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Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

In Tarot, there are total 78 cards and Queen of Pentacles is one of the positive tarot cards. 

Image Description of Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles 




















In the above picture in Queen of Pentacles Tarot card, we can see a lady sits quietly on throne under yellow bright sky and is surrounded by beautiful greenery and river flows behind her.

This image is filled with beautiful rich flowers and she holds one pentacle in her hand also. We can find rabbit here also which symbolizes fast movements. This card is filled with abundance and we can say person has all required resources.

Keywords for Queen of Pentacles:

Below I am sharing keywords for the Tarot Card – Queen of pentacles which is helpful specially for beginners.

  • Prosperity
  • Motherly nature
  • Love for nature
  • Systematic
  • Nurturing
  • Resourceful
  • Generous
  • Motherly figure
  • Enjoying luxuries or comforts in life.
  • Good time in life
  • Creativity
  • Caring attitude
  • Giving of love and support
  • Sensible person
  • Family loving
  • Happy
  • Material abundance
  • Good hearted people
  • Prestige
  • Organized
  • Dependable
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy

Queen of Pentacles – Court Tarot Card

There are total 16 court cards in Tarot Card and Queen of Pentacles is one of the court cards.

Court cards can represent:

  • The people in our life
  • Approach towards life
  • People who may be involved in that situation or matter concerned
  • Significator card like queen stands for motherly figure, person with feminine qualities, mature lady etc (like moon in astrology denotes mother), and receptive qualities.
  • Qualities and characteristic of person.
  • Aspects of life.

Meaning of Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card

Queen of Pentacles Tarot card signifies royal dignity. Here queen sits on seat (throne). If we notice this image very carefully, this seat is decorated with angels and goats carving design. This card is filled with plenty of lush greenery. We can see rabbit here which denotes fast movement we can say.   

All are indicating towards growth. Moreover, she is holding pentacles in her hand showing resources richness.  Queen have motherly touch so feminine qualities or characteristics or approach we can expect.

She herself is dressed in red gown suggesting her passion and love for everything she is involved in. Rabbit here shows promise of wonderful things ahead in life.

Lady enjoys gardening or loves nature and children. She is feeling secure here and is home loving. Plus, she is a warm hearted woman and strives to create a warm and secure environment for her family.

She supports people. Her nature is gentle and she is compassionate and got down to earth attitude. She will take care of everyone around her. Life is fully enjoyed by her. She has practical approach to the situation and her life is well organized by her.

This card gives an indication of financial status, adding up more comfort in life. Due to her motherly nature, she will try to share all her good things in life with near and dear ones. This card suggests to enjoy what you have earned.   

Queen of Pentacles in Love/Relationship/Marriage Tarot Card Reading

Read results of Queen of Pentacles when it comes in Tarot Card Reading for Love/Relationship/Marriage whether it comes in past/present/future position.Its a positive card.

  • One may have good relationship with partner with realistic approach.
  • Warm and affectionate relationship between partners.
  • Both partners will value each other well.
  • Relationship involving passion and optimistic approach.
  • Matured relationship.
  • Relationship having stability and security.

Queen of Pentacles in Finance, Money in Tarot Card Reading

If your question is relate to finance,money and Queen of Pentacles card comes then it shows success as this is a good card.

  • Good times in finance.
  • One can expect increase in salary.
  • One may get gain through business ventures (can be verified by using tarot spreads).

Queen of Pentacles in Career/work

If querent has ask question for Career related and Queen of Pentacles comes, then expect rise and growth in career.

  • One may work in field which he or she likes to go for.
  • Querent will be emotionally satisfied also.
  • Native may work in some creative work or nurturing work like taking care like nurses, teacher (teaching small kids).
  • Since this card also speaks for managing so, work like manager or working as HRM.
  • Working in joint projects.

Queen of Pentacles in Health Reading:

In question is related to health reading and card like Queen of Pentacles comes in Present of Future, then you need to relax.

  • Health is good if comes in present situation.
  • This is a good card indicates good time ahead in health.
  • Spending time in garden is a good idea.


Case Study for Queen of Pentacles in Tarot Card Reading

One of my client came for Tarot Card Reading. Her question was – Will my daughter get admission in desired college ? Card that came up is Queen of Pentacles

For parents their child is everything and they always have desire that their kids should do well in their life. In today’s time good education is considered very important not just for our own identity but also for work purpose and even now in marriage time both partners groom and bride want that their partner should be well educated.

This lady asked me question on phone as she could not visit me. I did online tarot reading for her. As I have explained the meaning above. Now I will share what I told her.

The moment this card “Queen of Pentacles” came I was quite sure that she will get admission in good desired college in Delhi. This card speaks of growth, prosperity and abundance. So I told I am very hopeful she will get desired results. But since pentacles(money) element came so I thought may be some good  money may be invested in for admission. But touchwood (only college nominal fees was paid by her parents), she got admission in college and the course she was looking forward for she got admission in Delhi her city only.   

She is very impressed by outcome. THANKS TO MY LOVELY TAROT CARDS AGAIN. Queen of Pentacles card shows success.


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