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Would You Like To Know How Career Awaits You In the Year 2018?

Number -1

There is a lot of fear and anxiety in your mind. You may be stressed out very much. Tension will be there, but you need to face them, rather than running away from it or fearing it. You might be having sleepiness nights. You may be feeling hopeless and you may have lack of confidence also.

Number -2

You might be pulled in some different directions but if you keep your balance well you may do wonders ahead. Success can be seen but only after maintaining proper balance. Need to take command in your hand and need to keep emotions in check. Once you do so, then you may do very well chances of attaining good position is also there. You may be given multiple task/project this year. You may be in a commanding position this year. (But handling is very important for you)

Number -3

You may be offered new job opportunity or some opportunity might be offered to you at your work place but carefully you need to assist and handle it out, else you may lose this opportunity. You need to handle it very carefully. Don’t take this/any opportunity for granted and work on it as hard as possible. Casual behavior, like taking it lightly, may prove it costly for you.

Number -4

The way you are anticipating things, it might just go opposite way, it’s always best to listen and open your ears and eyes both. Don’t believe blind on anyone. Don’t take things for granted that it will go as you wish. Some major changes might come in career. Change of job or career is also a possibility. Don’t be a daydreamer. Like let’s say, you are working on some project or expect project it will go your way but it may go exactly opposite. Don’t invest heavily in any new thing, else you may come across some loss.

Number -5

The growth you expect or the way you expect your career to go, it may go below as per your expectations.

Like you expecting promotion, you might not get.

Suppose you are expecting Rs 20,000 rise in your salary, you may get a rise of five thousand or ten thousand only or even no increase.

If a businessman, you may expect one party will give you desired order, but they might give order quite below your expectation. If you are investing much, then be more calculative because the way or speed at which you are expecting the return, it may not come that way.Hence, you may try to change your job surely.

Number -6

You may think it’s a wise decision you are taking, but it might not be the case because you may be thinking too much from the heart rather than using the mind. Like you might plan to do some course/training thinking that it may help in your job further, but it may not or you might not be able to do that course. Here there is a deep desire, but that desire of success may not fructify. Overall, less success and some hindrances might be there.

Number -7

This year may prove to be a testing year and you might be stuck up in your career. You may not be able to take any decision. Circumstances could such like you are neither able to move forward nor be able to move backward that is like you want to resign from your current job but not getting any new job opportunity. Or in case you resign from your current job, there are chances that you will not get your due.

If you have made an investment, it might get stuck up.

Number -8

This is a good year, you might be connected to your work. If you wish to work in partnership, it might be proven gainful to you.

Or it may also mean that by sharing resources, your work might get better. Working in a partnership or in a team might bring in more prosperity. This might be a good or satisfying year especially when you share resources or ideas or work in some team or be part of team.  You might enter into some new deal or project and you may also cherish this year professionally.

Number -9

There is a possibility of a new beginning something/fresh start. Like joining new project or joining new company or doing new work.  Even change of job possibility is there.

You need to believe in yourself and be more determined and you should have focused mind and use logic for success. You need to believe you can do and meet the challenges with courage and grab the opportunities coming in.  Better communication skills may help a lot. Channelize your energy towards one goal.

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