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Marriage Love Life Prediction by Astrology

Marriage Love Life Prediction by Astrology


With help of astrology, astrologer can give prediction of how will be love marriage life for the native. Astrologer considers first promise in birth chart and using concerned divisional chart, karkas(significator) to see promise whether native have good or bad Marriage Love Life. Then with help of dasha, astrologer can  predict ups and down in Love-Marriage Life, hurdles that native may across in his/her relationship life.

This lady took online prediction of her Love Marriage Life by Astrology and Tarot. I am sharing here case by Astrology. In this article, I have shared her questions and predictions that i have to her along with astrological reasoning. If you want to read prediction by Tarot for same client, click this link below –

Love Tarot Spread-Marriage Prediction

Prediction of Love-Marriage Life by Astrology 

This lady got married 11 years back and she was curious to know what will happen in her future Love Marriage Life by Astrology and Tarot.

Her birth details


10.21 am






To see anything related to Love Marriage Life, seventh house and its lord is considered along with Navamsha Chart in astrology. Role of Venus and Dara Karka(DK) also plays very important role to consider anything related to Love Marriage Life.

Promise in her birth chart for her Love Marriage Life

See the promise in her birth chart – what it indicates good or bad Love Marriage Life by astrology. Does it indicate happy or unhappy marriage life?

  • Twelfth house lord(Moon) is placed in the seventh house which reduces the conjugal bliss in Love Marriage Life
  • In general placement of Moon in seventh  house is not considered good plus this moon is weak in pakshbal also as this is waning moon which is not good for Love Marriage Life.
  • Seventh house lord Saturn is placed in the third house – house of travel and journey.
  • Better point in her Navamsha chart is that seventh lord Saturn aspects own house.
  • Dara Karka (Saturn) also aspects Seventh house which is good for Love Marriage Life.
  • Jupiter also aspects Seventh house in Navamsha chart which is a good sign for Love Marriage Life.

Role of UP- Pada (UP) in Prediction for Love Marriage Life:

To see quality and even timing of Love Marriage Life, astrologer should use UP Pada(UP) which is very important and one should not ignore it while giving prediction.

  • Placement of Saturn or Rahu in second house from UP- Pada is not considered good for Love Marriage Life.
  • Here, UP- Pada falls in Virgo Sign. From Up- Pada, Saturn is in second house.
  • But Saturn is exalted the situation is not as bad. That is one of the reasons why they have not got divorced and are together. But there are many other negative factors in her birth chart – due to which things are not normal as it should be between them.

I told her that  there are lot of hurdles and issues in her love marriage life and there is problem of commitment and some other major issues.

Why there are hurdles in my Love Marriage Life?

Astrologer can predict not just bad time in Love Marriage Life by Astrology but also what kind of issues native may face in his/her Love Marriage Life.

  • Too many malefic planets in eleventh house is not good from Love- Relationship point of view(that is Love Marriage). Reason being as planets in eleventh house aspects the fifth house that is the house of intelligency .
  • Aspect of malefic planets Saturn, Sun and Mars on fifth house and fifth house is in Rahu – Ketu axis which is not good for taking right decision in life. Native can take wrong decision even in her Love Marriage Life.
  • When we make seventh house as ascendant, from it fifth house has Sun Mars and Rahu. Seventh house is the house of love partner. There is affliction to fifth house from Love Marriage Partner also which indicates even Love Partner can take wrong decisions in life.
  • Mercury is also malefic here as its conjunct with malefics, so four malefic Planets in eleventh house.
  • Ascendant lord is Sun which is in Gemini Sign which is the sign of forming pairs and duality which shows her keen desire to come in love marriage life affairs.
  • Moon is 22 dreshkana and 64 navamsha lord and Moon is placed in the seventh house that is house of love-marriage life and relationship.
  • Her desires were not met as he was away or even when they were together he was not attracted towards her and he had in different attitude towards his wife.
  • Placement of Venus in twelfth house that is house of bed pleasures also shows person desires. She has lot of expectations  physically from her love partner. But it seems that her desires may not be met in this Love Marriage Life with her husband.

Hurdles in Love Marriage life from Jaimini Astrology:

To give any predictions in Astrology, astrologer should use Jaimini principles. Dara Karka where placed in birth chart, aspect it gets of which karkas and placement of Dara Karka in Navamsha Chart gives clue regarding Love Marriage Life. Let’s see hurdles using Jaimini Astrology.

  • Putra Karka (PK- Mars) is placed with Gyati Karka (GK- Mercury) and is in Rahu – Ketu axis. Fifth house is the house of intelligency. Its afflicted means not taking right decision in life due to which love marriage life can also suffer.
  • Dara Karka (DK) Saturn is connected with Gyati Karka (Mercury) in Navamsha Chart (D-9) and GK(Gyati Karka) also shows carries signification of eight house that is house of secrets.

Astrological Reasons for Hurdles in Love Marriage Life from Nadi Astrology

In Nadi Astrology, Trikonas plays very important role.

  • Too many planets in the Third, Seventh and Eleventh house are not good as one may have lot of desires as Third, Seventh and Eleventh house(these houses) are the house of Kama (Desires).  When desires are very high and when its not met, then one can understand. She has lot of expectation from her love partner. If its not met, she may look for someone else apart from her husband.
  • Seventh house lord Saturn is exalted and retro also and it has Sun-Mars-Mercury-Rahu in it trines. There are malefics in trine to seventh house and seventh house lord which is not considered good for Love Marriage Life.

What actually going in her love marriage life:

  • Her husband is not loyal. He is in relationship with other lady.
  • Both husband and wife had not any physical relationship for long time for many years, they had no physical relationship.
  • She also started dating some other guys and getting physically involved also
  • At one time she had physical relationship with girl also.
  • Both have kids, they are taking care of their kids and now living together but there is no love between them.

Astrological Reason for her husband coming back in her love marriage life?

She was surprised when i said , husband may come back in your Love Marriage Life. Why i said – See the Dasha

Saturn- Sun – Jupiter Dasha

  • In birth chart Saturn is the seventh house lord.
  • Saturn in Navamsha Chart, aspects seventh house.
  • Sun in Navamsha chart, is conjunct with Navamsha ascendant Moon and aspects second house  – own house and second house is vital for above case.
  • Jupiter in Navamsha aspects seventh house and in birth chart aspects Venus – who is the significator of Marriage.

Char Dasha

Aquarius Dasha

  • Aquarius Dasha is the seventh Rashi dasha from Ascendant.
  • This rashi dasha receives an aspect of Dara Karka(Saturn).
  • Dara Karka (Saturn) aspects seventh house from Aquarius also.

Prediction of her Recent Past in her Love Marriage Life by Astrology

In Astrology, Astrologer can predict things which at times native forgets to share. I gave her prediction of her recent past related to her Love Marriage Life and Career. Dasha that she went through –

Saturn- Venus Dasha

  • Saturn in Birth chart is placed in the third house from where it aspects the fifth house. Venus receives aspect of fifth lord Jupiter.
  • In Navamsha Chart, Saturn is placed in the fifth house and Venus receives aspect of fifth lord Mars.
  • Saptamsha Chart(D-7 Chart), Saturn is fifth lord placed in the ascendant and it aspects Venus who is the Ascendant of Saptamsha Chart.
  • She embraced motherhood during this time period and had luxurious life(having comfortable life). Later on her husband came back to stay with her and her love marriage relationship began with her husband.
  • Saturn is placed in the third house house of hobbies and venture.
  • Venus is the third and tenth house lord.
  • It shows the possibility of doing business or work and trying to follow her passion. She did tried couple of business but they were not successful. Look at placement of Tenth lord Venus and its in Rashi Gandata also.

(Saturn-Venus Dasha is one of the peculiar Dasha)

  • In Dashamsha Chart that is D-10, they are placed in 2-12 axis which shows she may suffer in her career also.

Please Predict about my Immediate Future- Whats going to happen 

When native is curious to know her immediate future- Astrologer can see and predict whats going to happen next by using Dashas. Let’s see what her upcoming Dasha guides:

Upcoming Dasha – Saturn- Sun – Mercury

  • Saturn is Malefic planet for Leo ascendant and it’s dasha in general is not consider good for this ascendant.
  • Any Planet placed in third house indicates- native may be struggling and need to put more efforts. Reason for it, Saturn lordship is not good. But Saturn is exalted here. She can manage it out.
  • Saturn – Sun are enemies of each other. In general this dasha is not considered good. But they are in good axis as are in trikona to each other.
  • Sun and Mercury are both conjunct with 4 house and 9 house lord Mars. Mars is also the significator for land and properties.

In D-4 , Chaturthamsha Chart

  • Sun is placed in twefth house from Saturn and Saturn is placed in the twelfth house of Chaturamsha Chart (D-4).
  • In Chaturamsha Chart (D-4), Saturn is the fourth house lord and Sun receives the aspect of Mars Ascendant lord of Chaturamsha Chart (D-4). Mars  is also significator for land, properties etc.
  • Mercury is placed in the eight house of Chaturamsha Chart(D-4) and is in Rahu Ketu axis also. Mercury is placed with conjunct with Mars Ascendant lord of Chaturamsha Chart.

Important points for Dasha of Planet placed in the Third house:

Saturn is Maha Dasha lord. It’s placed in the third house in birth chart which is twelfth from the fourth house and aspects the twelfth house also. Third house is the house of journey and home travel also. During dasha of planet in Third house or third lord one can change their residence but other factors should also be seen.

Char Dasha

Aquarius – Pisces Dasha

  • 2 – 12 axis dasha is not consider good
  • Pisces is also eight house Rashi Dasha from Ascendant.
  • From Pisces – fourth house rashi has Gyati Karka (GK-Mercury in it and is in Rahu-Ketu axis also.)
  • Maha Dasha has Bhratru Karka – BK(Moon) in it.

What happen actually:

  • There was change of residence.
  • Problems they faced while moving to new home in more expensive state
  • Not getting home immediately plus some issues in getting household stuffs that were supposed to transfer by shipment.
  • Due to change of residence, she faced issues in her work of consultancy and there was break in her career for some time.

Astrological Reason for being homeless:

  • See from Pisces Dasha – Gyati Karka is placed in the fourth house.
  • Planet placed in the twelfth house of Chaturamsha Chart (D-4 Chart) that is in twelfth house that is Saturn. This Saturn also is in mutual aspect with twelfth lord Venus from sixth house.
  • Dasha of Planet in eight house and that too afflicted as Mercury(PD) is in Rahu Ketu axis also in Chaturamsha Chart D-4 Chart.

To see parameters why and when one change their residence by astrology with chart , read this article –

Please Predict more about my Future by Astrology 

She was curious to know what’s store in her future life. By Astrology, Astrologer can give prediction of any event. I said I am sorry to say but upcoming Dasha that is Time Period – Shows disappointment whether it’s in finances, home wise, career or be even in relationship. Her husband came back but again he still drinks a lot and all is not well between both of them even now. He was too alcoholic  earlier also.

Saturn- Sun- Mercury

  • In her birth chart, Saturn and Mercury both are Markesh.
  • Saturn is sixth house lord also.
  • In Navamsha chart, Saturn is again markesh and Sun is also markesh as it’s the second lord.
  • Mercury is conjunct with Markesh Saturn.

In Chara Dasha

From Aquarius Maha Dasha

  • Atma Karka(Venus) is placed in the sixth house which gives clue she may get ill. It also shows struggling time period for her.
  • Gyati Karka (Mercury) is in the fifth house from Rashi Dasha which may make her short temper during that time period.
  • From Rashi Dasha – Gyati Karka (Mercury) is in fifth house which indicates child may get sick during that time period. Plus this Putra Karka (Mars) is also conjunct with Gyati Karka (Mercury) .
  • She has to be pay more attention towards her child more for health and their studies.
  • Plus Amatya Karka (AMK) in fifth house with Gyati Karka , shows possibility of break/obstacles in career).

What happen actually:

  • Kids facing health issues during that time period.
  • She also got ill.
  • She face issues in her career as she was not able to work online due to residence change, health issues of her and her kids.
  • Sun and Mercury both are placed in Seventh house from fifth house, which may indicate health issue for her kids.

(When we make 5 house as Ascendant – Saturn is Markesh and Mercury is also Markesh)

Is there any approach that you can suggest by Astrology?   

To follow the approach, one may take hint from Astrology using Dasha –

  • Saturn (R) is placed in the third house- house of courage and will power. Need to have strong will power.
  • It’s the sixth lord Saturn dasha and markesh also, so need to work hard and compete.
  • Atma Karka (AK- Aquarius) is placed in the sixth house from Maha Dasha Aquarius.
  • From Aquarius – Fifth house has Gyati Karka (Mercury) in it and that too in Rahu -Ketu axis, so there may be aggression in her mind. Need to focus and work hard and have will power.
  • Don’t keep grudges in your heart as Gyati Karka (Mercury) is in fourth house – the house of heart.
  • Sun – Mercury are placed in the eleventh house. During this time period, person may have lot of desires and need to be careful as there is possibility of taking some wrong decision. Don’t take decision rapidly.


Know Hopes and fears in her Love Marriage Life by Astrology

Even this question can be answered by Astrology, Astrologer can predict hopes and fear in Love Marriage Life after considering birth chart promise and with help of Dashas.

  • She doesn’t like her husband to point out her small mistakenly done errors but he does just the opposite. He always pin point even smallest of her mistake. Seventh lord is exalted and its retrograde.
  • Desires to live her life in a stylish manner and wants her husband to give her surprises like going out for dinners but unfortunately he doesn’t do anything sort of this. Consider placement of Ascendant lord as well as its sign.
  • She got a kind nature and loves to do charity as per her pocket but her husband doesn’t like these things.
  • Loves doing something creative things or being more communicative but her husband doesn’t like this and has quite opposite nature.
  • Fear of being alone as he is out most of the time. Consider Moon placement and its sign also.
  • She feels bad and depressed. Even if he is with her, there is not the bonding that normally should be there between husband and wife. There is also lack of physical relationship between her and her husband and she doesn’t like it at all.

Astrological Reasons for above hopes and fears

In Above paragraph, what are her hopes and fears is discussed. I am sharing here hints and reasons behind it by Astrology.

  • Placement of Moon is in Aquarius sign.
  • Placement of Venus in twelfth house.
  • Ascendant lord in Gemini sign she clearly wants to form pairs and want to do multiple things but her husband doesn’t support that.
  • A few more points like she has fear like water phobia.
  • Moon is placed in the seventh house – it shows her concern or mind concentrated towards seventh house – house of relationship or partner.
  • Moreover, she is running through the dasha of seventh house lord Saturn and this Saturn in Navamsha is also the seventh house lord and is also the Dara Karka(DK).

Please tell about my Overall Love Marriage Life by Astrology 

It means she has to put efforts over a long period of time. Finance is also very vital in relationship and there is a possibility that both may need to work hard on earning and saving money. They need to pay attention to minute details for making married life more joy able and better/wonderful. You may need to support your partner financially.

I told her that she need to work hard for the money. Finances is also one of the major points that she need to address in her love marriage life.

Astrological Reason for her financial issues in her Love Marriage Life:

  • In Astrology, for finances and accumulated savings- Second house should be considered.
  • Second house lord Mercury is in in Paap kartari as it is hemmed between Mars and Rahu.
  • Natural Malefic Planet Mars aspects Second house.
  • Second house lord Mercury is in Rahu- Ketu axis.
  • She is running through Maha Dasha of Saturn which is placed in the third house – house of efforts and courage. She need to put in lot of effort to earn money.
  • Saturn is malefic planet for Leo Ascendant.
  • In Samudaya Ashtakvarga Chart, second house has very less bindus that is only 25 points
  • In artha-trikona houses, both second house and sixth house has 25 points each and tenth house has just 27 points which is not good.
  • There is one good plus point conjunction of second house lord Mercury is conjunct with ninth house lord Mars and Ascendant lord Sun forming Dhana yoga that is Wealth yoga.

Overall promise and dasha we have already discussed before.

Why i predict her Love Marriage Life as disturbed by Astrology:

Here are some astrological parameters on which behalf i gave prediction that she has disturb Love Marriage Life.

  • Dara Karka (Saturn) with Gyati Karka (Mercury) in Navamsha Chart.
  • Malefics in second house from UP Pada.
  • Twelfth house lord(Moon) in seventh house and this moon is also waning.
  • Malefic planets in trine to seventh house/seventh lord.
  • Gyati Karka (Mercury) aspects seventh house from Karkamsha Lagna.
  • Rahu – Ketu in Kendra in Navamsha chart.
  • Venus is under affliction in both Birth and Navamsha Chart. In birth chart, Venus gets aspect of Retro – Saturn and in Navamsha chart Mars aspects it from sixth house.
  • Moon is Gulika lord placed the in seventh house in birth chart.

We can also determine best thing of person in particular Love Marriage Life by Astrology-  

  • In her Birth chart, Ascendant lord Sun is well placed as its in eleventh house
  • Ascendant lord is in the sign of Mercury Gemini, where one may be quite expressive and a quick learner.
  • Moreover its conjunct with Mars which boosts her energy and is conjunct with Mercury (Significator of communication).
  • Mars and Mercury conjunction with ascendant and one may take quick decision in life and specially when it aspects 5 house or they can be quick learner.
  • Majority of planets are in airy sign – Moon and Ascendant (Sun) both are in airy sign. So she is also expressive.


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