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What to ask from a Tarot Reader

What to ask from a Tarot Reader

I have shared my experience in this article- What to ask from a Tarot Reader. Sometimes querent got multiple questions in their mind when they plan to take Tarot Card Reading from Tarot Reader. The easiest way is to write down the question in a diary/journal before querent goes to the Tarot Reader for Tarot Readings. While taking Tarot Card Reading, querent must avoid asking negative questions like:

  • Will i ever be happy in my life?
  • Will I ever get a job in my life?

Better ask question like this from your Tarot Reader:

  • What i can do to have happiness in my life.
  • What I can do to get job and what could be the probable time period when i could get job.


What to ask from Tarot Card Reader Sign of Good Tarot Card Reader

A good Tarot Card Reader always helps his/her clients to ask Questions in a correct manner because then only correct guidance can showed to querent.

  • Before asking a question from a Tarot Reader for specific questions, always write down your questions. Reason being when Tarot Reader starts shuffling cards or drawing cards, you may get confused or questions can just skip from your head.
  • We all are capable of distorting the truth to suit us, because at the end we all want positive results.
  • Ask question one by one.
  • Don’t hurry or rush up while taking reading. This is for both Tarot Reader as well as querent.


How i prefer to give Tarot Reading to my clients

I am sharing here, how i prefer to give Tarot Reading to my cleints

  • When i give Tarot Reading to my clients, there is no time limit.
  • I believe everyone has different issue and how we can fix it in 30 or 45 minutes.
  • Tarot Reading time varies it could be for 30 minutes or even 1 hour plus.
  • I try to bring clarity in their situation or problem that they have ask for.
  • What to do – that is Guidance thing i love to tell and guide always. It’s important to know right path and walk on right path also.


Tarot Reader Answering clients by Tarot Spread

Cards are drawn individually from a deck or laid out in special patterns which are called Tarot Spreads. We can make our readings very simple as selecting which spread to be followed at that moment of time. There are various types of Tarot Spreads. It depends on the Tarot Reader, which spread Tarot Reader want to use for the particular matter.

If a 12 year girl comes to you for a reading and ask when she will marry and what kind of man he would be? It is obvious that card will response according to the attitude and the most important according to the circumstances.  As we all knowing the question she is asking is inappropriate because she is on growing age and her future will alter too.

Tips to follow for What to Ask from Tarot Reader:

Before you start raising question, querent need to be in a calm and neutral state of mind. I am sharing some tips what querent can ask questions from Tarot Card Reader.

  • Ask question one by one.
  • Don’t task several questions at once.
  • Ask about what is in your mind first, then if you wish move on to other topics.
  • If have asked one question and negative card comes up, don’t ask the same question. Hoping you will get response prefer.
  • Don’t ask meaning less questions. Like how many Kids we will have.
  • If answer has come negative, for instance your question is Will we get married? Card if comes negative means chances are less. Then question like when i will get married to same person doesn’t makes sense as answer is on the negative side.
  • Always do readings with positive state of mind and avoid doing readings if you are tired/disturbed.
  • He/she loves me?
  • Is my business partner honest and loyal?

Hope this article helps to bring clarity in mind of querent who want to take Tarot Card Reading session.


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