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Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is one of the most popular Tarot Card Spreads and it helps in diagnosing the situation to a great extent. But at the same time, while doing this spread Tarot Card Reader need to be very careful as one need to analyze all cards not just individually but with reference to other surrounding cards while doing Tarot Card Reading for his/her clients. Tarot beginners find it quite tough to interpret it. This is consider to be one of the complicated Tarot Card Spreads.

Image showing Celtic Cross Tarot Spread - all ten cards in different positions
Celtic Cross Tarot Spread




Even there are types in Celtic cross spread. It can be used for cases like Career, Relationship, Finance etc. It gives deep insight for the particular situation.

Layout of Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Image showing Lay out of Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
Lay out of Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

In Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Lay out, total 10 cards are pick up from the cards spread. Tarot Card Reader must read this Tarot Spread in the sequence only.

1)Overall Situation for Particular Topic/Subject in Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The first card in Celtic Cross Tarot Spread that comes in this position will clarify that what all is happening in that particular situation/case. When we are analyzing the overall situation then we can understand the state more deeply. Positive/Negative Cards gives clear picture of the situation.

For example, if Tarot Card comes like The Tower Card, It means situation is very tensed and something very shoking thing querist may have gone through tensed situation. (This kind of spread is very useful like for relationship matter)

2) What crosses you/obstacles

Here the Card in Celtic Cross Tarot Spread will depict the root cause/main hurdle that you come across for that particular issue.If one comes to know the hurdles, one can have idea of one what one may do to overcome it. A Doctor can do right treatment only once he/she diagnose the exact disease that patient is facing. Similarly Tarot Card Reader need to keep this card in mind to assess the situation more deeply.

For Instance, The Magician card comes here

It may indicate that you are not aware of all resources or you are not able to handle all resources. It also indicates someone else may be influencing your decision in the particular situation.

3) What to focus on

One of the positive points of Celtic Cross Tarot Spread – it actually guides the querent where he/she need to focus on. This is like a guidance card. It tells the area that one need to focus on so that it helps in achieving the target. By focusing on it, querent is helping himself/herself. For example, Ace of Wands comes then it means you should look forward for new opportunities that comes your way.

4) Overall Past

If you are analyzing overall past, then this card will reveal how the past for that particular issue was. This card can come good or bad also. If bad card comes, it means in past you were going through hurdles for that particular situation. If a positive Tarot Cards comes, it means past was good and you may not have faced hurdles in the past. For instance, Ten of Cups comes then it indicates you were very happy in the past and there was supportive environment in the past.

5) Your Strength

The card in this position will help the querent to know the positive qualities which he/she has for that particular issue. For instance, a client has come for career reading, then with his/her strength one may excel and beat his competitors. For instance, eight of pentacles comes, it means you are very hardworking and you give your best. It also means you go in minute details to get the desired result.

6) Near Future

It doesn’t mean final outcome but it suggests what may happen in near upcoming time period like could be days, weeks or even months. It gives a hint where situation is going on actually. If 3 of cups card comes here, then it indicates a good time ahead is there for you.

7) Suggested Approach

This position will help/clarify the querent to known the right and current approach that he/she should follow to reach their/his/her goals/objective/target. For instance, Temperance cards comes here, it means you need to blend ideas more perfectly and need to be balanced in your approach. It may be possible that you might be focussing on one thing and ignoring other things at the cost of it.

8) What you need to know – Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

This position will bring awareness which is one the positive points of Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. It might be possible that querent may not be aware of what steps, he/she should know. It’s like an opportunity what you need to work on.

9)Hopes and fears in Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Among all the Tarot Card Spreads, Celtic Cross Spread is the only spread that covers this point of Hopes and Fears. We should always keep in mind that hopes and fears are closely interconnected. At times we hope for the things but we have instinct that so what if it may fail to happen. I have explained this thing in detail in other article and its link is mentioned after the final outcome card.

10)The Final Outcome in Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The last Card in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is the conclusion of all previous cards. . However, remember one thing at times querent can change the outcome of situation to an extent. As it is not easy to change the outcome of the situation rest it depends upon the card that comes up in above to positions.

How to read and master the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

I am sharing point wise tips below to read Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. This may be toughest spread, but can be read in easy manner.

To analyze this Spread, one must know the meaning of each card deeply. Then Tarot card reader must read each card that comes in a situation and then try to link the cards with each other and find out what what’s all happening and what may happen in future etc.

Then try to co-relate all the cards and try to get into the story whats all going on.

Point Wise to read Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

  • Start with number 1 card. Story starts from here only. Apply the meaning of the card in that situation. For example, The Tower card comes in this situation lets say in career spread. In this card, we see a bolt from the sky which causes some disruption. This card shows crisis point. In career, crisis may indicate like being jobless, .
  • Compare the 6 number card with the 10 number card. Do you see any major change? If yes, it means you may not be doing things correctly. If in immediate future card positive card comes, but if negative tarot cards come in the final outcome, it means there is something which client is missing something.
  • Number 3 and number 7 cards are related to each other. One card suggests what client should focus on and other card denotes suggested approach. It shows where the client need to focus, where client need to spend his/her energy and which the correct path to achieve it is.
  • Number 2, Number 8 and Number 9 are related to each other.
  • Second Number Card, shows the hurdles that client is facing. Card Number 8 will helps the client as it bring awareness as it may show the client where he/she is lacking in or what that client need to know to reach his/her goal. Number 8 shows the update version that client need to install to run the program successfully. Number 9 may give hint/indication why that particular card came in number 2 position. At times one due to fear, doesn’t take the right stand/action.


Case Study By Celtic Cross Tarot Spread on Love and Relationship

I am sharing one of my case study on Love and Relationship by Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. She took online Tarot and Astrology consultation. The client(lady) got married 10 years back. Many things were revealed, things like was she involve in some other relationship? If yes but why? Was her husband loyal? Did things improve? What’s going to happen next? Click this link below to Read her Love Marriage Life by Tarot – Celtic Cross Tarot Spread – https://tarotschoolofindia.com/love-tarot-spread-marriage-prediction/


There are types in Celtic Cross Tarot Reading. I am sharing one more type of Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, below:

  1. Your Present Situation
  2. What crosses you/your obstacle or assisting influences
  3. Past events that determine your present situation
  4. Recent Past : an inflluence on the current situation that is waning but still there
  5. A possible future based upon energy at the moment.
  6. The near future: the short- term outcome of the question at one hand
  7. How you percieve the situation
  8. How others see you
  9. Your hopes and fears
  10. The Final Outcome

We may come up with more example by this Celtic Cross Tarot Spread in upcoming time period. Stay Tuned.


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