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MARRIAGE PREDICTION (By Tarot and Astrology)


(By Tarot and Astrology)

This article got published in the Express Star Teller Magazine in December’2018. One of my other articles got published with this article. Below is the link for the other article – Role of Intuition in Tarot –


One of my client consulted me online and enquired about his marriage prediction with the girl that he and his family met few days back. Here I gave the answer by using Tarot Cards and Astrology (Prashna Kundli). Below, I am sharing the case study.

Prashna Kundli

When a person ask a question to an Astrologer, based on the time at which the question is asked, a horoscope is made for that concerned date and time. With the help of this chart, astrologer predicts about the events that may take place related to the query.


One of my clients gave me a call. He is 33/34 years old. He is unmarried and met a girl in a restaurant for a meeting so that they know each other well before taking any decision in their life for marriage. The girl asked for his phone number. After some days, he received a message that she wanted to talk.

No girl till date (in any marriage meetings) had asked for his personal number directly, so he was curious. So far both families were happy with each other and only call was of boy and girl to decide.






Why and what she wants to talk? (Relationship/Marriage related query)



Here lagna lord is in 11 house- house of desires. Lagna lord Jupiter is placed with 8 lord (moon). 8 house is house of secrecy. So there are some hidden desires which may be her parents might not know also.

Saturn (R) is placed in lagna and is in opposition to Sun. There are some malefics influence on lagna.  Sun is karka of father and is 9 lord also and degrees of it is similar with lagna degree which tells her Father is trying to influence for this marriage. 3 lord in lagna shows desires and person wants to follow own desires/hobbies and person may have done struggles in her life. Mercury is also 7 lord and 10 lord. Being 10 lord also, she wants to work after marriage and Mercury is also the navamsha lagan lord.

All above indicated that she wants some freedom and wants her desires should be fulfilled by partner.

Cards that came in a reading.


pretty young woman thinking

Three cards I pick up

10 of swords, 4 of wands and 8 of wands


You can see in this pic that a man is lying down on ground with 10 swords in his back.

This is a card of forced changes and lot of pain and period of some loss. It means she didn’t had a good time period in her life and might have gone through a bad patch in her life. She don’t want to go through some pain but what kind of pain that upcoming cards may give indication.



This is a highly energetic card where we can see a garland on the top of 4 sticks(wands) and we can see people celebrating also. In a relationship reading if this comes is a very good card. This card has come in above question – which suggests that she wants to have lot of celebrations but may be outside home more like freedom desiring person, outgoing, and socialistic type. If this card comes in a relationship reading like in Past/Present/Future reading, this card indicates a good time period like period of harmony and celebration.


She is looking for changes and wands represents career also. She is looking for a career and some quick changes also. She was doing job earlier and then left for some reasons. She wants to work after marriage.

I pick up one more card



Wheel of fortune – This card is known as card of fortune. This card indicates here, she is looking for a bigger change in her life and wants partner and his family to support her. She wants to have support from all four corners and wants to be a free bird. This is a major arcana card and she has deep desires. She wants her  fortune to change after marriage.

Here in this pic (we can see around a wheel – on top left corner there is angle that is Aquarius sign, then eagle is Scorpio Loin is leo and bull is Taurus) and as card names suggest card of luck/fortune. All these indicates she want support from everywhere.   (you may delete this para if space issue)

All above things were indicating that

She wants a good married life with total freedom and no interference from her husband or in laws.


She said- I didn’t had much of outings as much as I desired and was not able to do all things that I wanted to. I want to be a free bird and don’t want to have normal married life with lot of responsibilities. I want to go for outings, late night shows and I want no restriction and I want to be a working woman (though still in two minds whether to do job or business). I want full independent life.  My father is convincing me to marry you. I am not happy to see such marriage culture (responsibilities and adjustments).


In Prashna Kundli

Chances are there as Ascendant lord aspects 7 house and 7 lord aspects 7 house. Ascendant and karyesh (the concerned house for which querent has raised the question) both are connected.

But let’s see the prashna chart in more detail.

There is one malefic planet in 7 house that is Sun and 7 house receives aspect of Saturn®. Two malefics Sun and Saturn both are connected with 7 house and 7 lord. Plus malefic planet Rahu in 8 house is not welcome and Venus the Signifcator of marriage is in Rahu- Ketu axis. Venus is the 6 lord also placed in the 8 house. Association of 8 house or 8 lord with 7 house or 7 lord or Venus significator is not welcome as it may cause hindrance or create problem

In Tarot, the card that came is 7 of swords, which clearly shows answer is no.

Seven of swords is not a good card as this is the card of deception, dishonesty. Seven of swords card in a future relationship reading shows problem like may be regarding honesty or partner could be not loyal. Partner might be quite double faced, manipulative and could be hiding something from love partner. Deception here means in terms of relationship future possibility means what boy family was anticipating that the girl will say yes and they will get married.


Later, he called me and told me that his family rejected this girl after listening to her ambitious, extravagant out of the realistic world desires that all she talked to me in her private call.


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  1. Ruchika Roy says:

    Yes, very precisely its written, this girl wanted to go out from the house, and she think marriage is one of the option, to run,and lead a bondage free life.
    Some how its good thats she tell the truth what she really wanted.and card never lies.

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