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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Born between 22 November till 22 December


Here, we are discussing Sagittarius Zodiac sign, so if your Zodiac sign is Taurus, then your Tarot Card is Temperance. The Temperance card guides about having proper blending. Sagittarius is a fiery sign and is also the most aggressive sign that thrives on action and Temperance card is the card that reminds us of not going in extremes and having balanced view point. Remember proper balance always help out. Don’t take any decision in hurry.















This year, there may be some struggles. Things may not go as smooth as might have anticipated. Things may be turn to be stressful for you.  You may have to face some issues either due to some environment  like could be even home environment or may be due to some property matter. What you need is to have a balanced point of view that is you have to focus or give importance to all things but not at the cost of ignoring other things. Have balanced point of view, don’t take any matter in extreme position. Following middle course of action where you can focus on all things equally and proportionally will help you out more.


You are more energetic and can handle things in a better way when you handle it with more maturity with high intensity and desire to do well. When you are challenged up, you may do better or come up with better results. Few things may help you out more like if you set a strict time table. You should try to challenge yourself like I can do better.


This year, you may not be satisfied/not too happy with your career or circumstances as things may be little too slow as you might have anticipated. It’s time to reexamine. You may be stuck up or not able to take a major call. Emotionally you may not be so happy with how things might be going on. If you take help or guidance of some family member or close relative/friends may help you out more. Like if you are doing some family business, its better if you consult your family before taking any major decision. 



Be careful this year. Don’t do investment without going in minute details. Be cautious. There is a possibility either someone may cheat you up or some of the investments may not pay off as you might have expected.  It could be one of the case that some unexpected things might take place.  You should be careful and be more sensible and practical in your approach.

Don’t let out money this year to someone blindly without taking in security consideration. Be more organized and have good money management skills. Have more conservative measures to manage your finances this year.



You should not be casual in your approach towards your health this year. At times, ignorance may prove to be costlier. So don’t ignore. If you are ill, not keeping well, it’s time to consult a doctor and take proper treatment. You should take care of your body parts especially from lower body. You have the knowledge and remember any obsession is not good in keeping good health.



You may have to go through a testing time period in your relationship this year, but you can manage it out. You have the inner strength and have the courage to deal with difficulties that come in without having fear. You may confront issues that welled up from the past with new insight. If you are not in relationship, you may want/thinking to marry someone who may be from some different background like may be some different culture and there may be you may find environment that is not too supportive if you want to marry your love partner this year.   


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You may receive some help , information or some kind of message from your partner. It might be kind of hint but you need to carry that hint and work on it. Don’t let this opportunity to miss or it could also mean that there is scope of improvement in relationship further this year. If there is not good relationship going on between you and your love partner may be this year your partner will try to do something which helps in devolping into a better relationship or Both of you may try for new efforts/ideas. Practical interest like monetary interest may be brining both of you together or both together may become financially better.




You may not be putting required efforts that you need to put in. You may not be feeling too good in your relationship. Sense of comfort level seems to be somehow missing. It seems you have some fears due to which you feel restricted and confined or you are in a negative frame of mind that you need to overcome. Approach of yours seems to be more on pessimistic side as compared to optimistic side. It may be due to some reasons but you should overcome it. There may be some gap between you and your partner in terms of physical relationship.



Be more expressive. Have clear thought process. Be more romantic. Try to surprise your partner by giving her some unexpected gifts or taking your partner out for sometimes. You need to be more confident and need to believe or find ways to have that spark between you and your partner. You need to come with new approach and be more romantic. You need to respond faster to your partner’s hints. May be your partner wants you to be more active socially active, and of course  you should be if you are not that active. You should take more chances in your relationship, if it’s not working. Give a romantic touch. Come with a new insight.



You may not be sure of what next course of action should be or you may be constantly shifting your goals. It might be possible that your goals may be not be practical.

You may not be putting efforts that you need to or you may have set up too high target for yourself or you may not want to go out of your comfortable zone that you have set up for yourself. You may not be ready for the changes that comes in or may be feeling resistant for it. It might be possible that you may  be focusing on your matter more or in your achievements/targets at the cost of ignoring things that you should not be doing. Self- restraint and impulse control are also one of the issues for blocking. You need to be more practical.



You may get chance to gain a better/strong position or people may recognize you more. You may become more popular. There is also a possibility that you may have more name and fame this year be it in your social circle or be it at your work place.  You may get support from people around you.

You might get inheritance or inspite of some dispute or some problem that you face in your finances; you may be able to manage it.



You should enjoy life more and should try and spend time with family more. If you take your family’s opinion, it will be better. You should go with your family on some trip.

You should welcome new ideas and be stronger mentally. You should have good determination. A focused mind brings more success. Being more logical and disciplined always helps. Work with more maturity. Have strong will power and be more rational.



January to march month are good months for you and you get support from someone unexpectedly or you may be feeling more happy or emotionally fulfilled.



Things may not go as per your expectations which means you may not be able to go the destinations that you might have desired for. It might be possible that even if you are able to travel you may not be able to enjoy as much as you might have thought of. What cards advice is to not to get carried away and become more cautious where you should go and reexamine trips again.


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