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Virender Sehwag Horoscope

Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag is one of the world most destructive and successful Test batsman. I have shared my astrological analysis of Horoscope of Virender Sehwag. He has score two triple centuries in Test Matches for India which is highest by India. 319 is the highest run scored by Indian batsman in Test matches in single innings. He has player over 23 Test Centuries and has played 104 Test Matches at the amazing strike rate of 82.86. In ODI also, he has made 15 ODI centuries with amazing strike of 104.3 and has scored double century also. He is also Right Arm Off Spin bowler and has taken 96 wickets in ODI.

Virender Sehwag Horoscope – Birth Details

20 Oct 1978

2.45 am


One of the World Best Batsman Virender Sehwag is born on 20 Oct 1978 in Delhi. His Sun sign is Libra and Moon sign is Taurus as per his horoscope.

He is born in the Jat family of grain merchant and spent his childhood in a joint family with siblings, uncles, aunts and sixteen cousins. Now he is settle down in New Delhi, the Sehwag family hails from Haryana. His father attributes his interest in cricket to a toy bat which he was given when he was just seven months old. He attended school in Delhi.

(His ninth house lord is Mars which is conjunct with his third and tenth house lord Venus. From Sun, ninth house lord is Mercury which is again conjunct with his third and tenth house lord.) Above shows support of father in career of Sehwag as it has connection with tenth house in horoscope of Virender Sehwag.

Veeru was the third of four children born to father Krishan and mother Krishna Sehwag, with two elder sisters Manju and Anju and younger brother Vinod. He attended Arora Vidya School in Delhi, and pestered his parents to let him play cricket, on the basis that he was not academically gifted.

Early in his career, he had a reputation for being an attacking batsman and his coach was Amar Nath Sharma. Later he attended Jamia Milia Islamia for graduation.

Promise of Siblings in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag had two elder sisters and one younger brother. Let’s look at the promise of elder and younger sibling from the horoscope of Virender Sehwag.

Elder Sibling of Virender Sehwag

  • Eleventh house is the house of elder siblings.
  • Lord of eleventh house is conjunct with Debiliated Sun.
  • Sixth house lord Saturn aspects the eleventh house lord.
  • But, Virender Sehwag eleventh house is in Shubh Kartari.
  • From Jupiter, there is benefic planet in the eleventh house in the birth chart.
  • Plus, Jupiter significator of elder sibling is exalted in the birth chart of Virender Sehwag.


In Navamsha Chart of Virender Sehwag

  • Eleventh house has benefic planet Venus.
  • But eleventh house lord is well placed as its in the seventh house- Kendra of navamsha chart.


Elder Sibling Promise In Dreshkana Chart of Virender Sehwag










  • Venus aspects the eleventh house.
  • Eleventh house lord Mars is well placed as its in tenth house – Kendra of Dreshkana Chart.
  • From Jupiter – eleventh house lord is Mercury which is not under any malefic influence.


Younger Sibling of Virender Sehwag

To see younger sibling in a chart, astrologer should focus on third house, its lord, Mars and Dreshkana D-3 Chart.

  • In horoscope of Virender Sehwag, third house lord is in the third house.
  • From Mars, third house lord is Jupiter which is exalted in the birth chart.
  • In Dreshkana Chart, third house lord Saturn aspects own house.
  • There is one benefic planet Mercury in the third house.
  • From Mars, third house receives aspect of Mercury.


Rising sign in Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag is Leo rising sign. For Leo Ascendant, third house and tenth house lord are same. Those who got Leo rising Ascendant got good chance to follow their dreams and desires specially when lord Venus has connection with own sign like tenth house or third house. If it has connection with second/eleventh house or their lords it shows income from the hobbies also.


What makes Virender Sehwag as fearless batsman from his Horoscope:

Check out Astrological Reason from Virender Sehwag what makes him fearless batsman as mention below:

  • Ascendant Lord of Virender Sehwag is in third house. Third house is the house of valour. Ascendant lord if in third house makes person bold and ambitious. Person is fearless.
  • Third lord is in the third house which also makes him fearless.
  • Mars the karka of energy is in third house. It gives him ability to hit big sixes.
  • Virender Sehwag Ascendant lord, third and tenth house lord that is Venus and Mars are in third house in the airy sign. He used to play lot of airy shots.
  • Sixth house lord Saturn aspects the third house and Ascendant which makes him aggressive batsman.
  • Saturn is in ascendant which makes him hardworking. Saturn is in enemy sign and since its sixth house lord shows struggle in his life.
  • Virender Sehwag got majority of planets from tenth to third house which makes one bold. (This principle is taken from the Cl Gaur Sir book on Professions).


Yogas in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Read all special yogas in the Horoscope – Birth Chart of Virender Sehwag mention below:

  • In the horoscope of Virender Sehwag – Sun and Moon are Vargottama. To see horoscope, astrologer must see chart from Ascendant, Sun and Moon. That is making Sun and Moon as Ascendant. Moon is the life – force and The Sun is the soul.
  • Moon is in Mool Trikoana sign.
  • If three or four planets are in Own sign/Mool trikona sign then its form a Raj Yoga. Jupiter is exalted in Birth Chart, Moon is in M.T sign & Venus is in M.T. Sign.
  • Debilitated planet in third house forms Raj yoga.
  • Ascendant lord is debilitated but has neech bhang raj yoga as its conjunct with Venus.
  • Virender Sehwag Ascendant is Vargottama which is good from the health/fitness point of view. It also gives him popularity.
  • Benefic planets in Kendra of Navamsha chart is consider good and it makes native like a king.
  • Ascendant lord Sun, fourth, ninth house lord Mars and Venus tenth house lord are conjunct together. Kendra and Trine lords are conjunct together.
  • Conjunction of ninth and tenth house lord together forms a Yoga – Dharam Karam Adipati Yoga. Plus ninth house lord aspects ninth house. It brings fortune to the native. This yoga brings name and fame.
  • Moon dispositor is in own/mooltrikona sign which is consider good.
  • Ketu is in Pushkar Navamsha in Birth Chart.
  • Animal sign in tenth house is good to rise in career.

Samudaya Asthakavarga Chart of Virender Sehwag Horoscope

Astrologer should also consider the Asthakvarga Chart in a horoscope as it gives idea of which house is strong and weak.

  • In Samudaya Astak Varga Chart of  Virender Sehwag there are 38 bindus in the Ascendant.
  • Eleventh house has more bindus than tenth house. He got 33 points in the tenth house and 36 points in the eleventh house which is good to rise in career.



Jaimini Raj Yogas in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Lets look at the Raj Yogas formed by Jaimini Astrology in the horoscope of Virender Sehwag.

  • Atma Karka Venus is conjunct with Amatya Karka Mars which forms raj yoga.
  • AK(Venus)/AMK(Mars) is conjunct with Putra Karka (Mercury) which is another Raj yoga.
  • Raj yoga is form in the third house which is the house of efforts and courage. Atma Karka(Venus) , Amatya Karka(Mars) and Putra Karka(Mercury) aspects the tenth house.


Astrological Parameters of Rise in Career

  • The PAC link of tenth house/tenth house lord with eleventh house/eleventh house lord indicates promotions, awards, gains etc in profession. Tenth house lord is Venus which is conjunct with eleventh house lord Mercury.
  • PAC link of 10 house/10 house lord with ninth house/ninth house lord or Ascendant/Ascendant Lord forms a Raj Yoga of higher order.
  • Out of nine planets, six planets are in Shirodhaya sign in Virender Sehwag horoscope which may give success early. Shirsodhaya signs are Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius. Even in Navamsha Chart, six planets are in these sign.


Debue of Virender Sehwag against Pakistan on 1 April’1999 in ODI

Virender Sehwag made his debue against Pakistan in April 1999 in ODI match. But he didn’t perform well and later he got dropped from the team.

Dasha at that time when he made debue

Rahu – Mercury – Ketu- Rahu

  • Maha Dasha lord Rahu is in second house – house of earning. Its lord is well placed, so shows earning.
  • This MD lord is in the sixth house – house of competiton in Dashamsha Chart which shows success but with struggles.
  • Mercury is second and eleventh house lord but is under malefic influence as its sandwich between Sun and Mars.
  • This Mercury is in the third house – house of efforts. Since its conjunct with tenth house lord Venus, he had to work more hard in the future. In this match he just made one run and then play next match in year 2000.
  • In Dashamsha Chart, AD Lord Mercury is tenth house lord but it’s in debilitation sign but in Kendra that’s why he got the opportunity to play for Indian Cricket Team.
  • This Mercury receives aspect of Ascendant lord Jupiter from the eight house in the Dashamsha Chart.
  • PD Lord which is Ketu which is in eight house in birth chart. Its dispositor is exalted in the twelfth house.
  • But SD Lord is Rahu which is not too supportive.

Planet Awasthas in Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

This Mercury is in Deena Awastha and expect demotion in his position. Mercury is in in Nrityalipsavastha under Shayanadi Awastha, the native will be endowed with honour and he got honoured as he got the opportunity to play for the Indian Cricket Team. This Mercury has more Ishta Phala 36.14, that could be one of the reasons that he got the chance to play for Indian Cricket Team.

Mercury is in Kshobhit Awastha. The result of those houses in which the Kshobhit planets are placed are destroyed. Overall This Mercury is not fully fruitful.

(PD Lord Ketu is in Bhojanaawastha, the native will face great adversities on account of his deeds. Sehwag got out for one run only against Pakistan in debue match. He got out lbw to Shoiab Aktar by playing wrong shot.)

Transit in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Even Transit wasn’t favourable in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag when he made debue.

  • Transit of Saturn was not good. Saturn in Transit was in Aries – Ninth house – Degree 9 degree 38 minutes.
  • There are only 22 bindus in the ninth house of Virender Sehwag Birth Chart.
  • Only 1 bindu in the sarvastakvarga chart of Saturn and Saturn in transit in bindu less kaksha of Mars.


Astrological Analysis of Dasha in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Rahu – Venus

From June 2002 to june 2005, he was going through the Antar Dasha of Venus under the Maha Dasha of Rahu.

  • He did very well in the dasha of third house lord Venus. This Venus is also the tenth house lord. He did extremely well in the tenth house lord Dasha which is place in own sign.
  • This AD Lord Venus is placed in the own sign. He made 195 runs against Australia in Australia in Test Match.
  • He did captaincy in April 2003 against Bangladesh in one match.
  • From Rahu, Venus is in Second house in birth chart. In Dashamsha Chart, they are in 3 -11 axis.
  • He made 309 runs in single Test Match Innings which was world record for highest score by Indian batsman that time.
  • Antar Dasha Lord Venus is well placed in the Navamsha Chart as its placed in the eleventh house – house of gains.
  • In D-10 Chart, this Venus is in the eight house and is lord of eleventh house with Ascendant lord Jupiter and Mars fifth house lord. It’s conjunct with Kendra and trikona lord.


Marriage and Arjuna Award from the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag won Arjuna Award in August’ 2002. He won award by Government and BCCI during Rahu – Venus Dasha. In April 2004, he got married under heavy security in a widely publicised wedding hosted by Late Arun Jaitley the Union minister of India at his residence. Ad lord Venus is the natural significator of  Marriage. In Birth Chart of Virender Sehwag, Venus recieves aspect of seventh house lord Saturn also.

Principle of Transit of Saturn.

Principle of Saturn transit – In a bhava with 5 to 8 bindus makes one leader of masses, gives wealth and dominance over others.

The transit of Saturn in a kakshaya having bindu in his Astkavarga gives inheritance, victory etc.


  • In year 2002, Jupiter in Transit was in Gemini eleventh house from where it aspects Venus tenth house lord. This Transit Jupiter aspects Indu Lagnesh that is Mars also.
  • Next transit also good as Jupiter in Transit comes in Cancer sign from where it aspects Indu Sign that is Scorpio.


Transit in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag made 195 runs against Australia in Australia on 26 Dec 2003. Let’s look at the transit in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag.

  • Transit Jupiter is in Leo sign around 24 degree 52 minutes. Transit Jupiter was in Ascendant and aspecting ninth house also.
  • Saturn in Transit in Gemini sign at 16 degree 17 minutes. Transit Saturn is in the eleventh house where there are 36 bindus.
  • In the bhinastakvarga of Saturn there are 4 bindus. .
  • In Transit Saturn aspects the Ascendant.

Transit when Virender Sehwag made 309 runs against Pakistan

In the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag, transit was favourable when he made 309 runs against Pakistan in March’04.

  • Transit Jupiter was in Leo around 17 degrees 06 minutes.
  • Saturn in Transit is in Gemini at 12 degree 46 minutes.
  • Both, Transit Saturn and Transit Jupiter were making connection with Ascendant of Birth Chart.
  • Transit Saturn is in the eleventh house where there are 36 bindus.
  • In the bhinastakvarga of Saturn there are 4 bindus.
  • Jupiter in Transit aspects the Natal Ascendant lord Jupiter, eleventh house lord Venus.


Rise in Career by Varshphal Chart in Horoscope of Virender Sehwag with Jaimini Astrology and Third, Fourth Level Dasha

Virender Sehwag did very well from Oct 2003 to oct 2004. We can see this thing by Varsphal chart also. To read more, click –

Rise in Career

Rahu – Sun

  • Here Sun itself is Ascendant Lord and is conjunct with ninth house lord Mars which is Yog karka for Leo Ascendant.
  • Tenth house lord is Venus which doesn’t aspect but is conjunct with this Sun and it has neech bhanga also.
  • This debilitated Sun is also Vargottama.
  • During Rahu – Sun – Jupiter, he came vice captain. He has done captaincy also.

(Jupiter is exalted in Birth Chart as well as Dashamsha Chart. In Navamsha Chart it aspects tenth house. This Jupiter is in Deeptavastha.)

Virender Sehwag made 254 runs against Pakistan in Pakistan in January 2006. He did well while playing away from country during this time. Next series he didn’t perform well against England in India. But overall, this dasha brought name and fame.

Dasha of Ascendant lord is consider good for name and fame. Plus, its Vargottama also.

(Ascendant lord Sun is conjunct with Kendra, Trikona lord forming Raj Yoga)

Transit in the Birth Chart of Virender Sehwag when he made 254 runs

254 runs Virender Sehwag made against Pakistan on 16 jan 2006.

  • In Jan 2006, Jupiter in transit in libra was transisting over Indu Lagnesh Mars and tenth house lord Venus.
  • Transit Saturn was in the twelfth house, where there are 28 bindus only.
  • In the bhinastakvarga of Saturn, there are 4 bindus.
  • Saturn in transit was in the bindu kaksha of Sun.
  • Both in Transit that is Jupiter and Saturn were aspecting ninth house in birth chart.

When Sehwag made triple century, Transit Saturn was more favorable as it was transiting in house where there were more bindus.

Sehwag missed out one ODI in Feb’2006 due to shoulder injury. Sun and third lord are under affliction of Saturn. But due to good bindus in Ascendant of Birth Chart and Ascendant lord Vargottama, he didn’t had any major injury for long time.

Sun is again in Second house from Rahu in Birth Chart.

In Dashamsha Chart, Sun is in eleventh house – house of gains. This Sun is in sixth house from Rahu. He did better in Rahu- Venus Dasha as compare to Rahu – Sun Dasha.

This Sun has more of Kashta Phala that is 48.12. Plus this Sun is in Khala Awastha also(deepadi awastha which is not good. Sun lacks the strength as its opposite to Digbali. Sehwag captained India for just few matches only. Sun is also the significator of authorithy. Even Mars is exactly opposite to house of Digbali. Venus AD was more fruitful as compare to Sun AD. He gave good performance but had fall also during this AD when less supportive PD came. One of the saving Grace is that this Sun is in Mudit Awastha.

Rahu – Moon Dasha 

Virender Sehwag did well in the Moon AD under Rahu.

  • This Moon is in mooltrikona sign and is vargottama also.
  • Virender Sehwag got strong Moon in tenth house shows the success in career during its Antardasha.

Rahu – Moon – Saturn Dasha

Sehwag got dropped from the ODI in Jan 2007 and then got drop even from Test Matches. He was Vice Captain in Test matches that time.

(PD Lord Saturn is sixth house lord in Birth Chart in enemy sign. This Saturn is in Deenaawastha.


Rahu – Mars Dasha

  • AD Lord Mars is conjunct with benefic planet like Mercury and Venus.
  • Mars aspects own house that is ninth house and is conjunct with ninth house lord Venus. This Mars is involved in Raj Yoga.
  • In Navamsha Chart, Mars is placed in the eleventh house and again conjunct with tenth house lord Venus.
  • In Dashamsha Chart, its debilitated in eight house but has neech bhanga also as its conjunct with exalted planet Jupiter. Kendra and trine lords are conjunct in eight house.

Astrological Reason of Comeback of Virender Sehwag 

Sehwag was drop in 2007 but came back again in team towards the end of year 2007. Gambhir was suffering from injury and Sehwag was not in the list of 24 probable for Australia tour. Then Gambhir got dropped with sore shoulder and Sehwag came in.

Virender Sehwag got the opportunity to play for India again. In the third test match against Australia in Australia. In the fourth Test Match, Sehwag made 151 runs in the second innings. He was back in form.

In March 2008, Virender Sehwag made 319 runs in single test innings against South Africa which is the highest score by Indian batsman. This is fastest triple century as he made off 278 runs ball.

In same year, he made 254 runs against Sri Lanka also.

See the Antar Dasha of Mars who is ninth house lord involve in Raj Yoga.


Virender Sehwag made one more triple century and its his highest score 319 runs against South Africa.  Let’s see the Transit of Jupiter and Saturn when he made 319 runs.

  • Transit Jupiter at 25 degree 44 minutes in Sagittarius.
  • Saturn in Transit in Leo – 8 degree 47 minutes.
  • Match was played from 26 to 30 march 2008. On third day of Test match, he made triple century.
  • Transit Jupiter is in second house that is Sagittarius from Indu Lagna that is Scorpio. This Transit Jupiter also aspects the Ascendant.
  • In Transit Saturn was in Ascendant where there are 38 bindus.
  • In bhinastakvarga of Saturn, there are 5 bindus.
  • Saturn was transisting in the bindu kaksha of Mars.
  • Both transit Jupiter and Transit Saturn have connection with Ascendant/Ascendant lord, Ninth house/Ninth house lord.


Transit of Saturn in connection with Natal Sun

  • Whenever Saturn in transit, establish a PAC relationship with the natal Sun the Jatak’s profession improves. (Pg 1-86, Transit Book by Cl. Gaur sir)
  • On that day, Saturn in transit aspects the Natal Sun by third aspect. (This is the principle given in the Transit Book by Cl. Gaur Sir)

In year 2008, he made more than 1000 runs in a calendar year.

Chidra Dasha in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

Sehwag performance wasn’t upto mark during end of Rahu – Mars Dasha that is Chidra Dasha. This Dasha need to be analysed very carefully.

This Mars had only 25.80 istha pahla.  Mars is also in Dukhi Awastha under Deeptadi Awashthas which shows struggle also. Any planet in Dukhi Awastha, then there is theft and fear from fire and king. Here king means authority. Sehwag might had fear that he may never come back in team. In lajjitawastha, its in Kshudit Awastha but also in good awastha like Khsobit Awastha also.

Jupiter – Jupiter – Venus

He did very well during dasha of Jupiter- Jupiter- Venus.

  • Virender Sehwag fall short of just six runs of one more triple century when he made 294 runs against Sri Lanka on 2 dec 2009.
  • He made 146 runs against Sri Lanka in ODI during the third lord PD of Venus.
  • Two test centuries Sehwag made – 109 and 165 runs against South Africa in Feb’2010.
  • Dasha of Trine Lord Jupiter which is exalted in Maha Dasha and exalted in Dashamsha Chart also.
  • Venus is well placed as we have already discuss below. Venus is the eleventh house lord in Dashamsha Chart which is conjunct with Jupiter Ascendant lord of Dashamsha Chart.

(This Jupiter in Gravit Awastha as well as Deepta Awastha.)

Sehwag got dropped in year 2013, then didn’t got the opportunity to play again for the team. Later on, he was playing domestic cricket and IPL also.


Result of Moon sign in the Horoscope of Virender Sehwag

  • Prosperity comes to him easily.
  • Will have something magnetic about himself.
  • Makes generally a strong strong personal presence.
  • Efficiency in the performance of duty is notable.

(Ref – Hindu Astrology easily K. N Rao Sir)

Overall Horoscope Analysis of Virender Sehwag Birth Chart

In India, it’s not easy to get opportunity to play for country India.

  • Third lord is in own house which gives him strong will power. Third lord in airy sign and fiery rising sign shows the style of playing cricket of Virender Sehwag.
  • Fifth house lord is exalted which shows with his mind and planning, he will achieve his targets.
  • Tenth house lord is in own sign which shows this person will go something good in his career.
  • There is exalted Moon in the Tenth house.
  • His Ascendant, Sun and Moon all are Vargottama. That’s one of the reasons for such a name and fame.
  • His Ninth house lord is conjunct with tenth house lord and aspects own ninth house. Tenth house lord is involved in strong Raj Yoga in the third house – shows success from own efforts.


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