulty in expressing feelings.
  • Arrow of sensitivity which makes one highly sensitive and get easily hurt. Such person tend to hide emotions and feelings, are loving and supportive to those who need their help.
  • With arrow of loneliness, weakness and apathy indicating lack of moral or spiritual strength.


Number Analysis of Parveen Babi

Three 4s in a date of birth makes one very disciplined, organized and hardworking. But one may frequently neglect everything other than work and the material world. One may also make wrong choices in profession.


Kabala Number of Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi adds to kabala number 38/11: very powerful spiritually.

  • Where there is harmony, it increases but where there is discord it brings lies, deceit and falsehood also.
  • It sometimes brings misunderstanding and separation.
  • Plus it is associated with heartbreaks, unreliable friends, and deception by the opposite sex.
  • It foreshadows tribulations and unexpected dangers.
  • 11 a master number who have it have to contend with great adversities associated with obstinacy, dynamism, and revolution, will encounter duality, conflict and internal struggle.


Name Numerology of Parveen Babi

  • P ~ like to be aloof, others find it very difficult to know one’s feelings.
  • One has clarity of vision and foresight also intellectual depth and thinks deeply on various aspects of life.
  • There are many surprises in one’s life.
  • One has deep interest in religion and the occult.
  • Has common sense and is practical, but often become impatient.
  • One cannot tolerate interference.
  • Two E’s together implies one is talented, enthusiastic, understanding and have great physical desires.
  • Her expression number adds to 5 which indicate one loves freedom. It also makes one interest in trying anything new, exciting, unusual, characterised by magnetism, versatility, and restlessness.


Personal Life of Parveen Babi by Numerology

Let us see the play of number 4, 6, 7 (4 gels well with 6 and 7) and 11/2 in her life. . .

Parveen never married but had relationships with many married men.

  • Director MAHESH BHATT born on September 20, 1949. A fate number 2 (2+0) and destiny number 7 (2+0+9+1+9+4+9).
  • Actors KABIR BEDI born on January 16. A fate number 7 (1+6).
  • DANNY DENZONGPA born on February 25, 1948. A fate number 7 (2+5) and destiny number 4 (2+5+2+1+9+4+8).
  • She was also strongly rumoured to have had an affair with her co-star of many films, AMITABH BACHCHAN born on October 11; a fate number 11/2.


Personal Year 4 for Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi was the first Bollywood star to appear on the front page of the TIME in 1976.

  • In her personal year 4 (4+4+1+9+7+6) much to the amazement of her contemporaries.
  • She continued to appear in front page of every film magazine, whether the Filmfare, The Stardust, Bombay Dyeing et al.


Career of Parveen Babi by Numerology

Let’s check our films of Parveen Babi with the help of Numerology.

  • Parveen Babi first major breakthrough was MAJBOOR adding to #24.
  • DEEWAAR adding to #24 in 1975 (4).
  • AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY in 1977 (6) .
  • Followed with KAALA PATHAR adding to #33.
  • SHAAN adding to #15.
  • KRANTI adding to #15
  • KHUDDAR adding to #25 et al.


Spiritual Journey of Parveen Babi

On 30 July 1983; sum total adds to 4 (3+0+7+1+9+8+3). Parveen Babi left India and the film industry at the height of her career and travelled to various countries for a spiritual journey.


Health of Fate no 4

  • Health ~ native with fate number 4 suffers from strange ailments difficult to diagnose, melancholy, anaemia, mental disorders, poor circulation.
  • One should only have vegetarian food and abstain from alcohol.
  • Physical weakness gets aggravated by negative emotions.


Parveen Babi Kabala Number

  • Parveen Babi health kabala sums to number 11.  It specifies to be careful from excessive use of medication and drugs.
  • It is a psychic number as one’s imagination is powerful, ailments may be self-induced and psychological or emotional in nature.


Death of Parveen Babi

She left this world on January 20, 2005. At that time Parveen Babi was in her 56th (5+6=11) year.  Year 2005 sums to 7!

With her chiseled looks, well-sculpted body and anglicised accent donned the mantle of archetypal Indian heroine and imparted to the female prima donna of Bollywood her characteristic mannerisms forever.

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