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Predicting Disease – Heart Attack by Tarot Card

Predicting Heart Attack Disease - 1
Predicting Heart Attack Disease - 2


Good health is the real wealth. A good health is a blessing.


Few of my students and clients were curious to know that can we check for health related issues in Tarot card or not. Yes, health problem can be seen in tarot. By Tarot, we can be aware of upcoming health problem and so can take required precautionary steps to prevent or reduce them. Tarot takes us to the journey of wisdom. It can help us by guiding us to maintain balance in life. If health is not good, one may suffer in life in different ways, one may suffer in profession or one can suffer in married life or love life or person may not be able to achieve what he/she desires for. जान है तो जहान है

There are different ways in which one can answer the query of client. Client at times is confused and may be not be able to frame the question in right way. Tarot card reader must understand the issue or query properly and then answer by choosing which spread is more useful. Proper planning should be there. I will tell various ways by which tarot card reader can answer the query of client as per the questions that he or she comes across.

First question is Will he/she get well? (Generally asked when specially when someone is ill or not well from long time)

FIRST WAY is by simply asking the client to pick up one single card for that person. If positive cards come up, then answer is yes. If any negative card comes, then answer is no.  


We can also do two card spread for health

  1. Present 2) Future


The client may simply ask how will be the health in upcoming future?

Normally majority of tarot reader will pick up one card for future and answer it.

Is this way the right way to check and answer? For example, if patient gets admitted to hospital doctors always ask whether the patient is suffering from the same (if old problem) or different problem and he/she got admitted in the hospital for it? Why doctor does so? Reason is treatment may differ for client in both above cases. Similarly from my point of view, one should pick at three cards.

  1. Past 2) Present 3) Future

Why three? There are some diseases which one may have come across in past or present. There are some diseases which may come all of sudden. We can compare the intensity of it by comparing it with past and present and we can have some good idea also.


We can add two more cards if we want to go further in more minute details.

  1. Past 2) Present 3) Future 4) Action 5) Guidance

Now I will share some of examples and case studies I came across

For two cards spread

If present card for health comes good, and for future health card comes bad, then it means some undesired illness may come.

If present card for health comes bad, and for future health card comes good, then it may indicate health will improve in future.

If present card for health comes bad, and future health card also comes bad, then it may indicate health will not improve. It may get worse and it may also mean old disease may continue or more diseases client might have to face.

At times, positive cards comes in both present and future, which may indicate person is well and temporary health issues which will be cured easily and the person will have good health in future also.

Generally swords card are not considered good if it comes in health reading. I was in Mumbai teaching Tarot cards there, one student came across from some other city. Her mother in law was admitted in hospital. One asked for her mother-in-law health present and future card.


Present card came was Knight of swords;


This is not good card in health and shows some change in health on negative side perhaps.


Future card came – The Tower


Shows collapse. This is the card which shows destruction all of sudden. Present and future both were not indicating good.  This is one of the most undesired and unwanted card for health specially.

She lost her mother in law. She was hopeful that her mother in law will get well. But all of sudden she left for heaven.



One client came to me for Tarot Reading

(Sharing client heart attack case study)

She came to do know about her husband health.

Past case card came was 3 of swords which may show some surgery and definitely not good health. That person had heart attack.

(3 of swords can indicate heart attack or even some diseases which may hit all of sudden like low blood pressure also. It can definitely indicate surgery also.)

The present card that came was the Death card and client was shocked and in tears, but the future card was 10 of cups which is a good card. Death card doesn’t mean literally death.



The client’s husband suffered another heart attack and was critical (present death card) but since future card was a good one, I told not to worry as he will get fine and he did. Thankfully he got well.


When tarot card reader is analyzing for any health related query, then tarot reader has to be very careful and cautious and alert on what cards come and what it may indicate.

Cards which can relates to Heart

Is Strength card, The Sun. (Even The chariot can be considered as moon rules it and in astrology 4 house represents Heart, But Sun planet is the karka for it.)



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