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Personality Tarot Spread

Personality Tarot Spread

Personality Tarot spread is one of the known Tarot Card spread. In this Personality Tarot spread, we will assess Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. When we check all four things above, it will help in knowing the personality of someone. It’s a great tool to know or understand someone, be it your family member or be it your friend, colleague etc. If you are looking for partner, then you can go for this spread, also to know your future partner more deeply apart from going for match making by Tarot cards and astrology. We can know the person from internal and external more deeply.


First card that we pick up in Tarot Spread is for Mind position.

If Cups card comes in, then it means native/querent thinks more from heart over brain as Cups represents water element in Tarot. That person may be more emotional. If any negative tarot card comes in above position it means, person may be under some kind of stress.

For example, The Magician Card if it comes in Mind Position:

  • Good and fast calculative mind.
  • Knows how to make use of resources.
  • Learn things at very short span that is quick thinking.
  • Loves doing something with hand like be it painting,cooking,sewing.
  • Fast thinking
  • Good in mimicry. To read more, click this link –


Second card in Personality Tarot spread represents body of native which includes health, physical appearance and overall personality.

First tarot reader need to see whether it’s a positive card or negative card. If it’s a positive card, then it means person may be having good health and attractive personality.  If negative tarot card comes in, then person may be facing some health issues or person need to pay more attention towards his/her health.

Like Page of Cups if it comes, it may give following results:

  • Person may look younger in age
  • Attractive Looks
  • Person need to be more serious towards his/her health
  • May be some weight issues



A positive Tarot card in this position makes native more generous and benevolent. If negative card comes in this position, like swords card it may indicate native may be less emotional, more practical and may not forgive other people for their mistakes easily.

If card like Seven of Cups comes in, 

  • Then native may have many things in his/her mind and it may bring illusion.
  • Desires to lead a comfortable life (basics for comfortable life).
  • Need to focus on Self-discovery.


The final card in Personality Tarot Spread determines the overall journey of native as a soul.It depicts what the native’s soul desires of and shows the aspiration of the soul.

THE STAR Tarot CARD came in this position.  It’s a beautiful card that has come up in the soul place.

We can see in this card,All heavenly bodies that guide us across land and seas.

The Star Card in soul position will give this result below:

  • Person will be optimistic.
  • This is the card of expansion and freely giving.
  • It’s just you need to believe in yourself, once you do it, you can achieve success.
  • You have the charisma to do it.
  • Doing charity as per her pocket.
  • Soul is compassionate

If you want to know in more detail, how to read Personality Tarot Spread, Click this link, where i have explained all above Tarot Cards in detailed form along with astrology and explained with more Tarot Cards that came in Message form above-

I have also explained other Tarot Cards that came up while picking above Tarot Cards.

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    I want to know about my personality by DOB 26 march 1990 time 5:54am place pune.I will do my marriage according to me or according to family plz advise.Also I would like to know I think someone love me is that true that person also loves me

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