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Numerology Analysis of Rakesh Roshan

Numerology Analysis of Rakesh Roshan `The Ingenious ‘K’raft Master


With over 5 decades of working in the film industry, Rakesh Roshan has contributed immensely towards Hindi cinema by making his films rich and entertaining for the audiences. Rakesh Roshan has exhibited romance, realism and even fantasy through his work and surely, they will come to be revered and venerated by future generations. He has proven that with hard work and a solid understanding of the audiences’ tastes, one can craft some truly outstanding cinema which will attain global obligation.


Numerology Analysis of Rakesh Roshan 

Rakesh Roshan is born on September 6, 1949. His fate number 6 and destiny number 11/2 (6+9+1+9+4+9=38) native.

Fate Number 6 of Rakesh Roshan

6 number is influenced by Venus. So Rakesh Roshan fate number is ruled by Venus.

  • Number 6 makes one emotive, tender, responsible, passionate also inventive and creative.
  • Love, affection, stable personal relationships, peace, and harmony are very essential to one.
  • 6 Number born have Family and friends influence one’s career choices.
  • Number 6 may have artistic talent which should be nurtured.
  • One plants richness and exquisiteness to his activities as well as love to go for like in life too.

Destiny Number 2 of Rakesh Roshan

2 number is influenced by Moon. So Rakesh Roshan destiny number is 2.

  • Number 2 make one highly imaginative.
  • No. 2 will be able to make a mark in the arts or in creative fields.
  • There are many changes in one’s personal life; women in key positions help one.
  • Their work brings them in direct touch with many people.
  • They have an eye for beauty, and a fine sense of balance and rhythm.
  • Romantic attachments bring them joy.
  • They are also patient and cooperative.
  • Children play an important role in their life.
  • 11 a master number springs the potential to be a source of inspiration and illumination for people and possess an inordinate amount of energy and intuition.


Career of Rakesh Roshan by Numerology

See role of Numerology in Rakesh Roshan career.

  • Rakesh Roshan started his career in films in 1968 (6).
  • He began as an assistant director to veteran like H S Rawail born August 21, 1921.  2+1+8+1+9+2+1 = 6. Mohan Kumar born June 1, 1934. 1+6+1+9+3+4 = 6, in sync.
  • He persuaded his acting career efficiently with both hits and misses. However the passion for film making remained intact.
  • In year 1977 (6), he set up his production company FilmKRAFT adding to number 33 in sync though most of its films didn’t do well.
  • Only KAAMCHOR adding to number 25 (7) in 1982 (2) did well.
  • But things changed when he wore director’s cap and made his victor debut with KHUDGARZ released in 1987 (7). During that time he was in his 38th (3+8=11) year in sync.


Rakesh Roshan fascination for Letter K

Let’s decipher how numbers played big shot in his triumph and his fascination for K letter. . .

  • He achieved fame for directing films with titles beginning with the letter “K” it’s a 11th letter.
  • K letter is connected with creative endeavours, media and entertainment and vibrates impeccably with him.


Movies of Rakesh Roshan

Let’s see Rakesh Roshan hit and flop movies with the help of Numerology.

  • His next critical and commercial success KHOON BHARI MAANG adds to number 51 (15 letters; 1+5=6).
  • KISHEN KANHAIYA adding to number 38 (3+8=11) in sync.
  • In year 1995 (6) he gave blockbuster KARAN ARJUN (10 letters).
  • He dud KOYLA adding to number 14. He did in year 1997 in his 48th year here numbers are not in sync and henceforth it was box-office disaster.

Rakesh Roshan movies & Hrithik Roshan – Kaho Naa Pyaar Hain by Numerology

Hrithik Roshan superstar is the son of Rakesh Roshan. Let’s see numbers impact which gave them great success when Rakesh Roshan made movies for his son as lead role.

  • Rakesh Roshan launched his son Hrithik’s career as an actor with romantic drama KAHO NAA PYAAR HAI.  It had 15 letters; 1+5=6 adding to number 42 (6).
  • It was in year 2000 (2) when he was in his 51st (5+1=6) year.
  • Kaho Naa Pyaar Hain film registered all-time record collections all over the world.
  • Overnight Hrithik became the heartthrob of the nation.
  • This movie also entered the Limca Book of Records for the most number of awards won by a Bollywood film.


Other movies of Rakesh Roshan with his son Hrithik Roshan by Numerology

Check out list of other movies made by Rakesh Roshan in which Hritik Roshan played as lead role. Also check its reason why it achieved so much of success by numerology.

  • Rakesh Roshan directed his son Hrithik Roshan again in science-fiction blockbuster KOI MIL GAYA.
  • This movie had 10 letters adding to number 24 (6) in year 2003. During that time Rakesh Roshan personal year was 2 in sync. Interestingly this was the first Sci-Fi with an alien on the Indian silver screen.
  • Rakesh was recognized as an international director and was conferred with the coveted National Award for best film.
  • Well along its sequel, the science fiction superhero film KRRISH (6 letters) adding to number 15 (6). With the help of this movie Rakesh Roshan receive the best accolade when for the first time an Indian film ‘Krrish’ was selected by the IIM, Indore. It got selected as a case study for its management syllabus.
  • KRRISH 3 in year 2013 (6) when he was in his 65th (6+5=11) year, both of which were also very successful at the box office.


Astrology – Sun – Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh Roshan has well placed Sun in Leo in his natal chart. Number 1 is governed by mighty Sun and henceforth we can see his efficacious association with son HRITHIK ROSHAN. Hrithik Roshan date of birth is 10 January 10. See fate number 1 (1+0).

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh Roshan is indubitably one of the most intriguing filmmakers to have emerged from Hindi cinema over the past few decades. He is more than just the father of superstar Hrithik Roshan. Rakesh Roshan is someone who has devoted himself to making films as dramatic and exhilarating as possible for his viewers. Fans are certain that from the first shot to the closing frame that they will be entertained by his craft.


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