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TOP 10 Tarot Cards for Finance/Wealth/Money


Not everyone is born with golden spoon. Almost every person needs to work hard in their career to earn good. Majority of person wants plenty of money in their bank account and desires to have many properties/assets etc.

With more money, it’s obvious that one will have more luxuries. It’s all because of money that one may be working away from his/her family might be in another state or in a different country.  They are working being away from their family to earn the need of hour that is MONEY.

By earning money one feels secure not just about his/her own self but also for the family. With better financial condition, you are able to afford all things you need. You are able to provide better education to your children. In recent times, both men and women are working and the children are taken care by maids or servants. All this is done for money.

Read all top 10 Tarot cards for Finance/Wealth/Money mentioned below:


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Ten is the completion card. This card speaks of accumulated wealth over a period of time. This card also has family support which shows possibility of inheritance or you getting support from family. If you have made any investment, and your question will I get good return on it, this card is very positive and answer for you yes. This card shows good financial stability.


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Ace card represents new beginning. You may have new source of money or getting new opportunities to earn money like getting a new job or may be increment in the salary.  For example, you are doing new business venture and you falling short of funds and this card comes in the reading, then it means you will get financial support or finances.


Image result for 4 of pentacles tarot

This card speaks of person who is conservative and keeps a closer eye on how to manage the finances. Here goal is to accumulate wealth as much as possible. Will I gain from investment made, and if this card comes , answer is yes, you may have worth financial return on it.


This card is known as the wish card. When questions like how will be my finances in future? Will I get good return on my investment made, answers for all questions above is yes. The way you expect return, it may fructify.   This card shows success and shows fulfillment of all of your desires.


This card is a good card for finances/money and success. Here success comes through a good management. Person is ambitious and is willing to do a lot of hard work to make money. If you are doing a job and this card comes in future reading, then this card shows success in job and you may get promotion also. You can get some authoritative position also. If you are doing business and this card comes in future, it means it shows success in your business ahead and you earning good money.



As the name of card suggests, you will get the same result as that of the name- THE STAR. When this card comes in reading while you are doing any business, like specially when doing any work related to foreign country, it shows success. You may achieve fame and wealth both. You might earn good by your creative talent.



This is the card that may be successful for you. For example, if you are jobless, you might get all of sudden new job. If this card comes in future specially for job you may get promoted all of sudden even if you not expecting it. In case you are doing business and this card comes as a future card you will get good opportunities to earn good money/finances in future.


This card shows triumph and success. If any question related to finances/money/wealth is asked for future prediction. This card shows abundance and prosperity.  You can manage and earn well by yourself also using your knowledge and putting efforts.


Image result for the empress card

This is a very good card if it comes in financial condition it comes in a financial condition in upcoming time period. One may have prosperous period along with all luxuries. If question is ask for future finances and this card comes, you may have multiple source of income. Also for investment made, this card is quite favourable.


Although this is the last card in my article but this card represents one of the famous idiom – last but not the least.

Pentacles card is the card that represents money/finance/wealth and if comes in future reading for financial condition this card is conducive. This is beneficial but make sure, you don’t let finances rule your life. Good organization skills may help you in achieving success in this sector.  So be more organized.


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